American National Government

47 responses to “American National Government

  1. Taylor Sonichsen

    I don’t believe it should just be required by liberal art majors. I believe it should be required for everyone. I think this because it is good to know what goes on in our government and people don’t just assume they know what is happening. It’s an important thing to know and not enough people know.

  2. Lyndon Jackson

    Yes I agree it should be a required course for all majors. Too many people are low information voters and do not know enough about the political process, as a result of this many people are misled. Moreover, this is reflected in our elections when people base their opinons of candidates solely off negative ads, vote against policies that benefit them, and some who choose not to vote because they believe it makes no difference. American National Government is a course that should be required for anyone who is a US citizen.

  3. Renad Shehadeh

    I believe it should definitely be a required course for all majors. I believe everyone should be educated in politics and the way it runs. Many may not find it interesting, but it is one of the most important things in our world today. This is the reason for society’s actions today, majority vote off of a bias opinion being made through negative ads. If Americans were educated enough to know and realize the true meaning behind all political schemes, then everyone would be wise enough to vote the right way for the right person and acctually care for politics. So yes, American National Government should be a required course, but to all.

  4. Sammia Shehayber

    I think American National Government should be mandatory for every type of major. It is important for every student to be educated on our government. It also gives everyone an idea of where they stand on different ideas, and it gets students to become more aware and involved in politics.

  5. Graziella LiVolsi

    Not at all. Yes, I do agree that it is crucial for students in America to understand how their own country runs its government, but it should not be a required course, especially if a student’s college major has little to no association with politics. With the number of courses already required for a degree, adding another one to the list would make it even harder for students to graduate in four years. However, I do think an American National Government class should be emphasized during high school, so at least the teens get an understanding of the government system.

  6. Yes, American National government should be a required course for all majors. This will help people follow what’s happing in the country and also people will be able to understand different issues that are going on in the country. No matter what major you are planning on getting the government still effects you.

  7. Lauren Ryczek

    Yes,I think that it is important for everyone to know alittle about poltitcs and the voting process. To many people do not know anything,or very little about politics and they are unedcuated voters. Colleges should begin making a political class manatory.

  8. Kristen Colbert

    Government might not need to be a mandatory college course, considering college students pay a good amount of money for each course they take. However, National Government needs to be a mandatory course for Seniors in high school so that they have an idea upon what is going on in the world. Many people do not have the slightest clue about anything with politics so this way it will open up students minds if they take it there last year of high school.

  9. Rania Elayyan

    It shouldn’t just be mandatory for liberal arts students. I think every major should take American Government so they can get a little sneak peek on what’s going on the the government world. Yes some information wouldn’t benefit other students outside liberal arts, but what you learn can possibly help you in the future!

  10. Katie Peterson

    I believe that every degree, no matter the field, should at some point throughout their college education, take an American government related course. Some may say it is completely unnecessary for their degrees; however it is important to educate American students about the past, present, and future of American politics. The government affects all of us daily, therefore, we should somewhat have an understanding as to what is controlling our country. If the student isn’t an American, but still studying within the United States it should also still be required because although it may not be their home country, the origin of America starts with government, politics, and religion, therefore, any student, no matter where they are from, or what they are majoring in, should have to take an American government related course at some point throughout their college years.

  11. Milissa Green

    I do feel that it should be mandatory but for all students. Regardless of your political views I feel this class definitely gives some insight to what’s going on, and definitely makes you aware of the things happening in our country. The past helps shape our future and if everyone was equally educated in this course I feel we would have more informed students who would be more active since they are informed.

  12. Hiu Yan Ip (Iris)

    I believe that liberal art students to student American National Government can help them to understand the class material easily. Since liberal arts is a subject about civic life and need to participate in public debate, it is nothing bad for students to know more about American National Government. It can help them to acquire the knowledge about the government as well.

  13. Martin Oneill

    I think it should be because people should know what’s really is going on and know how things work. Not just listen to the media or social media to get their info on government. I think it would depend on the teacher who teaches the class. If they there is a teacher that has a agenda on their own to bring people o their way of thinking then that’s not the teacher to be teaching a American National Government. For me I want a teacher who gives the student to say how they feel no matter what their party is or like me if they don’t have a party,

  14. I believe it should be a required course for all college students because I think it’s a very important topic that actually has very prevalent real world application. Most of the public is under informed and educated about government and this class gives at least an introduction. If someone decides they don’t want to vote or get involved with politics that’s fin
    e, but nobody should have to feel they can’t participate because they feel completely uninformed. Prior to taking this class I had very little knowledge about government and I think the information I gained can be very useful to me and my political decisions in the future. If college students have to take this class at least they are getting background information and it’s somewhere to begin.

  15. Monica Garcia

    I think the course should be a requirement for all college degrees. Many people don’t vote, or do vote and follow politics without knowing what’s behind what they are doing. I think it’s a great way for people to really get a feel for what America is really like. If a world history, English course and every other course is used as an introduction, this intro to politics is a great way for Americans to at least be a little more informed.

  16. stephanie michalak

    An American National Government course should be required for an any college degree, and even as a course in high school . Not enough people in the United States know enough about their government because they lack basic education on it. Plus, I think when taking this course a lot more people would vote because I think a lot of people do not vote due to their lack of knowledge about what our government does for us.

  17. Nikki Thompson

    No I do not think that National Government has anything to do with liberal arts. I don’t think a lot of the peoples different majors need National Government. I don’t believe that it will ever be used again.

  18. Tracy Gray-Caruthers

    I’m not sure if it should be mandatory, but I do think that it could be helpful. It would be nice for students to have more than an elementary knowledge of how governments work, before they start voting.

  19. Peter Makarski

    I feel that it should not be mandatory simply because not everyone is interested in government. Many people do no want anything to do with government simply out of mistrust. The government is not always interesting to people, especially a lot of college students, so it should not be mandatory.

  20. Ahlam Fayyumi

    I do not believe U.S Government should be a required class unless you are going into politics. i believe the Government has alot of corruption and to teach it to everyone is not a very valuable thing. However it depends who is teaching the class to the students because many people know about.Government issues and etc but not many are capable of teaching it

  21. David Surowka

    Yes, American National Government should be a mandatory college course. Many students, are not interested in politics and don’t really care. Coming into this class I didn’t know much about politics. But now I at least have an understanding of the basics. Politics is an important and even helpful topic to have knowledge of.

  22. I believe it should be a class for every major. I think it’s everyone’s duty to know more about our Gov’t. We tend to push away politics because it doesn’t excite us and we associate politics with corruption. I think we don’t talk about the government because we’re not that familiar with it and can’t fully carry a conversation about it. I learned a lot in this class that I didn’t know before. The government plays a role in everyone’s life and it’s important to know how it runs.

  23. Allyson Buczyna

    While I do believe that the course is beneficial, I do not think that it should be required. You have to take government in both elementary school and high school, along with passing constitution tests. The class is important but necessary after learning about government for an entire educational career. However, I do like the class and think it should be recommended as an option.

  24. I don’t think it should be just required for liberal arts students but for everyone. It is an important topic that needs to be taught the right way for the right reasons. It needs to be understood by everyone because of the scrutiny that politics gets on a daily basis people need to understand how it works in every aspect.

  25. Yes I think American national government should be a mandatory for liberal arts college student. First, it would be useful and helpful for the students to learn about how the American government works. Moreover, learning about the government helps to promote the new generations’ political participation.

  26. I do not know if it should be mandatory because I do not know or have enough interest in the subject but I feel it does teach students a lot about what goes on in the political field. I feel that if it is mandatory then many students will not like it as much as they would like it if it was optional. Government is a important subject to talk about and to understand because it involves the public and our money and rights go into the subject. I have learned a lot from my present and past government classes and feel that students should be able to take classes that may be outside of their field and be a lot more informed about government and other subjects.

  27. No, I do not think that this class should be mandatory for Liberal Arts students. I have nothing against taking classes that you want to just to learn about them, but I do think that there are too many classes that students have to take that have nothing to do with their major. It is just a way for the college to get money, and I don’t think that is fair to the student. I think all classes, including this one, should be elective classes for students to take.

  28. Yulissa Mason

    In my opinion, American Government should be mandotory but for all students. I believe that everyone should learn and know about our governent. Therefore it should be required for every major. We all should be involve in politics.

  29. Hugo Pacheco

    Yes, I believe American National Government should be mandatory for Liberal Arts students and all other programs for that matter. I noticed that the majority of students including myself didn’t find political issues important or even relevant until we started noticing how politics influence our everyday lives. Showing and teaching students the importance of how our government works and how our votes matter will only benefit us as a society in the long run.

  30. Martha martinez

    I believe that it should required for everyone, the only government class that is really required through out school is in senior of high school it’s a requirement to graduate. The thing is it’s not detailed like this class. We go into so much more detail and really makes you see what’s going on around us. How everything in the system works.

  31. I strongly believe that having a student take a government political class will be beneficial in the long run. For me, learning how politics work amuses me because I get some knowledge enough to understand what’s going on with the political world. Everyday you hear in the news how politics play a role in how our life might change but if you don’t understand why such actions are being taken or why such saying is being said, then your going to be lost most the times. That is why taking at minimum one class to learn the basics of politics is crucial as a college student and high school.

  32. marta malinowska

    In the beginning of this semester i would strictly answer no to this question. I was angry that i had to take a class that didnt interest me when i could be taking classes that relate to my major. Over time though, i would agree that the class opened my eyes a bit and after learning a couple things about the gov i would strongly recommend this class to everyone. Its something i didnt expect to care about but after being informed i realized how important it is to have an idea of whats going on in the government. After all, they are the ones managing what we work hard for.

  33. Nathalie Hernandez

    Yes I agree that it should be required for every major. I feel that everyone should be educated on how politics works because I feel that is something we lack as a society. To be honest, taking this class I have really learned so much I didn’t know and find myself more engaged in the news. Many will not find this interesting, but it is a topic that is very important in our world.

  34. Students should know their rights so they can be able to stand up for themselves. Many students do not know anything about government because they didn’t think it was interesting in high school. Students should know about the government becuase it not only effects them but everyone around them.

  35. Yes, i believe American Nat Govt should be required for all students to take. I think it is very important for the young us people to know about our politics and government. Not knowing how our government works and the political process should be important for all of us. If we don’t have a general idea about our government then it will not help us as a country in the future.

  36. The government practically controls everything we do, such as: what we learn, who we go to war with, what we use tax money for, ect. Not knowing anything about one’s own government is like not knowing how to read or write; one will keep living in ignorance and not even comprehend that much. However, this only implies to those living in America. I don’t feel like people in other countries should be forced to learn about America, unless Americans are willing to learn about their country too. In essence, whichever country you live in, know what’s going on!

  37. No, I don’t think it should be mandatory. If you make a student take a class that they don’t want to take then they won’t get anything out of it. You are basically teaching a wall about government. Teaching a student about how the government works is also not a good idea because people think that that is actually how the government works, when, in reality, it isn’t what it is said to be.

  38. Its a great class and everyone should at least consider taking it. Its great to know how your government and laws work. You learn things that you will need for the rest of your life.

  39. Melissa Johnson

    I believe that American National Government should be required for every major. Government will always be apart of our lives, we must be more educated on this subject to really participate and be active in politics. Having every major take this course will enlighten many minds and really show the reality of government and politics.

  40. Niko Dominguez

    I believe that american national government should be mandatory because it exposes us to how politics work. I think it is important to at least know the basics of american politics considering that we all live in the United States.

  41. Marisol Rodríguez

    American national government should be a mandatory college course for a liberal arts student, many people know nothing about politics. Schools should try to educated students by making the class required. Most people know nothing and just believe the first thing they hear about candidates or elections , taking this class will help the person know where they stand on certain topics and don’t let the media chose for them.

  42. Jolanta Turwon

    Thanks to this class I learned a lot about the government. It’s important that we k ow what’s going on around us on a daily basis. Thanks to this class I pay more attention to everything around me.

  43. I feel that you should take it as a mandatory class in college because if you take it at a younger age you’ll not understand it as much than as college. Also you can do more stuff that you learned in class to everyday life to change what you do or even help push ideas foward to your community. If this class was not mandatory how the things that are going now will most not change in the near future without people who understand how the government work.

  44. Lisbeth Vargas

    I think it should be mandatory because many students at a young don’t care about politics and have no clue what’s going on in the world. It’s not something most students are interested in so they won’t take it just for fun. It’s better to know how the government works especially in our own country. People always complain that the government isn’t doing anything to help this country but it can also be ignorance and people not knowing what the government is doing or why they’re doing it. People should get educated on this so they know that’s going on and they can help make changes in this county.

  45. I think it should be required for everyone because everyone should learn about our government sometime in their life. They should know alittle something of what’s going on In the world. It would help people know about the candidates running and help them be able to pick easier. Everyone should have to take a government sometime in college.

  46. Ryan Whitcomb

    I believe it should be mandatory. It is a great thing to learn about and explains so much. Our Government plays a huge factor into everything that we do. That said, it is essential that every student should know.

  47. Katie Peterson

    it should be mandatory for all students who attend school in America. We should be teaching our students about what actually occurs within our government, so that they atleast have an idea of who is running the country. Government truly controls a lot of what we encounter daily, therefore, it should be essential for every student.

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