Offense or Defense?

This is an for Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago.  Emanuel is in a runoff contest against another Democratic opponent, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.  Some were surprised that the Mayor would be in an April runoff against the lesser known Garcia, but this is where he is.  The ad centers around Emanuel admitting that he has not always been a good listener when it comes to the needs of the people of Chicago.  What is your impression of this ad?  Is it effective?

47 responses to “Offense or Defense?

  1. I believe that the ad is some what effective, because he finds a way to be honest through the ad. When he states, ” I’m not always going to get it right”, he is being honest with the us. He’s not always going to give us what he wants, and who can blame him because honestly and realistically who can get anything done in the way our democracy is run today? I believe the ad was good, but not good enough. I’m not willing to believe anything that is being televised on T.V to be 100% accurate, and it would be helpful if others were to do the same, it would save many elections and electoral voters from choosing the wrong man or women.

  2. I honestly think he is just trying to save face in many ways. He comes across as a jerk which probably means he is one. He is losing a lot of votes lately from one of the largest unions in Chicago, to picking up the endorsement of Jesse Jackson. He is scrambling to do whatever he can. After saying that I can say he is probably the best candidate because he will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
    So when you ask is it effective. It might be if you have never followed politics before, but for me it’s just more smoke.

  3. Joanna Wolowiec

    In my opinion the ad was effective, because he didn’t bad mouth his competition and it was about him rather than someone else. Most ads I see on commercials are about bad mouthing the other candidates which does not appeal to me. This ad was different from most which I found appealing and seemed to be a sincere and honest message to viewers.

  4. Graziella LiVolsi

    This ad, though simple and quite general, was strategically done to put Rahm in the best light. He states his faults to make him seem more personable and common (just your average guy), and it really works to his benefit. Rahm is admitting his imperfection and is speaking plainly, which especially targets working and lower class people as well as your everyday Chicagoan. It’s a nice relief from all the other political ads that only point the finger at everyone else’s wrongdoings.

  5. Lyndon Jackson

    I believe the add is effective. Rahm knows that a lot of people have problems with the way he does things. Instead of hiding under bravado he admits his wrongdoing. I think it goes along way and Rahm is going to need all the political goodwill he can get.

  6. I do believe the ad is effective. Given that we all know that nobody is perfect, I think this helps voters know that he’s trying to make a difference despite his own problems. I think that to many politicians try to play it off as though they are these perfect people who are going to try and change the world, however when in reality it’s the farthest thing from the truth. This ad is different. Honesty at least for myself, goes a longer way than faking it.

  7. Is it effective? That’s a loaded question – Well, I believe that Mayor Emanuel didn’t believe that someone else would be able to pull the votes and force the run-off. It seems to me that this message is damage control so that he can try to rationalize his decisions during his term to hopefully sway more votes. Is it effective? That depends on who you ask. To the CPS Teachers’ Union – probably not. Their minds are already made up but to those who are not sure, it may affect them. That’s only IF any changes that have or have not been made affects them, negatively or positively.

  8. I suppose anyone can admit to their mistakes and own up to them. That I can accept. However, we all know the kind of person Rahm is. He hasn’t really done much for the people, nor has he even listened to what we have to say. Just because someone makes a 30 second advertisement to say, “Hey guys, sorry about before, but if you elect me I will make things right,” this doesn’t mean much. This is just a way for people to get a different perspective on Rahm, maybe from all of the negative connotations that he’s been getting, not only from the people/voters, but from other politicians as well. All in all, I think this advertisement was not 100% effective, at least not towards me.

  9. Melissa Johnson

    In my opinion, I do believe this ad is effective. Rahm Emanuel tells his audience he makes mistakes. Emanuel does not state that he is superior or perfect, which makes him relatable to the rest of the citizens living in Chicago. Even though the ad does not say much about what he will going to accomplish next, it is an effective ad.

  10. i believe this ad is effective because people like a candidate that they can relate to and feel comfortable with. By admitting his faults, Emmanuel humbles himself before the voters and i believe that this will earn him points. it is not effective towards me though because i do not vote for apologies, i vote for concrete ideas.

  11. Whether you like Rahm Emanuel of not this advertisement will more than likely probably him more votes. In this commercial, he took a calm, welcome to my home and lets talk approach. By doing this he making himself look more like an everyday person that people would feel comfortable approaching and having a conversation with. He explained how he could improve if re-elected to another term. Personally liked seeing an election commercial that is not all about slamming the other candidate. Now people need to decide if they can forgive what he did or didn’t do right the first time around. Time will tell…

  12. Rebecca Albarran

    I do not believe it worked for me. Yes he is owning up to his flaws but in order to be a mayor it is important to listen to the needs of the community. It seems like since he has been mayor he has not really done much but he thought people would not be paying attention. He is just trying anything now to get people to vote for him and it is so obvious. Anything Chuy says, he counters with pretty much the same idea. Rahm did not expect to be in this situation he just expected to easily win.

  13. I honestly have my mind set to give my vote for Emmanuel as it is just because from the both candidates, he has the most knowledge and skills. Yes Chuy has some good plans of how he wants to improve our city but he’s doing more talking rather than providing facts of how he plans to do so. With this ad Emmanuel broadcast, I believe he is just telling everyone he is not perfect like everyone would want their mayor to be. And at that point it is true, no one is perfect, not even him; we all tend to make mistakes at one point through our careers. That being said, I see this as an effective ad.

  14. For others it may have been effective but for me it was not, previous to watching this film I seen a different clip with Emmanuel being very disrespectful. He admitted that he had done wrong but in returns tries to make himself look good. I wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t take others into consideration when doing things to be in charge.

  15. Yes it is. It focuses on the main task of getting what Ram wants to get out to the public. However he is admitting mistakes he made, but it could be seen as a good thing because he is able to show the public another side of him the side being that he can admit when he has done wrong. For these reasons I feel that he will win the runoff next month

  16. I think the ad is a good one. He admits that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Being mayor in the toughest city in the country is a huge responsibility. He has done things in his years in office that no one else could have. I think he will win the election again and continue to put Chicago on the right road to recovery.

  17. Muhammad Matariyeh

    In my opinion, this is the best ad within the mayoral race. Rahm does a great job projecting a softer side and makes him appear more “human.” In light of that, he effectively communicated his aggressive nature also gets stuff done. Overall, really well-made advertisement and I believe Rahm will win the race. In other ad campaigns, he effectively communicates Chuy’s lack of firm guidance regarding budget issues, which is a critical issue in Illinois.

  18. I like how the commercial was only centered around him. I’m glad that he admit his faults and knows that his personality and ability to listen is weak. I just think this is a way to reach out and apologize so he can get votes, but if he wins again, Will he live up to his promise of starting to listen and having a better personality? He is apologizing for being himself so I don’t think he can change. It’s a great last minute way to get votes and some people will fall for it and give him another shot.

  19. Stephanie Michalak

    I personally believe the ad is quite effective. Rahm came to face his flaws and he uses them as a point to prove that he is a good mayor. What is funny about this ad however, is that he does not say he will change, instead he says his greatest strength is his greatest weakness. He already is mayor, so now maybe people will say, “Well, he is already mayor, so maybe we can give him a second chance”.

  20. I believe that this ad is very effective because he comes out and says that he might not always get it right, which in the long run shows that he will take responsibility for his mistakes. This is the kind of person we need to see and help us get back on our feet. This shows that he is not another “robot” politician trying to run just for money but he really wants to make a difference. Not included in this ad but he did come out to the south side parade and walked the whole parade route.

  21. I think this ad is super effective. I feel this way because he truly positions himself and really makes him self seem vulnerable. He does this in a way that seems very responsible, and straight forward. He opens up and truly makes himself seem human and I think that is very important, because some people may view politicians as if they are celeberties. I think it takes a lot of strength to admit flaws, espcially publicly like Rahm did. Overall yes, I think this ad is effective.

  22. Tracy Gray-Caruthers

    I thought the ad was effective, if his goal was to come across as humble, and as wanting to be given a chance to prove his worthiness. I don’t know that it will be effective in getting people to change their minds about how they will cast their votes. Sometimes, you’ve done too much for people to overlook. Sometimes…it’s too little too late.

  23. Nathalie Hernandez

    I feel that his ad was somewhat effective because he does show honesty when he states, “Im not always going to get it right “, we know that being human beings no one is perfect and no one will ever be. We all make mistakes and that’s what he’s trying to get across to us. I also feel that this is a way to try to save himself because to many he has came off as a jerk.

  24. I think that these adds are both on offense and defense. They have to make themselves look better and make their opponent look bad. With this one by Emanuel I think is going to make him win because he came out saying he hasn’t done all that he said he was going to do. And I think will help him somewhat get the black vote. These adds are just like being back in high school and its like vote for me because Im better then the other guy and he other guy sucks.

  25. Michael Wozniak

    This ad to myself is effective to where Emanuel does admit that he has had flaws while in office. Many of Emanuels flaws include the closing of many public schools leaving hundreds of child to search for a new education that may have a high price, and for the city of Chicago to be crowned the murder capital of the world/U.S. with our murder rate surpassing New York and LA. He does talk alot and tries to act big, I personally see him as a guy that actually does care for the city, and isn’t much of a jerk as people say he did great me and shook my hand in the South Side parade. Emanuel is personally a guy that doesn’t back down , and maybe it’s that kind of guy that deserves a second chance in being Chicago’s leader.

  26. I would say this is very effective for Rahm Emanuel. This will definitely help him receive more votes but however it wouldn’t for me. I realize that he is only saying this in hope to be reelected. He is now scared for his position but where were the sorrys before election time? I believe this is just a tactic to be re elected and that he is nowhere near truly sincere but this was smart of him.

  27. If the ad’s motive was to change peoples’ (the people who don’t like Rahm) view of Rahm, I don’t think it is effective. It is brave of him to run an ad that shows his faults, making him more relate-able. That being said I don’t think it gave me any reassurance that he is going to start listening the people of Chicago when he didn’t before.
    In the ad he is stating his faults are not listening and rubbing people the wrong way. His argument to the fact that these traits can be good attributes goes no where. He lists two examples of ways he fought on Chicago’s behalf. These were two issues that the (possibly) majority of Chicago sided with, as well as Rahm. However, if Rahm doesn’t agree with Chicago’s people than will he fought for us still? I am not convinced.

  28. Niko Dominguez

    My reaction after watching this ad gave me a sincere perspective from Rahm Emanuals point of view. He admitted that he has not made the best choices and and talked when he should have listened. I feel like admitting your flaws is effective because he called himself out for his actions and said in return he will not let Chicago down. There is a lot of problems in the city of Chicago and I feel like he will do his best to better this city.

  29. I found the ad to be rather effective. I think the ad was effective because Rahm Emmanual seemed sincere in his words and did not simply bad mouth his opponent like most ads do. I think that by Emmanual showing he is not perfect, he puts himself at a level with average citizens instead of trying to oversell himself, which makes him more appealing in a way that he is just like the rest of us and perhaps he knows what Chicagoans want and wants to fix the problems we face in Chicago.

  30. What this ad showed to me is that Rahm shows that he is human and admits his mistakes of not listening and/or by being harsh,but shows the importance of being that way for driving a better future of chicago. It works because he show and admits his faults to prove he is not perfect nor does he say he is, but say that those imperfection are necessary to make a better chicago. this show that eventhough he avtions are harsh, he believes that a voter needs someone like that for the future.

  31. After watching the video and reading some other comments, I can definitely see it as making him seem more like a relatable person and not an out-of-reach politician. However, I still wonder what he plans to do for the future and what exactly he has done in the past. The only thing this commercial really confirms for me is that he has made quite a few enemies because of decisions he has made.

  32. Travis Nichols

    Me personally I think he is just saying what he think we want to hear just like any other politic, they all say things that sounds good just so we n vote for theM.

  33. Obviously Mayor Rahm Emanuel want us to sympathize and feel pity for him. I don’t think this ad is effective at all. I understand he admits for his mistakes. He’s trying to being “honest.” He had 4 years to listen to the people, I just don’t buy it.

  34. I believe the ad was effective. I think he showed some people that he admits his wrong doings and his negatives. It also shows that he acknowledges that he needs to make changes to his policies and make changes to make the people of Chicago happy. Also, it shows that politicians sometimes promise things in elections and realistically they can’t promise everything or they change during their term of office. But, at the same time Rahm has the reputation of being stubborn and doesn’t want to listen and change for the people, so I am divided on the ad.

  35. Michael Caballero

    The ad is somewhat effective. Rahm doesn’t apologize for his weakness but capitalizes on what he believes is his strength and that’s to fight for Chicago. He kind of says although you may not have agreed with the decisions I’ve made or felt I didn’t listen to the needs and wants of the people he made decisions that he saw fit. Overall it’s positive because Rahm is a stronger candidate because he is a fighter but can also reflect poorly.

  36. Samantha Arnold

    I think the ad is effective and pretty brilliant. He knows hes losing the personality contest, so hes coming back with a ” hey, I may not be Mr. Likable but I’m getting stuff done and that’s what matters.” message. Hes taking the stance that the person getting stuff done is the person you need in office not someone who is nice and likable who may possibly be easily steamrolled by public opinion. This ad is definitely geared toward the smarter voter, knowing that with all public office there are shortfalls and setbacks but there are also victories, no matter how small. Simply put, some people only tend to focus on the negatives, however this ad basically takes the wind out of any negative attack ads because hes done the trash talk himself all while highlighting the positives. This is the Eminem in 8 Mile of political ads.

  37. I personally think the ad is quite effective and the point of view is great.In my opinion, this is the best advertising for getting Chicago residents’ vote. Rahm did a great job, highlight the gentle side to make him more humane.Maybe he found a lot of problems exist in Chicago society, through published his preaching to make people aware of, he will try their best to improve the problem, so that the stability of the society. Overall, this is positive, because Rahm is a strong candidate, because he is a fighter.

  38. Marisol Rodríguez

    My impression of this ad is that he is trying to let the people know he has made mistakes, before his mistakes are used against him. I believe this is effective because he is letting the people know that he is just an average guy but when it comes to making a difference he does. The people will feel like they can relate to him, and vote for him.

  39. I would say that this ad is only partially effective. It would more than likely be an effective influence to somebody that’s newer to politics. However, to most Chicagoans that have experienced the effects of his terms will not be swayed one bit by this ad. As far as being defensive or offensive, I’d say it’s predominately defensive. He makes the ad humanistic by admitting his faults and mistakes, but he adds an offensive twist by saying nobody is going to fight as hard as he will, if elected.

  40. I give him credit because he did not bad mouth his opponent. He lived up to his mistakes. But most opinions will not be changed because of this . He needs to show what he truly means by actually doing it.

  41. I believe this ad is timely effective. Many people are questioning the other candidate Jesus and aren’t to sure where he stands on many issues. Rahm is admitting his faults and showing a more sensitive side to him. Although this is more than likely to get the votes needed for the upcoming election he is getting more people to believe that he will actually listen and hear the countless concerns many Americans have.

  42. I think the ad is effective because it shows how dedicated he is for his position. He wants people to know that he will learn from his mistakes and never give up. He is more popular than Chuy so even if people are mad about his mistakes, this ad can change the way people feel about him and give him another chance.

  43. I think he is just admitting that he is human and can make mistakes like anyone else. But when it comes to issues we face as the city of Chicago, he will do his best to take initiative, make sacrifices, and do what he has to do to help us and make living easier. It is definitely a risk to make an ad like this but being different could definitely help him win the election against Garcia.

  44. I believe this ad was to help make Rahm Emauel look more appealing and I think it could have been effective to some. With him admitting his flaws to the people I think they will want to forgive his past mistakes and realize he is only human. He was also very strong driven when talking about how hard he will fight to better things. This ad did a good job making Emanuel look good.

  45. I think that this ad was effective in many ways. First, he admits that he failed at doing things and did not get it right. But he also gives examples on how he was fought for things and he charged ahead. Also at the end he gives the people motivation to believe in him for fighting for Chicago.

  46. I think that this ad was effective for the mayor. I think the mayor is proving a point saying, Hey i have messed up on a few things, but I am trying my best to make this the best city to live in, and he will fight harder than anyone else. I think this ad will help the mayor in winning this next election. Saying you make mistakes is tough to do on television, and letting everyone know you are ready to keep fighting for this city says a lot. This is a type of ad you do not see all the time, and it will work for mayor rahm.

  47. Honestly, after watching the video I don’t think the ad was effective,for me. I believe he wants us to feel bad for him and to this he is trying to change the way people think of him. But to me what counts the most is actions not words. He just doesn’t convince me.

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