Clip from the Past: Alben Barkley

United States Senator Alben Barkley of Kentucky died on April 30, 1956.  He was a Congressman, United States Senator, and Vice President.  After his term as VP under President Harry S. Truman ended in 1953, he ran for the Senate once again and won.  Most Presidents and Vice Presidents slowly fade away into private life.  There are exceptions, however.  John Quincy Adams became a member of the House of Representatives  in 1831 after his defeat to Andrew Jackson in 1828.  After losing a re-election bid in 1912, President William H. Taft became the Chief Justice of United States Supreme Court in 1921.

In Lexington, Virginia, at a convention, Senator Barkley’s last words were recorded.

Why do you believe it is rare to see Presidents and Vice Presidents run for or serve in other national offices (other than President)?

23 responses to “Clip from the Past: Alben Barkley

  1. I mean I feel like when you become president or senate that was that persons goal. When they become what they wanted to May be they accomplished what they wanted. I mean they become famous and get the pay check. Some may become hated by the public and feel like they won’t win.

  2. I believe it is rare to see Presidents and Vice Presidents run for or serve in other national offices because of all the responsibility they invested in us as a country. They more than likely devoted their lives or a good portion of their lives into making choices for us as a country and not always easy choices, therefore making themselves stressed out about the choices they made or the choices that are made that they have to deal with. I believe that after a term of being President or Vice President he/she will want to just sit back and relax in the political front line.

  3. I believe most Presidents and Vice Presidents do not run for other national offices because they see it as a step down. They worked their entire lives to reach this prestigious goal and they want to end on a high note in their career. They do not want to be thought of as the Senator, they want to forever be seen as being a great President. The same goes for the President’s who do not necessarily end on a high note, if they run for a different national office they may not be elected, which would be embarrassing if you were once the countries ruler and now they do not even want you in a smaller office.

  4. I do see that it’s rare to see Presidents and VPs run for other national offices. I think when they run for office they run for what most suits them and how the government could benefit from their spot in office. I think that Barkley did a good think by moving his way up because it gave him first hand experience on how each national office runs.

  5. Luleta Dardovski

    I think it’s rare for presidents and VPs to run for another position because every position is essentially a downgrade. Those positions are less prestigious then VP or president. Also, most people in those positions are older, they spent most of their lives trying to improve their career I think at that point after having such a stressful job, most people would choose to retire and live a simpler more relaxed lifestyle.

  6. Madilyn Seyller

    I think that it’s so rare to see a president or a VP run for any other national office because they’ve already managed to work their way up to, basically, the most important job in America. To take a job other than presidency would mean a downgrade in career, essentially. Also, I’d assume that it took a lot of hard work and perseverance to get to and sustain such a job as presidency, so retirement would most likely follow a term or two as president or VP.

  7. I believe its rare because if you were already in a higher power why would you want to go lower. But it seemed like Barkly was a kind of guy who liked being a part of something. That he like to help out and free spirit.

  8. It is a sense of pride, maybe? Being high up like that can do a lot to a person and stepping down would just not be an option in their book. I think in Barkley’s case though,doing all those extra things below his previously higher status might of kept him humble. From the sound of it, he seemed to be a very liked guy.

  9. Soledad Cervantes

    I believe it is rare to see Presidents and Vice Presidents run for or serve in national offices because I think they don’t want to see themselves going down the slope when they were on top and because of the power as well, and when they do run it’s because they don’t want to be forgotten and feel the purpose to stay in the loop for government issues.

  10. Nicholas Sumoski

    I don’t think we see many presidents and vice presidents running for other positions because they already made it to the highest position. Senate or house of representative would be a step down. Most people don’t want to go down in the line of power. They worked hard to become president and would like to be remembered as such not as a senator. I also think being president is an extremely stressful job and it is possible they don’t want more pressure on their shoulders.

  11. I believe its rare because the Presidents and Vice Presidents is the highest and second position in politics , so the President and Vice President do not want to down grade there position. Also, the Presidents and Vice Presidents got use to the power , and feel any other political position would not be worth the time.

  12. I think its rare for them to serve in anything else because they have already tasted the power. I think that they already have some much knowledge from their position whether it be a former a vice president or president, that they could be a huge asset to the senate or congress. I think it is good if they run again because they will bring their ideas.

  13. In my eyes being the President or Vice President is the highest achievement in politics. Therefor, taking another position would be like taking a step back. Once you reach the height position in politics,to take another job would almost be a shame. This is why I believe you rarely see V.P or Presidents run for any other positions.

  14. I believe most presidents do not run for other national offices because they reached their ultimate goal. Most presidents are also elected when they are forty or fifty years old. After they serve four or eight years in office they are probably ready to retire.

  15. I do believe that it is rare for a President or a Vice President to run for another chair in politics because their job could be stepping down in a position for government. Once a person is in control of a lot of things, it is hard to allow another person start to tell you what to do. I do believe that a President or Vice President would making a great impact with other senator or congressmen because he is a wonderful source of knowledge and creditably.

  16. I think many politicians understand that they lack the credentials and the necessary abilities to be president. Also, I believe that many politicians want to have more power over the amount of change you can enforce on The PEople. For example, some would rather be mayor than president because they don’t have to go through a House OF Respresentatives or Congress.

  17. I believe it is a sense of status and pride that one feels for themselves. That and maybe they feel nomore obligation to do more than they have already and feel they contributed to enough projects. I also believe they dont want the people to view them as politicians who are forcefully trying to stay in the media or the public eye.

  18. From what I have seen, most presidents do not go on after they are president and get another job. They held so much power over the country in their four to eight years that it is kind of redundant to have another job after the fact. Being President or Vice President is an amazing achievement and since those officials have to undergo a great deal of stress in such a short timeframe, it is actually a relief to not have to do the job when the officer is either not reelected or chooses not to run again. In my mind, becoming president is the ultimate job that anyone could have and by having another job afterword is just beneath them. I also think that there will always be a question of power if a former president is working at another job. Those positions hold a lot of power and influences a great deal of people.

  19. I believe it is rare to see a president or vice president to serve in another position. After accomplishing their personal goasl they tend to back away. In my perspective, Barkley seems to be the type of person who likes to help out. It is very rare to see someone like him, who wants to stay involved after accomplishing their goals.

  20. I believe that most don’t run for other positions because the presidential office has just taken to much energy from them especially if they had two terms. I also believe that if they had a bad presidency they also wont try for other offices. This is simply because they know that they have a strong chance of losing.

  21. Patrick Szupernak

    I believe it is rare to see for Presidents and Vice Presidents to run for other positions in office. There are a lot of factors that come in to play such as their acceptance rate, how well their term went, if they had a stressful career as President or VP, and some might not want to because it is a step down from their current position. In all, I fell that most people who have served as President or VP often times are not as active after their term because of the street and immense responsibilities that come with the job.

  22. Felicia Guajardo

    I feel like president ad vice presidents do not run for other offices simply because it is almost like a demotion or a step-down. I mean what else is better than being president and vice president. The public and their peers have already formed an opinion about them so then how would that work out? Could they win an election if they were an unsatisfactory president or vice president?

  23. Brandon Campbell

    I believe most presidents and vice presidents don’t run for other elections because that would be a serious step down in the line of power. Also, I feel due to the amount of stress they have gone through with would make someone retire. With that, they would have a serious pay cut from their previous job and they get their pensions from presidency.

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