Choosing a VP

When Paul Ryan was named as the Vice-Presidential nominee by Republican Mitt Romney, I was asked about his impact on the Presidential race.  I said many times that the Ryan pick would finally energize the conservative base of the Republican Party who were skeptical of their nominee in Ryan.  Ryan’s youthful enthusiasm coupled with his wonkish policy appeal was just what the Romney campaign needed.  The bland Romney campaign searched for its voice throughout the primary season and through the early stages of the general campaign.  Ryan would be that shot in the arm.  For a short time, the Ryan pick did help pull even with President Barack Obama in the polls.  That momentum seems to have been lost in the last week, as recent reports from the Romney front have stated that Ryan has been muzzled by his Romney’s staffers.  Romney’s team wants Ryan to speak less on his “bread and butter” topic, the budget, and more on how badly Obama has run the country.  Conservative pundits and grassroots supporters wonder why this is so?  Without Ryan’s budget appeal, the Romney campaign was back to where it started, in search of a voice.

How much of a factor should a Vice Presidential pick be for a Presidential ticket? What criteria would you look for when choosing a VP nominee?



22 responses to “Choosing a VP

  1. I believe the type of person the Presidential nominee picks as his Vice President is very important. In the past it seems like they have almost been a joke. Like Dan Quail and Joe Biden. I would love to see a Vice President that is actually competent in what he does. Maybe a President too if we are picking. Not just a pick that travels around the world to hide him. The main criteria I would look at in a Vice President is a person with a big military background, if the President doesn’t have one. That way he has someone to lean on. If the President does have a military background then I would love to see a youthful Vice President with a great Business background.

  2. Muhammad Matariyeh

    Historically, the VP was critical, because that individual generally ran for presidency after the incumbent president’s term ended (i.e. George H. W. Bush). However, in recent years, the VP has become less important. I hope this trend changes in the upcoming presidency, because we have several unique candidates that may need a strong VP to maintain current status.

  3. Joanna Wolowiec

    Picking a Vice Presidential should be very important and possibly close to as important as picking a President. Criteria to look for when picking a Vice President would have to be a natural-born U.S. citizen; be at least 35 years old. Over the years picking a Vice President has become less important in my opinion, you don’t hear about them on commercials and people usually care more about the President and think less of the Vice President.

  4. I believe in order for a Vice presidential to be considered strong, this person should always be able to create a back up emergency plan for any scenario that our president cannot personally handle for any given reason. A vice president should be able to create budgets for the military, know when an executive order is in need and be able to run our country when needed. By having a strong president and vice president, our country might come out of its crisis its currently is stuck in.

  5. Presley O'Neil

    A Vice Presidential candidate is definitely an important factor. A good/bad running partner can make or break your campaign.

    Personally I would like someone who has similar opinions/ideologies to mine but not the same, and who can add something extra to the campaign be it money, charm, connections, etc.

  6. Jesse Jacquez

    The Vice President should have the support of the president no matter if he agrees with the president or no. A leader needs other strong influences around him or her in order to succeed. If the President and Vice President clash then their term in office will not go well or at lease struggle.

  7. When choosing a Vice President, I’m going to vote for the person who stands for the same things as the President I voted for. The V.P. needs to have the same beliefs as I do, but can also offer something more to this country. I’m going to vote for the person who I think will best support the president.

  8. picking a vice president is sometimes a key to winning the presidency. JFK picked Lyndon Johnson because he needed the southern vote and it got kennedy elected. it all depends on who you pick and if he is well liked.

  9. Picking a vice president is sometimes the key to winning the presidency. JFK picked Lyndon Johnson because Kennedy needed the southern vote to win and he did. Depending on who you pick it can have you win or lose, it all depends on who you picked and if he is well liked.

  10. I think the picking of a Vice President is very important. Who ever the presidential candidate is has to be able to pick someone who truly is on the same page that they are as far as running the country, budget and economic issues, national security etc. This is especially true when in the event something happens to the President, and the Vice President has to take over, they have to be on the same page to pick up where the President left off. Also, the Vice President pick should be well liked by others.

  11. I think that the choice of Vice President can have a huge impact on how the President runs the country. If you don’t have the right VP giving the right advice to the President, it could turn out pretty bad. It can also help them get more votes to get them elected. I think if the Vice President is pro-active and doesn’t just sit back and be passive, he would be a key part to the President and making the country run smooth.

  12. It’s very important to pick a vice president who has the same views has the president so the decisions are made quicker if the president has to ask te vp for help. The Vice President better not be a Lier or someone who is selfish, they need to tell us Americans the truth and keep us safe. Also if they have some sorta of experience in a big time job would b the best us all of us. It shouldn’t be just some random person off the street.

  13. Treyce Criner

    I used to believe that choosing a VP was not a big deal. I thought that they didn’t really do too much and they are not in the spotlight nearly as much as the President. Now that I’ve gotten a bit older, a VP who has strong leadership skills and a backbone is paramount. I say that now because many times, after the President has completed a second term and ineligible to run again, who not better to run that someone who was already second in command?

  14. Taylor Sonichsen

    I believe the VP is a very important person that is over looked. He or she is important because what if something happens to our president? I believe that the characteristics a VP should have is they can handle pressure, if something happens to the Pres then they gotta jump in. They need to have some sort of background in the government. They need to know what is going on. They also have to be a leader. They could potentially be the leader of our country.

  15. Chelc DeValk

    It seems now that the Vice presidential nominee is just a popularity contest used to boost the presidential nominee’s campaign. They are there simply to make their counterpart look like the better choice. I do not agree with this though, because of course I believe that picking your VP is important. It is important because first and foremost, if something ends up happening that person steps in as president. They also contribute policy wise to their respective campaigns which can potentially influence decision making later on in the campaign and after that candidate has taken office.

  16. I think choosing a vice president is an important roll. I want the VP to be just as smart and as active as the president is. The VP has been less and less of a factor over the last 10 years. i believe the VP is a very important job and should have great knowledge on our government and how to run a country.

  17. Dillan Halley

    I wouldn’t say a Vice President can make or break a presidential campaign because the Vice President doesn’t get nearly as much attention as someone running for presidency. But I would say that it is much better to have a better nominee for Vice President because some people will judge you off of your decision on choosing him. I would want a Vice President that agreed on many of my views and understood where I was coming from.

  18. Vice presidents are very important. Like said in class, vice presidents a while ago, weren’t important at all. Times has changed and the world is a lot more complicated. I don’t think a single person could handle it all. That’s why there is a vice president and that’s why there needs to be the right one. If u have the right pair in office, I think a lot more things would get done. picking the right vice president is really important and voters need to pay attention to who’s in the background.

  19. Milissa Green

    I believe the vice president should hold just as much weight as the president. If we are going to elect a vice president they should be able to step in and handle business just as the president does. I would want a vice president who can be called in and know what’s going on and keep the country safe, and smoothly running if something were to happen to the president. Even if nothing happens to the president I feel that their contributions can be a great help for the both of them. More work can be done and they could help each other out since they are on the same page.

  20. Frank Palomo

    i feel that the presidential nominee’s factor on choosing the vice president is important becasue it shows the the type of person the presidential nominee is. By picking someone on the same party as you might show that you aren’t willing to change or don’t car about the opinions on the otherside of the party. While as picking a VP on the other party show that you car aobut the other parties opinion and you want to harmonies with the party in office. Now the critieria when choosing a nominee for VP is somone who believes in your ideas and will help support it. Can help resolve issues in congress and help give an understanding to both parties in congress.

  21. Brendan Tinoco

    The vice president is a pretty big deal because if anything should happen to the president that is the person who will step in and take over running the country. The presidential candidate’s vice president should compliment their weaknesses. They should pick up the slack and make the presidential candidate a more rounded person. They should also be on the same page or at least respect each others opinions. When choosing a vice president I would look for a person with natural leader instincts and confidence in their own abilities.

  22. Samantha Arnold

    The vice presidential pick should weigh heavy on a presidential candidate. While most voters vote the top of the ticket, the presidential candidate has an obligation to the country to choose a vice president who is not only good for the campaign, but for the office. When deciding a vice president the candidate should choose a running mate that is not simply qualified, but genuinely endorses the platform the presidential candidate runs on. Seeing as most voters vote top of the ticket it is only right that they receive what they voted for weather or not the president can fulfill his/her duties.

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