What Interests You?

Why does the race, that you chose, interest you?  Is there a particular race that you are interested in?

13 responses to “What Interests You?

  1. Races for Governor are always a lot more interesting than the other races. Races for Governor positions tend to have a lot more of a media presence. Because of this, they tend to be presented in public more than Senatorial races or local races like races for school board.

  2. I would expect the race for Governor to be the one to gain the most attention after the Presidential. It is a large position and people tend to care most about the larger government and they get more news coverage. The local government might follow close behind because people want what they believe to be best for their kids and would go out and vote to make it happen.

  3. I think the local race is most interesting to me because it affects me most directly. What happens in my town affects me more closely than what happens in the state, simply because a village is a much smaller scope than an entire state or country. Of course the other races are important as well, but the one that changes my lifestyle and living habits most directly would impact me the most.

  4. The race that catches my attention more would be the race for Governor. Usually they are more publicized through the media so it is more effective to gain the attention of the people. The Governor deals with bigger issues and so it is more interesting to hear from them on how they are going to carry on with their different tasks if they were to win the election. More people are interested in this race than any other it seems like.

  5. Tasneem Abdelmajid

    The race for governor usually catches my attention more because there is a lot of publicity around it. At this time of year you can’t watch TV without seeing an advertisement for a candidate. People tend to focus more on the larger government elections than the local ones, even though the local ones have more of an effect on everyday life.

  6. A race for governor will get my attention first after the Presidential race. Locally governors have a lot of influence and nationally they are more recognizable than congressmen or small politicians. Also they deal with a lot more issues than congressmen or local politicians. Because of this they get a lot more attention from the media which they should.

  7. The race for governor will get my attention. I think governors have a lot of influence and are more recognizable, and it is very important to vote for the person that will have the most impact on the state that you live in,

  8. Nicole Chrupczak

    Governors grab more attention because they are publicized more than other non presidential elections. The governor deals with major issues which affect majority of our population. It is very important to pick the perfect candidate for governor since your choice may impact everyone living in your state, including your family.

  9. Local races grab my attention the most. They are the closest to me and tend to affect me the most. I also think they are the most interesting because if its a race happening in my home town, I might know them. If i know who is running it will actually get me to participate because if I like them I will vote for them, and vise versa.

  10. The race for governor is probably the one that gains my attention the most if it’s not the presidential election. I tend to see more of that race than any other since the ads are on every times shows go on commercial break especially now that we’re getting close to the actual election. I usually don’t pay attention to other elections because I never know when they go on or who’s running because they don’t seem to be as hyped up so they don’t interest me as much or at all actually.

  11. My favorite election is always the mayor of Chicago. I find it very interesting how Chicago does not have term limits and how crazy it is that for around 43 years a Daly has held the office. I also like the fact that it is a local race and the people running for office have to be a lot more personal in their campaigns. I feel like the bigger the area the seat is in control of the less personal it is.

  12. Governors will tend to grab my attention because they represent the entire state in which I live in. I feel that governors also have more power and the bills or laws they sign would have the most direct impact on my life. The local races in the school board may be just as important, but I never know when they are taking place and I never see ads for them.

  13. Personally I have never been interested in any of the elections. I imagine that if I were though, a local race or race for Governor would grab my attention. As the state and local government have a far greater impact on our lives than the federal government. Whether it is marriage, birth, and death certificates, or school policies, or laws regarding theft, rape, and murder . As well as the primary responsibility of protecting citizens from criminals. These critical issues and many others are not decided by distant Washington authorities, but by state and local officials! So naturally you would concentrate on those elections.

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