America’s Fiscal Policy

The American economy is grounded and influenced by what is called fiscal policy.  Fiscal policy is where the government collects revenues through taxation and spends money through expenditures to generate a stable economy.  The American economy, however, is threatened by a national debt that is over $18 trillion.  How did this occur?  It did not happen overnight.

One can make the argument that the government does not tax enough to generate revenue.  Others might disagree.  On the expenditure side, some have argued that the American economy is in disarray due to the government spending too much money.  There are those, though, who believe that the government does not spend enough money to help create a stable economy.  Where do you stand on the issue?

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16 responses to “America’s Fiscal Policy

  1. William Tobias

    I have thought for a long time that there should be some sort of flat tax on everyone. Say the number is 10% federal tax. Everyone pays the 10%. If you make $10000 a year or a $1000000 a year. It’s the same percentage. You could cut the IRS almost completely out. Then the government needs to stop with the BS spending. Look at the most important topics like the economy and military. Stop worrying about saving everyone else’s country. No one worries about our national debt, so why are we giving these other countries millions and millions of dollars. I remember watching the movie “Dave”. Sit down and look at all of the expenditures and start eliminating the little stuff that will add up to a ton.

  2. Muhammad Matariyeh

    I believe the issue relates to government spending. The system is deeply flawed and provides too many manners for individuals to receive “free” money from the government. I also believe the government should focus on providing incentives to large corporations to retain operations in the U.S., rather than migrating overseas. The government continues focusing on helping the poor, but I believe the solution is to provide incentives to corporations for hiring unemployed individuals.

  3. Dan Scofield

    I have many different points for this topic about the United States trillion dollar debt. One of my main points is that the United States spends way to much yearly on things that the government shouldn’t spend it on. Way to much expenses and not enough money coming in. Another point is related to the last one is the United States needs to export more goods instead of import so much, by importing so much we depend on other countries and not our own. If we were to export more goods that would create more jobs and help stabilize the economy across America.That would also prevent us from having to bail out other countries economies because the U.S. depends to much globally. No one bails us out of our debt why should we help everyone else.. My last point is I think we should put a less burden on the middle class tax wise. Tax the middle class and higher class more equally some how without turning it into socialism.

  4. This is a tough question. With the debt we have in the United States I can’t imagine they will ever be able to get out of it. Raising taxes more will only hurt the workers. Maybe cut the polititions salaries and use some of the millions of dollars sitting in election accounts for more important things than commercials and travel in some cases. As much as I’m for helping others out we need to start at home first. Don’t spend money that you don’t have, was a saying my father always used. It makes more sense the older I get.

  5. Alex Pastore

    This is put very well. I believe that the government makes a great portion of money through interstate travel. The roads and the expressway cost a lot of money.

  6. Jesse Jacquez

    I feel that American government throws their money around like as if it literally grows on trees. I can go on about the many ways our country flushes money down the toilet, but I will highlight one main point. For example, our country spends more money on schooling then the top two schools in academics. Germany and Japan considerably spend way less money on schooling, and their students achieve better grades and GPAs then American students. This is a issue to me because it shows our future generation will struggle up against the top countries in the world. I believe I live in the greatest country in the world, and I hope we can figure a way to fix our spending problem. In the future, we will need our younger generation to help push us to a better situation, so our country can grow and develop for the better.

  7. The government spends way to much money on issues that do not directly affect them. For example, funding other countries military operations, buying them weapons, technology that they are not capable of. The government taxes enough as it is. For the middle class families. it makes it hard for them to make it by because they pay so much in taxes. How about government salaries, especially after they retire. It is non sense and I don’t agree with it at all.

  8. Treyce Criner

    How does anything like this occur? Monies being mismanaged and excessive overspending will always lead to debt. No matter the entity, finances should be handled responsibly and the US simply has not done that. It’s just like handling your checkbook. If you consistently put money in, but do not care of the money, meaning shopping sprees, etc, you will end up in debt as at some point, you have to pay your bills. Then what? The US economy is no different.

  9. Chelc DeValk

    The American government has spent the country into a deficit for the last hundred years or so by waging numerous wars, giving money to other countries for various reasons, and just by generally not taking care of the funds available when we had a surplus. Wars cost this country billions of dollar to fight and justifiably so because of uncontrollable situations, the money must be spent to protect our freedoms. The issue with the country being in debt is the fiscal irresponsibility. The government simply spent more money than they took in and did not regulate any of the spending. That coupled with most major corporations pushing American jobs overseas just further crippled the economy. At the same time, to make money in this day and age you have to spend money. And obviously this country’s leaders have done a poor job in doing so.

  10. Osman Dzabiri

    I guess, in my opinion, this could go both ways. I feel as if the government does spend too much money, but it is on more frivolous things. An example would be like the red light cameras and such. These are things we don’t need, but the government insists that we have them. Rather than spending money on schools, hospitals, and such the government is just looking for an excuse to increase its own revenue, than to help benefit others. The governments needs spend more, but they need to spend it on things that matter, like the people that pay those tax dollars. If everyone were to instantly stop paying their taxes all at once, the government would explode. They would have no income to spend and would leave them like a deer in headlights, dazed and confused. If anything, the government needs to wake up and start helping those that are actually giving them money, rather than trying to help themselves.

  11. I believe that our government needs to continue focusing in on spending money on important issues like the military and the benefits included for the men, and women who serve. However, the government needs to cut down on simply handing out free money to individuals on LINK. They are much to easy to obtain and many people like taking advantage of the system and wasting away our country’s money. Obviously, there is much more that goes into our nations debit then I can explain in one paragraph. Although to simply put it: our government needs to spend its money much more wise then we our now. PSC110

  12. Rebecca Albarran

    I believe the U.S. has gotten into so much debt because of careless spending. Too much is spent on ridiculous things for the law makers and other things that are not very necessary. We need to crack down on handout as well there should be more regulations for people to receive these types of things because it becomes a big part of our spending. More should be done to investigate to make sure the right people are receiving help. We also have to limit the amount of spending overseas. I understand there are somethings we cannot avoid, I do believe we are in the right direction though. Using drones saves money and saves lives. I also believe if we starting making more things in the U.S. we could stop relying on other countries and eventually put ourselves back up on our feet.

  13. I think that our government spends way to much money seeing how much money we are in debt. I think that the taxes needs to stay the same cause it will only hurt us more as working citizens. I think the u.s. gets into everything that goes on in the world and causes issues and money.

  14. The government collects taxes from the hard-working middle class and cut breaks for their rich buddies. Not only this, but they spend money on the wrong things. However, to say the government doesn’t use some of the money to create a stable community is asinine. Maybe if protesters and delinquents didn’t deface, loot, destroy public property, or cause crime we wouldn’t be spending our hard earned money to fix their moronic mistakes. This isn’t the reason we are trillion dollars in debt. We need to stop borrowing money and start working on getting people jobs, not fund useless programs or spend money on things that we do not need as a nation. Why does a remedial items exist such as a snuggie? If it wasn’t for our lovely armed forces, we would be goners to any other country. We need to take a few steps back to the 60’s and find our footing financially and stop wasting time and money on useless things.

  15. I just think that our economy is trash in general. I feel like with my minimum wage job i get taxed too hard. And even with all of these taxes we are still in so much debt. The government needs to cut spending on so many things, but they’re ending up increasing spending making our economy terrible.

  16. Lisbeth Vargas

    I don’t understand how there is so much debt in this country. There’s taxes on everything and it seems like it makes no difference. I believe there should be a flat tax so everyone is equal and paying the same percentage. I think Americans are just bad with money and will always be in debt because that’s how America is. Americans want good credit so they can get approved for loans, houses, credit cards, etc. Some Americans will always be in debt because they’re already in debt and it’s hard to get out of it. Once the government has money, they spend it on other things instead of paying off what they owe. It probably seems impossible to pay that amount off so they ignore it and probably try to spend it in something that is “useful”.

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