Hillary Clinton’s Announcement

53 responses to “Hillary Clinton’s Announcement

  1. Katie Peterson

    I truly wish that she wasn’t even capable of running. Although she has been involved in politics for numerous years, to have her as president, would be absolutely ridiculous. She would make little or no progress in office, and would not even hold a high standard towards other nations. She practically ran as President when her husband was office, why give her another chance? no thanks..

  2. I think she did a fine job,the speech was great.I don’t know what more she can do,its his job now,not hers.She gave a moving and detailed speech in which she endorsed him.I have yet to hear the man say anything nice in return

  3. stephanie michalak

    I am personally looking for other candidates. Her husband was already in office, and although she was not exactly president she had a lot to do with his presidency. I hope that when the time comes to vote, voters look at all aspects of the candidate and do not only vote based on the fact that she is a woman, hoping for the first woman president.

  4. I personally think Hillary should not run again. She has had her time and I think she should give it up,she had a taste of the white house life with her husband and now with Obama, why does she need to be in power now. She should stay on the helping side and not in the hot seat as the president.

  5. Everyone seems to have an issue about Hilary running for president. I personally do not see any problems with it. Sure she basically helped Bill run everything when he was in office and the old cliche jokes of, “Hilary deserves a second term,” is all fine and dandy, but when she was helping Bill in office, the US didn’t seem to have that many issues. Not to mention, it would be interesting to have a female president. We’ve had a variety of presidents and now let us see how a female would do. Hilary has the will, the determination, and the knowledge to do well, so why not let her try?

  6. Melissa Bender

    I am personally still looking at other candidates, but I’m not saying I have bypassed Hillary completely. Yes she is a woman but she has just as much authority as any other candidate running to win this presidency. She could make little or lots of change, no one should be doubting her.

  7. I’m not saying if I’m for or against her but she is definetly the front-runner from polls that I’ve seen. Her speech was pretty good in my opinion. If she can put the whole email controversy behind her and keep Bill out of the cameras view, she could make a big run for the presidency. It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that she’s running because she hinted about it way back when her husband was in office.

  8. I do not take her serious I feel like whenever people talk about her they make it a joke. Celebrities are asked to comment about her re-election, in my opinion she is not a serious candidate. I was watching the news and they played a video she made for this years election and it was on YouTube. Hilary had a diverse group and she it traveling the United States speaking to local people which she does well at. I still do not think that will help her very much in the long run and I will be surprised if she wins.

  9. i am definitely looking for other candidates. I don’t think anyone will take Hillary serious. Her husband did a lot of things in office that people still remember. I’m all about having the first female president, but I don’t think Hillary is the right choice for the first one. yes, she has a lot of experience in politics but the way voters view her is the problem.

  10. When I heard Hilary had entered the race for president, I truly believe it was a good decision. Why? because it’s time our country accepts candidates from both genders, giving women the right to take positions that men have been dictating for time. Just like we took the first step into electing a African American president, we should take the next step of electing the first female president. I can say this early that my mind is set to give my vote to Hilary, regardless of the other candidates promises for change.

  11. Kristen Colbert

    When Hiliary announced her presidence running on Sunday, my facebook was blown up with tons of people saying horrible things that she’s going to do and that she is not a good choice. Personally i do not know much about her or what she wants for this country. To me, I think that it’s awesome that she is a women running for president but i would never vote for someone just for that reason. All that matters is her view points and if you agree with them or not, it is about what will benefit this country.

  12. I am currently still looking at other candidates, and Hilary Clinton already lost once. I kind of expected her to run again, so I wasn’t very surprised at her announcement. I thought her video was pretty good though. Very relatable with a strong speech at the end. She is off to a good start, but I just don’t think she will win.

  13. Rebecca Albarran

    I was not very surprised with her announcement. I am still looking for other democratic candidates but I will probably vote for her if she wins the democratic vote. I would much rather see Elizabeth Warren be the first women president but that is unlikely

  14. I would not be surprised if she tried being president and make history and be the first women president for the United States. She is well liked and has some what of a chance to be the president. Although I would not vote for her to be president.

  15. I think she could have the chance to be a good president. She would be coming into a tough situation and a ton of problems that would be left behind. She would make history for being the first female president but the way the economy is now it would be a tougher challenge that it was when her husband was in office. Not sure I would vote for her.

  16. Muhammad Matariyeh

    I’m not advocating Hillary Clinton for President. Overall, I think it’s important to elect someone that evokes more excitement and will infuse the White House with a new energy. Hillary has been in politics far too long, although if she can match-up to her husband’s presidency, then she may make a great president.

  17. Travis Nichols

    Me personally I don’t have any strong feelings nor opinion about it, but i think it’s just away to go around to try and get bill Clinton back in the office

  18. Hiu Yan Ip (Iris)

    I am still looking into other candidates. Although she seems like want to change a lot for the United States, she better knows the rules in the politics world. However, Bill is a former president. So no one will know what is her policies if she will the president.

  19. Lyndon Jackson

    Everyone knew it was coming, so isn’t wasn’t much of a surprise. It’ll be interesting to see how her campaign will be run.

  20. I feel Hillary deserve a chance to see what she can do. If she can make a difference in our country the I say give her the chance. However, I feel that in the 2016 we will end up with a republican president.

  21. I definitely wasn’t surprised when she announced that she was running. I feel like everyone knew that it was coming. I believe that she will have a strong campaign. The way she carries herself and that everyone already knows who she is will help her. I think she will win the 2016 election and become the first female president of the United States.

  22. Hey I’m always happy to see an underdog make a strong move. Now, was I happy and do I think she can do the job effectively are two different things – however, I’m glad that she is at least displaying courage and making a run for it.

  23. Allyson Buczyna

    I feel like a ton of people are anti-Hillary, and I don’t understand why. I think she did a fine job on her speech on Sunday and definitely didn’t deserve all the hate she received in response. However, I personally am not too worried about the 2016 election yet. I’ll most likely catch up on everyone when it gets closer to the election.

  24. Taylor Sonichsen

    I was actually quite surprised that she is running again. I feel that there aren’t enough supporters out there for her. I was impressed with her speech, but I feel like she wont change peoples minds that believe she cant do this. All the power to her for running again and I’ll be keeping an eye on this election to see what she has to say and what her views are on some of these things.

  25. Alejandra Loera

    When I first found out Hillary was running for president i was shocked. I think that Hillary Clinton made a mistake by running as president. I don’t mean to sound sexist or to put men above women, but let’s just be realistic. I personally don’t think she will win. I mean does she really think she has a chance? She is a great women but I don’t see her in office.

  26. Nicole Sciortino

    I wasn’t surprised at all that she is going to run for president. She tried running 4 years ago and she lost trying to be the head democrat to run for president. I honestly don’t think she will win in 2016 because I have no idea who would vote for her. Maybe all the old people that voted for her husband will vote for her. We will have to see in November 2016 to see if she even comes close to becoming the president.

  27. Martha martinez

    I think that it would be neat to see what she has to bring to the table. If she does make it, it would be very interesting to see how well she would handle all this pressure for being the first woman. Not only that but how exactly she would try to make things better for our country

  28. I think It’s great that Hillary Clinton is running for the 16′ presidential election. Although she has received criticism I believe she’s very well experienced and is perceived as a very influential political figure especially for women. I believe she is ready and has what it take to be the President of the United States. I was very impressed with her speech, and I’m excited to see the turn out of this election.

  29. Nathalie Hernandez

    There’s nothing wrong with having the first female president, but I can agree that I am personally looking for other candidates. Yes, her husband has been in office but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to bring her into the office, would anyone ever take her serious? Is the question. Although she has been involved in politics for years now, I just feel that she could either make some progress or none at all. She’s had her time, so let someone show what they can do for our nation.

  30. Brittany Alton

    I think her speech went well on Sunday. She’s been in politics for a long time so she must have some idea of what she is doing. However, do I think she would be a good president? No. In my opinion though, it’s too early to worry about the election of 2016.

  31. I think she did a good job on her speech, although it’s early to be decided for the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton has been in politics for some time and maybe she might be a good president. We’ve still got a ways to go until the election to decide on everyone’s views and campaigns.

  32. I am still looking into other candidates for the 2016 election. I honestly don’t think Hillary Clinton should be running for president. If there is anything that will be a positive besides her husband being Bill Clinton, it would be that showed be making history by being the first female President. I personally don’t mind who is our next President in 2016 as long as they start making changes for the better.

  33. I think they should give her a try! We tried a different race, now they should try a different sex. She said some good things that made her seem like she knew what she was talking about. We never know what she would do, maybe even make things better! Like people said, she has been in politics for awhile, so she should know what she should and should not do. Her husband was president so I am sure she was able to see what he did wrong. I say lets give her a try!

  34. I don’t think it was a good idea for her to run, because alot of girls/ women tend to be alittle moody at times. I know she will have alot of people behind her but what happens if someone gets her mad is she gonna bomb there country. But then again there is always a step forward and its okay to try new things.

  35. Marta Malinowska

    I don’t know about the answer “great!”, but i don’t mind it either. If she’s feeling strong enough to run then why not, go ahead and give it a shot. I don’t know much but I don’t think Obama’s the brightest either and he was given a chance. Maybe we need some girl power in this country.

  36. Nikki Thompson

    I vote great! Even though last presidential election didn’t go so well for her I thinks it’s time this country tries a woman president! We’ve had how many white male presidents, now one black male. It’s time for a females.. There is a reason all of these presidents in the past are no longer in office. Yes she helped her husband, but she is not the same person.

  37. I am indifferent about this topic. I think that people are prejudging Hilary before she even gets to office and not giving her a real chance to prove herself. I am not against her as a condidate but will also consider other candidates. Hilary could have alot to offer, as any other candidate can. I think it would awesome to have a woman president, but that is not the most important issue to look at when voting for a candidate.

  38. Like a lot of other people I’m indifferent about it. I cant say I would vote for her because its way to early to say at this point. A lot can happen between then and now. Also we all knew she was going to run again in 2016, there really isn’t any other big candidates at this point. Maybe its finally time for change and get a woman as president..

  39. I think I always expected Hilary to rerun for presidency because she lost the first time. I’m not very interested in politics so I cannot say that I’m going to research her views and her plans if she were to win. Since her husband was president I think she may have an upper hand in her campaign and term, again if she were to win.

  40. Marisol Rodríguez

    Personally when I found out Hillary clinton was running for president I was very impressed that she is running again. I think she is a great candidate, and will win because she is qualified and has what it takes. She is setting a great example for all women in the United States by competing agaisnt all men.

  41. I believe she is a strong candidate who will do a lot of good changes to this world. I will be going out to vote for her when the elections do come up. I believe many people are against her because they’re scared of how the world is changing and how woman are getting more power.

  42. When I found out that Clinton was running for president, I thought it was interesting. What came to mind first was what were people going to say about her running for the election. I noticed that some people were happy and some were upset. I want to look more into her views to see why people are on the fence about her running in the election. I believe that the positive outcome of her running is that she has been in the white house and has seen first hand what is needed.

  43. I actually wasn’t suprised that Hilary is running again. Since she ran once before I know she’s going to play harder and dirtier. She is a woman so it would make great history if she was elected, however I don’t like what she stands for so I will probably not be voting for her.

  44. Michael Caballero

    I think it’s great Hilary is running. It’s not surprising at all and she is current;y the strongest candidate for the primary. She still has a long way to go and time will tell how things go once other candidates announce they are running. To me she has the best chances currently and best to get the early start then later.

  45. i think her announcement for presidency was great. not only because America is this country of equal rights for both men and women but it seems like we still face discriminatory issues today when it comes down to employment. Regardless of what political party it is that she is running, I really think that her being a female gives a America a different view rather than just a male perspective on issues. Although i am happy that she could be Americas first female president, i am afraid many voters will only vote for her because of her party or because she is a female. I can definitely see where this election can be somewhat biased

  46. I think it’s great that she’s running for president. She seemed dedicated and willing to work for what she believes in. I’m not sure about her views yet or what changes she’ll make but I think it’s great that she’ll going for it to see what she can make out of it. She has alot of experience in politics so that can be a good thing but who knows if she’ll follow her husband’s foot steps. People might think he’ll get involved in decision making or something.

  47. I’m actually happy for Hilary. Although a lot of people feel she shouldn’t run I think she should. She has actually seen and witnessed what goes on behind the White House doors, and I feel she knows she can handle it or else she wouldn’t be running again. I think a woman can do the job just as well as a man. She is determined to run again and I really support her. She seems down to earth.

  48. Teresa Hamilton

    I believe its still to early to decided. The begining is always good but when the fire get high is when we really will be able to see the true Clinton. I like to way my options out anyway so I wont rush into a mistake

  49. It was a rather lack-luster announcement. If I were in her position I would have made much more of an event out of it. As a matter of fact, I think she should have blatantly copied Barack Obama’s campaign from 2007 by travelling to her state’s capital and giving a grand speech. The method she used to announce her candidacy seemed no different than any other generic political ad with the caveat that she made an announcement near the end of it (an announcement which had already been announced that she was going to announce). That being said I’ll be very surprised if I don’t wind up voting for her in 2016.

  50. I’m still looking into other candidates despites Hillary Clintons descion to run for election in 2016. I wasn’t very surprised when she announced she was running’ although her speech was ok it all seems a bit redundant.

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