This Week’s Quote

The following quote is attributed to former United States Senator, Morris K. Udall (D-AZ).

“The ability to change one’s views without losing one’s seat is the mark of a great politician.”

What are your thoughts on this quote?


15 responses to “This Week’s Quote

  1. Nikki Thompson

    to me this quote means that even though your changing the view of how someone thinks about a certain perspective, or someone else can change their perspective they are still on your side. This makes a person a great politician because they are simply that persuasive. They know how to persuade the mind of a person, and bring them over to their side, or even keep them on their side.

  2. Allyson Buczyna

    In my opinion, this quote means that someone is a great politician when they “keep their seat” while making others understand their point of view. When Udall says, ” the ability to change one’s views” I think he is simply stating that a politician should be able to persuade opposing sides to understand their perspective. In understanding another’s perspective you may even start to believe what they believe in. A great politician is able to make other’s understand his/her point of view while keeping their place.

  3. If a politician brings ideas to change things in our country and is able to deliver on those ideas and the country sees changes he or she will continue to get elected and keep their seat in the senate. What makes them a great politician is that they are able to make people understand their point of view while holding their spot in the senate.

  4. I think this quote means that a great politician will be able to see the other side of an issue or even a new side to the issue and be able to change their mind. This allows for new ideas to be made and that politician can still be classified as the same ideology as before. This would help our government make decisions faster and those decisions would be better for the country.

  5. Stephanie Michalak

    To me this quote means that if a politician is able to successfully change the opinion of their intended audience and able to keep their seat, they are a great politician. Bringing about new ideas to communities and even the country is a very difficult task due to opinions generally being set in stone in people’s minds. However, if a person in the senate is able to bring change and keep their seat, then they did their job successfully and proves they are a good politician.

  6. Brittany Alton

    In my opinion, this quote is 100% true. If a politician can persuade people to change their views so that they agree with them then they will keep their seat. If you can’t get people to see things the way you do then you will never get enough people to be on your side.

  7. Martha Martinez

    I think politics do a great job in representing this quote, they insult one another but still want to keep a good image. Which people tend to fall into mainly because they’re not educated on what the purpose of those ads are.

  8. I think this means that any politician that could change his views with losing anything makes them a good one. persuading others to change their minds about something is one of those things that allows them to help ideas move forward for the sake of bettering their community.

  9. i think this alludes to the fact that sometimes the ability to get elected isnt purely based on what views you have. it is all about appealing to the voter and presenting your ideas in a good way. this is important because not every voter will agree with everything you say. the delivery of your message is very important to keeping your political life alive.

  10. This quote to me means that to be honest will get you further than lying about characteristics about yourself. Change someone’s thought without lying. Your thoughts are still looked at, but you continue to still run every year. You are able to keep your seat, without someone taking it

  11. I think this quote means that if the politician is careful with the words they use, they will change the audiences’ views in a positive way but also remain their seat because maybe they aren’t changing a thing. it’s all about what the people want to hear, if they say it, it will make them look good but it doesn’t mean it’s true.

  12. I believe this quote is saying being a good politician is sticking to your beliefs while at the same time not making too many enemies. There is a balance necessary that is difficult to achieve yet key to being a successful politician. A good politician should keep true to their beliefs and be able to persuade people to see their side of their argument. At the same time, while doing so they need to be careful not to be rude or offensive. They cannot make those who do not share their beliefs hate them. If in convincing others they become too hostile and stir up too much controversy they will lose their position as a politician and will be left with nobody to persuade and no power to make a change.

  13. My thoughts on this quote is a perfect example on how mordern politics work.As a politican you have ideas that you think help this government move. even with those ideas you’ll have people who don’t agree with those ideas; now the question is how do you change those people’s mind on those ideas. Someone who is brash would put some force on his ideas to change them, but those would just walk away even further and that politican would be gone, but if he/she talks and works with those people to change their mind about the idea then the idea would be worthy and that politican would still be relivant

  14. My thoughts on this quote is how I believe politicians should have their mind set. One should be able to persuade the people into what the politician believes in. They should be able to let others know how and why they think what they think. I believe most of the time some politicians do not really go into detail about their choices or ideas which in return makes people have a different outlook on the politician.

  15. I feel like when you have a seat you already know what your views are. When you switch your views, for whatever reason, and still have a seat that means you changed the people that voted for you. when election day comes by the voters will vote for you again because they believe and trust in you.

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