schreckderon-3Dr. Deron T. Schreck is a Professor of Political Science at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois.  You can follow him on Twitter @schreckphd.

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  1. I knew that George McGovern was a U.S. Senator, however i was not familiar with one of his greatest contributions. The McGovern-Fraiser Commision gave voters more say in regards to elction processes, who is nominated and limits the power of party leaders. This is very significant because it lowers the possibility of policy leaders to control the nomination process and results of an eection. Unfortunately, most people such as myself, probably do not remember him as the person who gave the public equal say in selecting presidential candidates; however, that contrbution is something we must all be greatful for because it gives us a great deal more power in the presidential election process.

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