Interest Groups Influence

Interest groups are those organizations who influence public policy making from the outside looking in.  They goal is to get politicians from both sides to see their points of view when it comes to a particular issue.  Members of both political parties accept money from interest groups.  Do you believe there should be limits on what interest groups can give to a politician during a campaign?

The Top 13 Sectors (Interest Groups) in 2013-2014.  From:

The Top 13 Sectors (Interest Groups) in 2013-2014. From:

12 responses to “Interest Groups Influence

  1. No, I do not think there should be limits
    It’s a free country. You cannot rightfully tell anyone what they can and cannot give to another. Even if it is money from a company donated to a candidate, which results in an unfair advantage over another candidate.Corporations should not run the country. If they want to the people in the country should each be able to donate as much as any other person. Campaigns should be for the people, and should be funded by the people, not some fat cats calling all the shots.

  2. Yes and no. I am split on my response/answer. Part of me thinks that is unethical. However the other half of me thinks that we live in a society where many people are unethical and if benefits the person then good for them. This however doesn’t mean that I endorse that. Also, if the interest group is giving the politician money in any what way, the way I look at is that they are interested in that person anyways, so its a fair vote (I guess).

  3. Lyndon Jackson

    Yes there should limits on what interest groups can give to a politician during a campaign. Corporations should also not be allowed to give money to political campaigns. It’s proven that the campaign that receives the most money usually wins. If we allow this to continue we’ll end up with an oligarchy instead of a democracy.

  4. There should be limits on what groups can give to a politician during a campaign. There are many different issues and some are more important than others. If an interest group that is important is giving money to a politician it may effect how that politician will handle things in that interest group in the future. Its not right to give money to a politician, they should be able to form their own opinions on something based on what they believe, not what the people in that interest group want them to do or say.

  5. There should be no limit on what an interest group can give a campaign during an election. If a candidate can get their campaign managers and team to make people like him/her then that’s great. It is hard enough for candidates to get people to like them in the first place. So a little help from an interest group isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s not like only one politician is going behind everyone’s backs and doing this sort of thing. They all do it. May the best, hardest working man/woman win.

  6. I believe that there should be limits on how much an interest group can give a campaign. If there is no limit then certain interest groups can give more money to another campaign, giving them the advantage. It is not fair for the other candidates in the election if they cannot get the same amount of money. By setting a limit, it will make the campaign more fair, and each candidate would have to use that money wisely to their advantage, and to win.

  7. In a perfect world to make things “fair” there should be limits on the amount they can give to either party. In reality how could we regulate that? In a free country can we tell a particular group how much money they are able to give to someone or something? Who would monitor it? They would always find a way to get around it. They always do. I think if somehow it did work and went into effect, the whole scheme of elections would be completely different.

  8. i believe that there should be a limit on how much a special interest group can give because if they can give a massive amount of money they can get whatever they want. that isnt fair and it could lead to pretty bad situations such as corruption.

  9. No way! I feel that political parties have a right to do whatever it takes to get their image out to the public, and they create those plans buy taking those polls. If you limited the amount they could poll you will not be allowing them to get an accurate reading of the people.

  10. I think there should be a limit on how much money interest groups are allowed to contribute to political campaigns. It creates an unfair advantage within the campaign when one candidate has unlimited resources (meaning funds) and the other candidate lacks resources. I would much rather have a poor person in office if he/she is consistent with their views as opposed to a candidate that sells themselves to the highest bidding interest group.

  11. Yes I do believe there should be limits on how much can be given to a certain political group. Money is what is helping the presidency campaign. I do not think it is fair that if one does not have as much money donated they should be negatively effected. We shouldn’t being buying our president or whomever into office.

  12. I think should be limited to interest groups to promote development of political activities. If you restrict interest groups so that they could continue to support public education, to encourage public participation, and provides special education and information,I think this is good for social development. Also, I think that set restrictions on interest groups, allows unlimited funds side lose the advantage of the party, and make elections more fair.

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