A Republican Has Entered…

Freshman United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is set to announce his candidacy for the Presidency on March 23, making him the first Republican US Senator to announce for the position.

22 responses to “A Republican Has Entered…

  1. I am not quite sure whether or not this will make him a front runner or not. It is up to the people to decide based on his views. It will definetly give him an early edge in gathering attention but enough to make him a front runner, I’m not sure.

  2. Tracy Gray-Caruthers

    Ted Cruz may be the first to announce his candidacy, but I think the issues that will dog him with make it an uphill battle for him. There is this “birther” business. Like, I’m not sure if he was born in Canada, close to Canada, in America to Canadian parents. I haven’t really been able to deduce the real deal, but I do know there’s a “birther” issue. Also, I just read an article about how the campaign points he trotted out in Virginia were very “female unfriendly.”

  3. Lyndon Jackson

    I think Ted Cruz’s decision to announce before anyone else will certainly make him a media darling, but I don’t think it’s enough to make him a front-runner. That will depend on how he handles his campaign from now until 2016. There’s also the whole issue of him being born in CANADA. I wonder if the Republicans who were so concerned with viewing President Obama’s birth certificate will be as concerned with Ted Cruz’s place of birth ( I doubt it) It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  4. I think he only decided to announce before anyone else because he wants more attention. He is not doing it to help him in the race, he just wants to show he can do things before people and not care about the other candidates. I do not think that in any way if your the first to announce then you will have more attention and be the front runner for the election.

  5. I am not fully informed on Ted Cruz’s platform, or the issues at which he stands and how he stands with them. From what I have seen and read about Ted Cruz as a candidate I believe he is going to have a very difficult time winning the GOP candidacy. He may be the front runner currently, and that currently can be coming to an end very soon with the announcement of other candidates.
    Mr. Cruz stands on a very traditional platform from what I have researched on him (as mentioned before that is very little). The GOP is a party that needs to change. There needs to be new faces to hit the younger republicans which are few and far in-between. Being adamant against gay rights, abortion, voting NO on the re-authorization of The Violence Against Woman act, and many more pressing social issues that gain votes. Ted Cruz will have a Economically speaking Ted seems to try and demonstrate that his focus is on gaining economic stability back within the nation, an old conservative tactic to gain the older, and middle age voters.
    With more progressive, or more realistically, candidates that see most social issues as something that pertains to a person and that person only. I see Ted Cruz having a short lived future as the GOP front runner if he does not adapt with the times. Adapting does not mean loss of oneself, but the gaining of another perspective, and retaining the best of your original stance.

  6. Taylor Sonichsen

    In all honesty I have no idea. Yes, him coming out before everyone else does let the media focus on him for the time being. But, what does he want to change? What does he want to do? I feel like those things will be the decision if he is a front runner; not that he came out before anyone else.

  7. I would think it makes him a front runner. He brings new and different ideas to the table that no democrats would even think of. In my opinion he poses a threat to other candidates because he is from a different party and it is time for a change in the oval office and a republican needs to make the big changes that our country desperately needs.

  8. Kristen Colbert

    Ted Cruz made a good decision for his campaign coming out and announcing first, however I do not think this puts him ahead of anyone else. He is just getting his name out there so that people know who he is. I do not think he will be winning the 2016 election, but he will make it a tough race. Ted is from Canada so that will for sure cause some issues for him.

  9. Samantha Arnold

    I don’t think that an early announcement makes him a front runner for the nomination. Historically its been a coin toss as to who makes it as the nominee when it comes to early announcements and early polling. I do know that those who don’t like him, REALLY don’t like him even among his own party. He is just way too extreme in his views and I couldn’t see him making the nomination even if he was able to get enough money to see it through.

  10. I feel that since he is announced that he will be running so early on that it will be hard for him. He will be an easy target! It all depends on what he stands for and how he’ll run his campaign. I look at the facts not the opinions.

  11. I thought you had to be a US born citizen in order to run for the presidency. Isn’t that the controversy? In any event, because he has drummed up so much press, I think he is a clear frontrunner. In addition, have the Dems actually put in place a viable candidate in which the country can get behind?

  12. Being the first to admit your candidacy for president is a great way to have the spotlight on you. I don’t think it will make him a front runner just because he is the first. It all depends on what his plan is for America and its too early to see if he is a front runner. He focuses on his target audience but then again it leaves out other people who don’t share the same views as him. I think before all of that, he’s going to have to prove if he is a natural born citizen of America.

  13. Ted Cruz is only the front runner for the GOP right now because he is the only one to have announced it for the Republican party so far. His multitude of media coverage also lends to him being the front runner. He has also been surrounded by controversy very early on. Will it stay that way? No one can be sure, because others have yet to announce and we are unsure at this point if the GOP will give him the nod.

  14. Well as he is the only one that says he is running for President,. I would say for now til we see who else comes out to challenge him for the GOP. But to be honest I don’t see anyone coming from the GOP that will beat Hilary. Everyone I have talked to is saying that she is going to win the White House

  15. He made quite the impression of announcing first but that’s all he did. I don’t think he would be the front runner. Some people might not like his views and what Ted Cruz has to offer. So it pretty much depends on the people and how they would see Ted Cruz as president.

  16. Yes, announcing early will make Ted Cruz the front runner right now. With Cruz campaigning early people will fall for his speeches and his changes that he will make for the United States. People love change so this is perfect for Cruz. Announcing early also will help Cruz raise money, which as we have seen in class, is a HUGE deal.

  17. Teresa Hamilton

    No because there are several other people running. He was just the first one to state he’s running. Therefore other republicans are able to run just like him in which would not make him the front runner for the GOP.

  18. miguel magdaleno

    I do believe it’ll give Cruz a head start, because as you (Mr. Shreck) said it’ll give him more time to get money, which means he will have more funds to advertise which in the end will mean he will be seen by a lot more people! so I do believe he is going to be the front runner as of now.

  19. I think that ted cruz will be one of the main candidates later in the presidential race; however to say that he will be the main runner is questionable. It seems like he has a strong team, and has a strategy to win, but we have yet to see who else is actually running. Starting off at liberty university was a great idea because it is a religious school that is decent in size, but very well known throughout the country. Starting off here will probably be a huge part in his presidential race since the candidates who are planning to announce their campaign, will need a better strategy to get a bigger advancement on ted cruz.

  20. I feel that his early announcement gave him some advantage, but now that he has announced this it is up to him to let the people know what he believes and stands for. Some people don’t know to much about him so regardless of his early nomination he needs to inform the people and get them on board. Also the 3 biggest states might not automatically accept him so just because he’s out in public now doesn’t necessarily put him in the front as of yet.

  21. Michael Caballero

    I don’t believe this will make Ted Cruz the front runner once the next nominations are announced. He’s currently getting much media attention at the moment due to being the only candidate. I believe once their are other nominees in the race the momentum may slow down for Cruz.

  22. Cruz might technically be the front-runner for the meantime for no other reason than that he isn’t running against anybody. I don’t think he will win in the primaries, though, because he is simply too far to the right for the general public. Dedicated republicans may like him just fine but I’m sure they like winning even more. I think they are going to go for a moderate candidate and in the last few months of campaigning Cruz will be looked at as more of a side-show than a proper candidate.

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