What’s Your Party Identification?

40 responses to “What’s Your Party Identification?

  1. There are various reasons as to why I am Republican. Not because my family is totally against almost every other party, but because of the main beliefs that Republicans share. Although I call myself a Republican, it doesn’t mean I probably won’t ever vote for a different party. Most likely, there wont ever be a candidate that shares my ideas completely, so I think it comes down to the election and the candidates opinions, beliefs, and goals.

  2. Peter Makarski

    I don’t go with any party simply because I choose not to vote. Canidates just say whatever it takes to gain popularity but they rarely ever follow through with their promises. Therefore, I choose not to vote and identify with any party.

  3. Im not really sure what I am. Sometimes I notice that I fall more on the republican side, but at the same time I also agree with the democrat side. So I never really have been on one side versus the other. I think it is kind of hard to chose just one side. If I had to pick what I was though, it would probably be a republican, because I do believe in a lot their ideas and views.

  4. I don’t really identify with any party. Before this class I never really thought about it, it wasn’t that important in my life since I couldn’t vote. Now that im older im making an effort to learn about each side. I still cant pick a side because I don’t know enough about each party. Yes, I get the bigger ideas and views but when it comes down to it, I don’t know enough to go out and vote. So, I don’t have a specific party I fully support yet.

  5. Allyson Buczyna

    I don’t really identify with a specific party. Usually I take a look at the individual candidate and their views on issues, rather than the party as a whole. While I do think I understand the basics of each party, I’ve learned in this class that a lot of things overlap and are complicated. As of right now though, I’m not able to identify with any particular party entirely.

  6. Lyndon Jackson

    I consider myself to be a left-leaning independent. While I tend to side mostly with Democrats there are certain issues on which I side with Republicans. One being protecting the second amendment. But, having said that, the Republicans do a great job of alienating anyone outside of their “base”. I can understand being a Republican if you’re wealthy but if you’re not I don’t understand why you would be one. It’s pretty clear who they want to protect. Corporations and the well off, or should I say the, “Job Creators”

  7. It’s funny – I have always identified with the Democratic Party. This is based on the way I was raised, which was in a predominantly Democratic home. As I got older, I realize that many Democratic views are not quite in line with the views I currently hold. When I took a random poll, the results showed that I was actually a moderate Republican. What a shock. Maybe it’s because I have been exposed to various experiences that have somehow skewed my viewpoint – either way, I’d like to say that I’m middle of the road independent.

  8. Presley O'Neil

    Like most people with some sense.. I don’t completely identify with one party. I have my own ideologies, beliefs, etc. as I am an individual.. and they fall on different sides of the spectrum in different places. For voting, like anything else in life I use common sense. I’ll vote for who I believe to be the best candidate.

    I had an ex boyfriend whose parents once got into a horrific argument because his mother voted for a democrat in a local election. His father was screaming at her that he would never do that, even if he liked the candidate better. (don’t forget to note the misogyny there!)

  9. Alejandra Loera

    To be Honest I have never been in politics. I am 22 years old and till this day I have never voted although i can vote. I can’t consider myself as a republican nor a Democrat. I guess I am not for any political party. I think that if I was ever to vote I would vote for the person and not for the party. Although all parties may have different beliefs I think that it does’t mean the candidate will follow the beliefs. I can’t say that I am fully for a certain party, like I said I would vote for the person and not for the party.

    • I don’t consider myself a democrat or a republican Im in the middle. Both parties have Ideas I agree with and ideas I don’t agree with . I don’t really get into politics much but I would vote for a candidate based on his or her beliefs on topics not based on if they are democrat or republican.

  10. I don’t identify with any parties because I am not an American and I do not have the right to vote. However, if in my own country, I would chose the candidate base on their ideas and what they fight for. In my home country(Hong Kong), there is a party that I know I will never vote for in my whole life because they are simply working for the Chinese government and totally ignore Hong Kong citizens’ needs and opinions. I think it’s really important for the political party or candidates to stand for certain needs of the citizens.

  11. If I had to choose I think my views more so lean towards being a republican, although I do agree with democrats ideas as well. My parents are both democrats and I can definitely see the difference in our view points. I wouldn’t base a candidate on being a republican or democrat, but more so what it was they believed in.

  12. Taylor Sonichsen

    I lean more towards the Democrats because their views on life are more alike towards mine. I just agree with what they talk about more. I also feel like they are more down to earth and think of the people and not just money. But this is all in my opinion.

  13. Nikki Thompson

    I do not consider myself to be apart of any party. Simply because I do not want to vote. I think voting is the wrong way to pick who becomes our president. These people will say anything to get picked, that’s just how our society is, and always will be. Then when the president doesn’t do what they said they were going to do, it wont matter because they already won the presidential election.

  14. Kristen Colbert

    I personally think that it’s the candiadate that really encourages a decision for whether I’d vote democratic or republican. When voting you have to consider things that have happened in the past and if the candiadates were great presidents or not so great presidents. My family all votes for democrates, it’s always been that way and my mom even says she wouldn’t consider voting republican, I’m different and base my views on more than just a political party.

  15. I cannot decide whether I’m a Republican or a Democrat. Both ideologies make sense to me and I have pros/cons with both political parties. During election, voters need to consider all aspects of campaigning and figure out who is better to run our country and what exactly do they stand for regardless of party. I feel that I’m more-less a libertarian simply based off of the fact that they believe in beneficial decision making with plenty of topics. Some topics include gay marriage, military spending, gun control, abortion, and legalizing marijuana.

  16. The more I learn in this class, the more I begin to believe that I am a republican. They fight for things that benefit the people. They know the Constitution and they do not infringe on any of the rights or amendments. They believe that people have the final say in what happens, not the government.

  17. I don’t identify with a party but I can’t deny that I am in favor of the Democratic candidate the majority of the time. More than anything I’m a pragmatist when it comes to choosing candidates. There are certain instances where I think a Republican is the most sensible/least embarrassing choice but that is almost entirely due to fiscal matters and only happens occasionally.

  18. Hiu Yan Ip (Iris)

    I think I don’t identify with any parties. I will vote for the candidates who have better works to the society. Although the party can affect how the candidates do well or not, the candidates are the one who are in charge, for example, in a president election, since the candidate will become the president of the United States, he will make the decision in the future. I think I’d better choose the candidate instead of party.

  19. I lean more towards Republican because I believe in everyone working for their own and not giving handouts or bailouts and I believe in a capitalist economy.

  20. I have no clue what party I would identify myself. I’ll occasionally follow up on a few elections but I never actually vote. And when I think one candidate should win and when they do they never commit to their promises. So it’s hard for me to pick a side.

  21. I don’t identify myself with any political party just because I know that it is politics, and politics to me is candidates saying the right thing to the right people to gain popularity and votes. I feel I will be able to associate myself with a political party if they were willing to tell the truth to the public and act upon their words while in office. The candidate that persuades the public to vote for them based on the issues given is going to win the election no matter what political party they are a part of.

  22. i would identify myself as a republican. I’m all about the right to bear arms. i absolutely hate the democrats always helping out the lower class, They need help but they also need to realize they need to work to get out of the lower class. Perfect example is minimum wage raise. People say they cant support a family making our current minimum wage per hour but you shouldn’t have a family if your working minimum wage to begin with.

  23. Nicole Sciortino

    I would identify myself as a republican. The reason why is my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents always voted republican. I am also more of a conservative person and I like the ideas that republicans always have. I have just always voted that way and as I get older I will continue to vote and agree with the republican party.

  24. Brittany Alton

    I do not identify myself with any political party. I look at the candidates and their views, not which party they belong to. I would vote for whichever candidate I share the most views with despite which party they represent.

  25. Neither political party is by any means perfect and most often candidates cannot do all that they promised during their campaigning so at times it difficult to be comfortable identifying with a political party. However, the majority of my views are soundly liberal so for that reason I would identify as a Democrat. There are certain issues where I have more neutral, moderate beliefs; I can see both parties sides to the discussion and I’m left undecided. However, for the most part on many of the issues, and especially issues I personally find most important, I have strong liberal opinions. The issues in which I side with democrats easily out number the issues in which I am undecided or understand both viewpoints so I am most comfortable identifying as a Democrat.

  26. I don’t identify with either political party. I am not one to really pay any attention to politics. If i happen to listen and hear something i agree with, i will probably side with the person who said whatever it was i agreed with.

  27. Marta Malinowska

    I dont identify myself with either political party. I know very little about politics and it’d be foolish of me to pretend to be a part of any party. Although, when it is time to vote, I look at each candidate and their beliefs individually without categorizing them into their “political groups”. I agree with some republican and some some democratic views, therefore, I could not just be a part of one.

  28. Personally i don’t know whether i lean towards republican or democratic. I have never really been into politics nor do i really pay much attention. I grew up in a household where politics were never mentioned but when they appeared on the tv the channel was changed. Although lately republican and democratic seem fairly similar as far as what i’ve heard in class and on television.

  29. I personally wouldn’t say i lean specifically to either of the parties. I have never paid much attention to politics, until now that I am older. Although i would say that it’s more towards what issues they stand for then the party itself.

  30. I don’t identify myself with either political party. I’m not really into politics therefore, I can’t say i’m a democrat or republican. Also the fact that i don’t vote because both parties don’t meet my expectations. I feel like both political parties just promise things in order to get the voters’ vote and once they’re in office nothing really gets done.

  31. I don’t identify myself with either party. One day they’re for one thing the next it’s for the opposite. It’s like the candidates always change their minds when they’re supposed to have specific thoughts and beliefs. I vote, but I always just listen to my parents to help them out since my mom is a in a union.

  32. I don’t know what party I lean towards more. I feel sometimes more democratic because they aren’t as conservative as republicans. What catches my attention more in the parties is when the candidates do actually see what the people need and look at things as times change. When I see that effort in political parties it helps me choose which I side with more.

  33. Brendan Tinoco

    I don’t identify with any party. I believe both parties have their pro’s and they both also have their con’s. I would say overall i tend to lean a little more to the left on most issues but there are also a handful of issues in which I would lean to the right. I almost feel like it is trying to pick the lesser of two evils at times. If I was forced to pick I would go democratic because I feel like the republicans can be way too conservative in their viewpoints.

  34. Teresa Hamilton

    I voted democrat because I feel more of their ideas agree with mine. I lived a rough life because I had kids early and I depended on a lot of things that democrats was for like public aid and financial aid. Don’t get me wrong I am with the republicans as far as some people need get off their behind and work to earn money. I just feel that democrats help society more when it comes down to the poor and less fortunant.

  35. Carlos Espinosa

    Im independent. I dont think either party fits my values entirely and i should only be on the look out for the members of each party that accurately represent me. I’m not entirely a liberal and i cant identify as a conservative in a whole picture, so its best to fit myself in the middle.

  36. I’d lie if i said I vote Democrat or Republican because I don’t know where I stand. I feel like when it comes to voting, the majority of the voters base their vote on just the name “Republican or Democrat,” because that’s what they have always voted. I doubt the majority of the time people actually know, or care to look into what their party offers and what the opposing one does. I know I have beliefs and ideas that both parties hold and I think when I get older some of my ideas might change or my status in life and i’ll lean towards a specific party but as of now, I can’t say I am a republican or a Democrat.

  37. I don’t necessarily identify myself as any party but I tend to lean towards republican. I am for most of the things that the believe. For example they are pro life, I am a catholic so I like that they believe in that.

  38. I tend to lean more towards the democratic party. That may be because almost everyone in my family is a democrat, and that has influenced me. I also tend to like the ideas that democrats come up with, more than those the Republicans come up with. #PSC110

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