A Survey About Anthony Weiner

20 responses to “A Survey About Anthony Weiner

  1. Zeferino Martinez

    To be honest, I do not think that Anthony Weiner should end his bid, however, I can understand why people would want him to pull out though. First off, I think that all of the stuff that the media has been discussing about him is technically his private life. Plus, what Weiner has done is not illegal. I believe we should not judge Weiner on his private life, but rather judge him on how effective he has been as a politician. Basically, if he has a good track record, then I would vote him.

  2. I think he should end his bid for election. He had ethical questions raised during his time as a congressman and was basically forced out of his position and made to resign. He promised to get help, but he admitted as late as December of 2012 he was still emailing lewd pictures and “sexting.” I don’t personally care what anyone does (such as this and as long as its not unlawful), however, it’s when you get caught, you must suffer the consequences. His poll numbers have plummeted over the last day or two because the press got wind of how he said he was going to get help but never did. He stood a chance until that came to light. Drop out!

  3. Even though Anthony Weiner has a right to privacy, his antics always get out and become public knowledge. Therefore, we get a look into his private life and make opinions about him based on what we hear. In my opinion, he has too many personal problems to hold such a demanding position, he needs to drop out of the race to concentrate on his problems and marriage before trying to uphold a city.

  4. Absolutely “Carlos Danger” should end his bid for Mayor of NY City! While some people feel this is a personal matter and should therefore not reflect Weiner’s ability to be an effective mayor. It was Weiner himself that invited NY City & the rest of the country into his personal life. His imprudence, indiscretion, and his inability to tell the truth prove he lacks values and judgment. This yields legitimate questions regarding Weiner’s character and his ability to professionally handle the responsibility of being mayor.

  5. I don’t think Weiner should end his bid for mayor of New York. Sure he wasn’t to graceful about the situation at first but he did eventually come out with the whole truth and doesn’t hide from it anymore. The situation is his personal life and should be left between him and his family. In no way does it hinder his ability to be a mayor.

  6. Shannon Feeney

    I do think that Anthony Weiner should end his bid for Mayor of New York City. Even though he is a top leader in the polls, I think his “sexting” scandal is completely inappropriate. This is a man who is trying to run a city, but is leading a double life as a man named “Carlos Danger”. I wouldn’t want a person like that running my city. He’s is suppose to represent the city of New York, not bring sham to it.

  7. Kyle Lieberman

    I think Anthony Weiner should without a doubt end his run for mayor of New York City. He is caught up in multiple affairs/scandals that are coming out more and more as time progresses from messaging other woman to offering to buy a condo in Chicago for a girl. He shouldn’t continue his efforts to be elected and wait till the spot lie lays off him, if he ever straightens himself out.

  8. Anthony Weiner has brought complete disgrace to our political system. He embarrassed himself, his district, and all other Congressmen with his sexting scandal last year. Now that reports are stating that he continued to engage in inappropriate behavior once he left office prove that he is incapable of controlling his vices. I do not know how he is even close to the top in preliminary polls, other than possibly people wanting him in office as a joke. While I do think he should drop out of the race, I would rather see him continue to spend millions of dollars campaigning and lose the election.

  9. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    Personally i do not care if he ends his bid for the Mayor of New York. The question is if he has any chances of winning. He embarrassed himself and the people that he represented. This will drag behind him until the end of his political career and he made it worst with his latest “sexting” scandal.

  10. April Medinger

    Anthony Weiner is a complete disgrace to all politicians, and frankly to all people. Anyone that lacks character by making such poor decisions should not be trusted with the tough decisions that affect citizens of a city. If he can’t keep promises to his wife and himself, then why should any citizen trust him to keep promises to them?

  11. I believe Anthony Weiner has dug himself deeper and deeper into a media mess. Politics is loaded with the good and bad and when it comes to Anthony, he is the definition of bad in my eyes and should end his race for mayor without a doubt. Why try to dig yourself out of a hole that you can’t even peek your head out of?

  12. Anthony Weiner sure got unlucky with the media airing his private life. I do not think that because his private life is out in the open however, that he should end his bid. He probably will not win and lose many people’s votes after his whole ordeal, but some may feel bad for him and vote regardless.

  13. I believe that everyone makes mistakes and we should not judge them upon them. So, I do not think Weiner should end his bid for mayor. his personal life should not affect his ability to lead. Now if the question was do I think he will win in spite of his personal problems my answer would be no.

  14. I think that a person like Anthony Weiner should not be able to run for mayor. He would bring to much bad publicity to the city. He has also proved by his betrayal to his wife that he is not trustworthy. It may be his private life but it would be totally irresponsible to have a man like him running for mayor.

  15. Mary Hastings

    Anthony Weiner should not run for mayor. Personally, I do not think he is going to win for election because many voters may take him as a joke. In addition, I feel like his personal life is a mess which can impact his work. With that being said, he will bring negative publicity to one of the most populated cities in the country, and is not cut out for the job.

  16. Yousef Dahleh

    Anthony Weiner should end his bid for Mayor of New York City. Although everyone is entitled to their private life, his dirty laundry was exposed. Due to his scandal being revealed, America is questioning his judgement and ethics. I believe he should not run for mayor because I do not believe he is going to win due to his scandal. He should not waste his time.

  17. Rob DiDomenico

    Yes, because he lied to the people twice. I don’t think you could trust someone like that who lies. I would not vote for him.

  18. Matt O'Connor

    Personally i could care less about what he does in his private life. Does his actions demonstrate his ability to effectively lead the state of New York? Did he do anything illegal? Did he accept bribes for his campaign? Oh no he didnt? Then how is it relevant at his competence in the political world? the media is just making him look like a garbage person not because of his views or standpoints in politics, but because of something that should be his own business, not ours. I like looking at what a candidate can do for me in office, anything else he enjoys doing i say have at it.

  19. I definitely think Weiner should end his mayoral bid. Even though public officials should be given the right to privacy, his personal issues have become the focus on the mayoral race. I believe that were he to get elected, the media and public would always focus on his repulsive personal choices making it nearly impossible for him to achieve anything for New York City.

  20. A man like that knows that all his actions are seen. He should know better as a political figure not to do what he did. I think he should end his bid although it is his private life.

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