Evaluating the Ads — Quinn (D) vs. Rauner (R)

In this week’s installment of “Evaluating the Ads”, we’ll take a look at two ads from the race for Governor of Illinois.  The incumbent, Democrat Pat Quinn is looking for a second full term of office.  His opponent, Republican Bruce Rauner, is trying to unseat Quinn.  In both of the ads that you are about to see, Quinn and Rauner present both a negative and a positive message in 30 seconds.

Here is Quinn’s ad.

Here is Rauner’s ad.

Which of the two ads is more effective?

18 responses to “Evaluating the Ads — Quinn (D) vs. Rauner (R)

  1. I liked the Rainer one cause it is true Quinn screwed up. Quinn does not need to win. Let’s someone else try Nd fix what Quinn’a people hAve done. I also liked it because it had more color and showed him talking to all kinds of people.

  2. Nader Daifallah

    To be honest I really think Illinois needs a new governor like Rauner to take office because Pat Quinn does not deserve to be in office any longer. Rauner wants to fix Illinois from the corruption that relies in our state I also feel like him not taking a salary is nice and the money could go else where. I believe Rauners ad is more effective and makes me want to vote for him.

  3. Katelyn Mategrano

    Rauners ad was stronger than Quinns not just this ad but all the ads on Tv.
    Rauner used his ad to prove that what Quinn said about him is wrong and show what his actual plan for education is. the ad for Rauners ad showed a stronger augment and sticks in your mind better then Quinns ad. the Rauner ads are also more played than Quinns so you are always reminded about Rauner and what he stands for.

  4. I personally think Rauners ad was stronger than Quinns ad. We all know that Quinn has screwed up Illinois and that we need a change. All Quinns add did was show possible plans on what Rauner may do. Rauners ad used the fact that we all know that Quinn is awful to bring out more positives ad about Rauner in the ad.

  5. I’ve been seeing that Pat Quin ad quite a bit recently. Not that it matters much, I really don’t think it’s a very strong ad compared to some of his others. The only thing it has going for it is the educational note, as that is a fairly hot topic right now.

    With that being said Rauner’s ad is much more effective. It also talks about education, but includes another issue that is on a lot of citizen’s minds right now; the minimum wage. Without having researched, or looked at any other information about the two men I feel like someone would be more likely to vote for Rauner based on these two ads.

  6. So far, the 2014 governor’s race has deteriorated into a battle of mud-slinging and machete-swinging, as Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner each attempt to convince voters that his opponent can’t be trusted. Quinn’s ads are pretty effective, but asking Rauner about the incident in the debate gave Rauner a chance to fire back. Hard. He said it was baloney and called the whole incident a false accusation. He repeated that Quinn is the worst governor in the country. Quinn’s ads are more effective because they go for the jugular and play on populist sentiments. Rauner’s ads are almost too gentlemanly like he’s almost hesitant that he’s a millionaire capitalist. Rauner needs to take off the gloves or get some new ad creators.

  7. I believe the Quinn add is most effective for me. Quinn’s add speaks about how Rauner wants to give a tax break to the rich. Which in my opinion is not necessary when seeing how much the middle class has to pay. It is clear Rauner knows what he plans to do is not fair because he does not even want the citizens of this state to know about the taxes he paid. Quinn’s add also talks about giving more money to the schools and to the teachers. This is very important because you should not have to be rich to be able to give your child a good education. Kids cannot control the class they are born into, and for that they should not be punished with bad education. Rauner on the other hand did not speak of the future generations rather, pensions that teachers wont get much of if he fires them.

  8. I think Rauner’s ad is more effective. The reasoning is for me is I feel like he backs up his case and he defends himself when Quinn tries to bash him. Furthermore, I feel like Rauner is more detailed about his plan in office not like Quinn. I feel like Quinn basically focuses more on Rauner than on himself. I think Rauner kept it short and simple on saying negative things on Quinn. In addition, Rauner talked about his plan which to me it showed he is trying to make a lot of changes which made his ad more effective for me. I really think Quinn didn’t do a good job on talking about his plan in office.

  9. I personally liked Bruce Rauner’s ad more, I thought it was more effective. I think that he had a more positive ad, focusing on attacking the lies that Quinn said about him. I think Quinn’s ad was more about saying what a bad guy Rauner is. I would vote for Rauner, because he is a fresh face and because Illinois needs to be fixed. I am unsure what Quinn has done as governor and I think that Rauner would be a good fit.

  10. Luleta Dardovski

    I think that Rauners ad here was more effective than Quinns mostly because Rauner’s ad related Quinn to a former governor that’s currently in prison for being corrupt. So I think that was more effective. His ad also added that he plans on not taking a salary and raising the minimum wage which I’m sure some people found impressive. However he is a BILLIonaire, so I’m not impressed by him turning down a few hundred thousand dollar salary. Also, after watching the governors debate in trying to decide who to vote for, I found that I cannot find a reason for Rauners new found interest in “saving” Illinois and in his interest in politics. Quinn has been working most of his life as a politician and has years of experience. I don’t know how comfortable I am with having a billionaire business man who’s business ethics have been questioned hold office in our state.

  11. Quinn’s advertisement really made Rauner look like he was doing everything in his power to keep his taxes down. Quinn’s ad also tried to make it look like Rauner was trying to get rid of teachers. Rauner’s ad denied Quinn’s allegations and pointed the finger at Quinn for wanting corrupt officials in the senate. When comparing these ads I feel like Rauner is in a better position because he doesn’t use half of his ad falsely accusing Quinn.

  12. I’m not to familiar with what ether candidate has to offer, however the clip which caught my attention was the Rauner add. Because, I like the fact that he’s making himself look like he wants to give better pentions, and raise minimum wage. Also, he made Quinn seemed corrupt.

  13. Im really not sure what each of them want to do as Governor because i honestly dont pay attention to what is going on in politics. From seeing these two ads Quinn showed me what Rauner plans on doing and after seeing that video i wouldnt want him to win. After then watching the 2nd video, he contradicts what Quinn says. Even though Rauner tried to make Quinn look bad, illinois already knows what Quinn has to offer since he was govenor before. I honestly think Quinns Ad was more effective. i dont think the rich should get a tax break at all. Quinn stands to give money to schools which i support 100% because everyone deserves an equal education even jf you cant pay for it.

  14. The second one is more effective. Quinn’s ad starts off on the offensive, and literally paints Rauner as some diabolical mastermind; the black and white background picture of Rauner ginning madly while twiddling his fingers like a villain from an early James Bond movie is a little much. Anyone with half a brain will probably realize that, whether or not the information presented is true, things are being exaggerated.
    Rauner does virtually the same thing. But by starting off with a defensive stance, his ad is more effective (marginally). Like this: ‘Why is Quinn all over my back? I’m Bruce Rauner, I’m not such a bad guy… Did ya hear what HE did?!”

  15. I honestly think that Governor Quinn had the better ad here. His accusations against his opponent at least came from credible sources, whereas Rauner’s ad simply is heresay. I do agree that I believe both candidates want what is best for Illinois, but Rauner’s ad seemed more vague at how he was planning to accomplish that.

  16. I personality think Bruce Rouner has a better plan in the ad. Nobody wants corrupt politics that are just bringing Illinois down more and more. Cutting jobs will not help him rounder also, if thats what hes going to do.

  17. I believe that Rauner’s ad was more effective. He talks about himself and doesn’t make it about Quinn. In his ad’s, it is clearly show that he wants to change up the state and actually do something with it. The first half of Quinn’s ad is just bashing Rauner and I feel like that that’s more effective. It also seemed that in Rauner’s ad, he tried to reach out to more of a variety of people.

  18. In my personal opinion, I believe that Rauner’s ad was more effective because he fought back calling Quinn a liar and showing what his plan really is about. I believe that fighting back shows that he is paying attention to what is being said and that he is willing to make a statement to change peoples beliefs.

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