Evaluating the Ads: Nunn (D) vs. Perdue (R)

In this week’s installment of Evaluating the Ads, Georgia is on our mind.  There’s an open seat for the United States Senate involving Michelle Nunn (D) and David Perdue (R).  The reason for the vacancy is due to retirement of Senator Saxby Chambliss (R).  Republicans are hoping to hold on to the seat.  Nunn is the daughter of former United States Senator Sam Nunn (D).  Perdue is a cousin of former Governor Sonny Perdue (R).

The first ad is from Perdue’s campaign.

Does a biographical ad resonate with you?

The following ad is from Nunn’s campaign.

Does an endorsement from former Senator Nunn make a difference to you?

13 responses to “Evaluating the Ads: Nunn (D) vs. Perdue (R)

  1. I like the M. Nunn video better cause it showed her working. Also seeing the father and daughter together was nice made it seem more real. Also they were outside and not sitting in a room. It was also colorful and welcoming to people they smiled. It’s the little things that can change a vote

  2. Rachel Vaselenko

    I think they do this to show since they had someone in office they should be In office to. This is like any other thing where someone of same blood talks good about you. Also, its silly that they have a family member talking for them…

  3. David Perdue’s biographical ad does not catch my attention, as similar ones from another candidate would not as well. It is his own mother giving him this endorsement. Is she supposed to bash him, or say he was a bad boy growing up? Michelle Nunn’s ad is exactly what it is titled, “biased”. Too me, nepotism is not an appealing factor is a candidate. I’m not saying she is not qualified, or not an intelligent woman. But I feel nepotism in general gives the idea that the person didn’t make a name from themselves, and had some help and influence in being endorsed, thus not making them the most qualified candidate to run for the position.

  4. Tiffany McLaughlin

    The first ad was cute because it was his mom talking about him. A cute little bio of her son. Who would know him better than his mom right? A valid source. Biographical ads could work, but this one in m opinion wasn’t the correct info to make me want to vote for him.
    Then you watch Nunn’s ad and it’s also a parent’s interview. It’s her father, who also happens to be a politician and a former senator. Who would know her better than her father AND know what he’s talking about politically? An even more relevant source. Yes, this is obviously biased, hence the name of the video, but it works as an endorsement because it shows her actually interacting with people, looking as if she’s getting stuff done while hearing her father’s words. The second one makes a heck of a difference and is much more believable.

  5. Soledad Cervantes

    My opinion when it comes to politics is very vague and I am a harsh person. I tend to like or choose the person that brings up good view points and says they are going to fix things for the class I am considered to be in. Looking at both these ads I would have to look. Obviously Senator Nunn when he endorsed his daughter he is going to prop Michelle but the thing about her video is that it did show her working and I liked how she was involved, it showed her character and it showed what she will be and has to be representing if she were to win.

  6. I didn’t really like the ad because it seemed bias to me, of course his mother would agree that he would be a good senator. I liked Michelle Nunn’s ad more because she was endorsed by her father a former senator, and he could teach her a lot about Washington.

  7. Nicholas Sumoski

    I didn’t care much for the ads. The reason I think that they made those two ads was because it was “cute” as many of the other people said. People like to see old people. They trust them on commercials. But I don’t really care about these ads because they don’t even say what the politician stands for. It’s just for looks. An endorsement from a former Senator doesn’t really sway me. I don’t look at the people who pay for them. I listen to what they say and what they want to accomplish.

  8. Nader Daifallah

    Both ads didn’t really attach an idea into my head onto what the politicians really stand for and I feel like they are just using old people as a way to make people think that they should be trusted. I need to hear it from the actual politician and I can tell how he feels towards some ideas that need to be brought back. The second ad was better than the first one because the dad was a senator and his daughter is following his footsteps and wants to do the same thing her dad did.

  9. I feel like these ads did nothing for me considering it was both candidates parents speaking about them. Of course you’re going to say nice things about your kids! However, from a biographical stand point- the first ad works because they’re talking about how he is from Georgia- and geographically they’re suppose to have that “southern gentlemen” lifestyle and attitude of being caring/nice. However, that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything political.

  10. Getting an endorsement from your parent isn’t usually impressive, but if your father is a former Senator it does make a difference. Neither ad is very meaningful because most parents would endorse their children. However, knowing that Nunn’s father is a former senator makes me believe she has learned many things from him about what it takes to be successful in politics.

  11. Felicia Guajardo

    I feel Nunn’s ad told more about Nunn than Perdue’s ad told about Perdue. In Nunn’s you see a lot of her and her working. In Perdue’s you mostly see his Mother and her talking about him. I liked Nunn’s better since I was able to see her and see her working. I wouldn’t just base my vote from either of these ad campaigns; I would have to do more research. PSC110Online

  12. Perdues’s ad I liked better than Nunn’s campaign because it shows the connection that one person can have to so many people giving he grew up in an environment where low-class citizens endured to live on. His mother showed the audience that noone but her her knew him better than her and in a way informed the audience as well that he can be the kind of politician who can understand and see the point of view of the low-class citizens and with that comes better benefits for us. I believe the Nunn’s campaign showed nothin but her working with people looking as if the compromises she makes would actually take in effect and work. Any politician is able to make an ad and show themselves working with citizens like our current politicians do, but it doesn’t mean anything is being done.

  13. Perdue’s ad did not tell me anything about him. The ad was basically Perdue’s mother telling the audience that her son is a hard-worker, and a good candidate.To me the ad could have been done better. Nunn’s endorsement did not make a difference to me. If Nunn would have picked a different person to endorse her I would feel that would have made a bigger impacted.

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