Your Primary Choice

12 responses to “Your Primary Choice

  1. When I first started voting I didn’t understand the idea of how the primaries worked. As I grew older and became more interested in politics I came to understand how they work. I at first didn’t agree to it but now I see and understand why they do it. Im not for or against it, either way is fine with me.

  2. Paul Nakielny

    Open primaries would help third party candidates. A number of tea party and green party candidates have gained office through open primaries. In some heavily political areas, such as the city of Chicago, you will probably never see an open primary. But even Chicago was able to elect Harold Washington starting with a closed primary. The problem with an open primary is that the ballot might become clogged with too many candidates.

  3. I prefer a closed primary because I like the idea that individuals may only vote in one’s chosen political party’s primary. Personally, I have no intention of voting for an opposing political party‚Äôs primary candidate and therefore would benefit from a closed primary. In my opinion, a closed primary allows individuals to closely examine their own beliefs and ideologies. Also political parties like this type of primary because they will have a better idea on who can vote.

  4. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    I am pro open primaries. People should be able to have wider array of choices and get in to the political race from the vary start. The one con of open primaries is the higher cost.

  5. I recently registered to vote after I renewed my license. I will prefer to vote as an open primary. I wouldn’t want to pick one party and stick with voting for just people in that party because it limits variability and the ability to pick who is right for the position.

  6. I think the open primaries are the fairest to the voting groups. A person does not have to stick to the candidate that they might have liked at the beginning of the elections. Everyone’s opinions may change after seeing their favored candidate for some time.

  7. Open primaries are the primary that I would choose. They allow voters to have more freedom and more options in their primaries. If your political party has the candidate locked up there is no reason to influence that part of the election. People that vote want to make an influence no matter which party they are voting for.

  8. I don’t believe either option is the best choice. A primary where each registered member votes for their party’s primaries and unaffiliated voters could choose to vote in these as well would be the most fair option. Open primaries allow members of other parties to vote which might result in a skewed vote, and closed primaries leave out voters not affiliated with any political party or are undecided in who they will vote for. Both closed and open primaries have their flaws and a combination of both would be the best.

  9. Rob DiDomenico

    I would support an open primaries. I think there is good and bad in all people no matter if their a democrat or republican. You need to be able to hear both sides and make your own decision.

  10. Matt O'Connor

    I would prefer open primaries not only because it opens people up to being able to vote for more candidates, but i believe then people would be more open into seeing viewpoints of political parties that arent their own. Why would a voter in a closed primary pay any attention to another partys’ stand point? They wouldnt because it would have absolutely no effect on the voter’s decision.I believe if there were open primaries that every voter would become more open minded to opposing political parties viewpoints because that voter has the ability to vote for them, so why not hear them out.

  11. Yousef Dahleh

    I prefer the open primary. The open primary allows moderates, who make up a majority of the country, to vote for both their republican and democratic candidates of choice. An open primary also allows people to focus on what both parties are saying on an issue, unlike a closed primary where one would have to focus only on what one party is saying.

  12. I would prefer open primaries. I don’t know a whole lot about them, but I know you have more options with an open primary. You have more opinions and freedom to vote in my mind.

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