Media Bias

News bias is the ideological slant that you find in a news story.  You may also find the same ideological slant in a column.  A column is where you would find an opinion, and therefore, you would expect to find an ideological slant.  In a news story, where you are supposed hear only the facts, you may find yourself listening to a reporter’s bias.  Where do you believe that the bias in the media lies?  Is the media, conservative, liberal, libertarian, or socialist?

10 responses to “Media Bias

  1. As our professor mentioned in class, there is historically a more liberal leaning in the media. When I say historical, I am talking about even the period of the Red Scare, when McCarthy also targeted a lot of people stemming from media outlets, including the movie industry. However, this being said, one of the most memorably conservative Republican presidents, Ronald Regan, used to be an actor. I do not believe that the media possess any one type of political slant because it is filled with thousands upon thousands of people, all containing different ideals.

  2. Lyndon Jackson

    I don’t think the media has a real bias, there only allegiance is to ratings and money. I will grant that most people in the media are liberal but if a liberal celebrity/politician is involved in a scandal watch how fast they’ll tear him/her apart. I’ll admit some stations are more partisan than others (MSNBC: Liberal, FOX News Conservative) but in the end they want high ratings and can only so loyal.

  3. This posting is an interesting one considering this is a particular area that the class touched on. According to the lesson, the media is a combination of all these ideologies which is quite amazing. You have a certain category of interest which belongs to the socialist, the liberals, the conservatives, and also the libertarians. Much of the radio sectors fall under the socialist, much of the news stations fall under the liberal category, then you have many journals and also Fox news under the conservative sector, followed by the libertarian in the reasoning area of the spectrum of media categories. Interesting topic and definitely interesting to take note on while watching on specifics.

  4. Actually, although I learnt from the class that the news nowadays contains too much opinions and bias than real fact, I would still go for the media than the liberals, conservative, libertarian, and socialist. This is because there are obvious bias from the those 4 view points. I guess we just have to choose the more moderate media or to fix all the little facts from different media into the facts that you’re getting.

  5. Each media outlet and different channel has their own allegiance. There is no single bias in the media. For example, Fox News is a more conservative news source, usually covering mostly positive Republican stories, while challenging liberal stories. CNN is the opposite, leaning towards the Democratic party. So of course when these news outlets show a story, they are going to put some sort of spin on it (whether they admit it or not) that skews the facts to make their side look better. They do this not only for that, but also for the money and the ratings.

  6. It depends on what news station you are watching. Each ones has their own allegiance to their bosses. Also to the all mighty dollar. I mean fox news is pro republican and anti democratic. And CNN Is pro democratic and anti republican. My dad says all the time the fox news gives both sides of the story which I know to be false. I think saying we are conservative or liberal is just BS. They are just one and the same. They say show or say whatever their sides wants them to do. No free thinkers and all they shows me is that they bash the other side to make you join their group.

  7. I would like to talk about people’s prejudice against Chinese media。Chinese media tend to be more conservative. They according to hide some of the truth, the definition of the concept of people really confused. Thus, there is a confusion between the truth. People are hungry for news can uphold justice and open principle, but the news is often distorted the facts of the definition for the money.

  8. i believe that the majority of the media today leans democratic. especially the social media outlets today. i believe this is because democratic views are the sexier pick. a lot of their ideas sound good on paper but in the real world they aren’t feasible.

  9. Samantha Arnold

    I would tend to believe that the media is biased based on the channel you watch/ listen to/ read . Each station is owned by larger media conglomerates which are consequently owned or funded by millionaires who have interests in certain parties and usually have bank rolled that party’s candidates campaign. If we take TV and the news paper out of the equation and only look at social media where a key demographic resides (18-34) I would venture to say a more more liberal view exists especially on places like Reddit and Tumblr even though Tumblr was recently bought by Yahoo. Most of their content is user generated so the ability to spread a more liberal message and have it “go viral” is easier. Also the people who use these sites tend to be younger and grew up in a time where there has been more liberal ideas like Equality FOR ALL. More conservative messaging doesn’t bode well in environments like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% positive those views exist there, but its not the norm.

  10. in my opinion, the media has a strong bias. They always make matters worse when they shouldn’t be. They always jump to conclusions before they hear the whole story. Every station is a liberal, conservative, socialist, communist station etc. So of course they will have their own political beliefs in it.

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