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Offense or Defense?

This is an for Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago.  Emanuel is in a runoff contest against another Democratic opponent, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.  Some were surprised that the Mayor would be in an April runoff against the lesser known Garcia, but this is where he is.  The ad centers around Emanuel admitting that he has not always been a good listener when it comes to the needs of the people of Chicago.  What is your impression of this ad?  Is it effective?

The New York City Primary

A Survey About Anthony Weiner

Do Testimonial Ads Matter To You?

Here is a testimonial ad from the Frank Rizzo campaign for Mayor in 1987.  Rizzo was the former mayor of Philadelphia and this was his comeback campaign.  Rizzo lost to incumbent W. Wilson Goode in this election.

Do testimonial ads make a difference to you when you cast your vote on Election Day?  Why are testimonial ads used?