The Influence of Polls


37 responses to “The Influence of Polls

  1. A good poll is used to get the public opinion about the elections. The polls should not influence how other one votes based on how the majority votes. Push polls are meant to change the way you vote by alluding to negative things about other candidates. If asked to take a push poll, I would like to think that I would be wise enough to understand that it is not necessary true and ignore the implications.

  2. Under strategic voting, people are led not to vote for a party that they prefer because its chances of winning appear to be slim. In this scheme of things, the polls do not affect preferences strategic voters still prefer the weak party but have an independent impact on the vote. Everything else (including preferences) being equal, voters are less inclined to support a party that is doing less well in the polls. If all of the polls’ effect on the is accounted for by strategic voting, we should find the polls had no impact on how voters evaluated the parties and the leaders and that they influenced vote choice even after controlling for voters’ preferences among the parties and the leaders.

  3. I don’t vote sorry I feel that every person is the same they are looking out for themselves and that is it

  4. Poll numbers absolutely influence my vote. Not for the presidential election, but for mostly the local elections. If I saw that one poll reported a certain candidate to receive 85% of the vote I would most likely not take the time to go out and vote. On the other hand, I would be more likely to vote if the poll reported that it was basically a toss up as to who would win. Either way I am influenced by the polls

  5. Polls do not affect my choice at all on who u will vote. Depending on the advertisements and the speeches, we already have a clear opinion on who were steered more towards and who we woukd vote for. Whether its an issue the candidate states they are going to fix or better it for others and myself based on speeches, debates and advertisements, we already have a clear view on who were more linear towards that a simple poll wont affect ones choice. And if one happens to cross a poll without any knowledge of the candidate and what they have to offer, then thats when curiosity sparks and they research what its all about. But based ln the poll and the percentage, it doesn’t affect your vote but rather makes you question others choices and their point of view.

  6. I don’t think the polls should influence your vote at all. Just because a certain amount of people say this is the person they are voting for, doesn’t mean that is also who you should vote for. People need to make their own decisions and if you are making yours based completely on what a poll says who should/will win an election you haven’t formed your own opinion about the candidates. So, to answer the question, I wouldn’t let polls influence my vote at all.

  7. Poll numbers do not influence my vote at all. What influences my vote is the candidates stance on hot button issues as I call it. All I care about is what the candidate believes in and how it mirrors my stance. People should not let other people influence them. I always know how to form my own opinion and I feel others should do the same.

  8. Polls do not influence my vote. If everyone were to be influenced by polls it would turn into a popularity contest. It is important to research each candidate and decide who’s views you agree with most. Other peoples opinions should not influence your own. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and I believe the more opinions the better. With more opinions it will push the country as a whole to become better.

  9. Poll numbers do not effect who I vote for. My father works for the city of Chicago so I often hear about a lot of corruption taking inside city hall and stuff like that so I often try to find the lesser of the two evil in the candidates. I use to vote a lot of times for the third party because I feel like they are most honest, but they never seem to win. So in this election for governor, I am either going to vote Democratic or Republic, I haven’t decided who to vote for, but I am doing my research on who I think will be the least corrupt politician

  10. I believe political polls that are intended to sway voters would not effect my vote. Political polls are too widespread and may not always be accurate. The public can also be tricked or push polled which can change voters opinions even if it may not reflect how the they actually feel. I feel the most important factor for myself when choosing a candidate is how they speak in public. Now everyone could be a great speaker, however I’m also listening very closely to what the candidate has to say and their stance towards specific issues. But going directly to the candidate does more for me personally than polls or negative ads.

  11. Poll numbers don’t have any influence on who I vote for. Polling presents itself with too many issues such as push polling to be anything I really look at with any sort of relevance. Not to mention that polls themselves have a tendency to be inaccurate when it comes right down to it. I just read up on each of the candidates and their values/ideas and see who I think would be the best fit for the position they’re running for, along with how they stand compared to what I think on issues. Naturally I’m more inclined to vote for someone with values similar to my own.

  12. Polls have no influence whatsoever on my vote. I recently voted early for this year’s midterm and gubernatorial election and after seeing some polls, I did not let the numbers sway me from who I wanted to vote for. I only see polls to be a measure of public opinion in a certain time and just that. Also, polls are never 100% percent accurate since that margin of error is always present and public opinion is always bound to change. Push polls do not even impact my vote either because as we all know their purpose is to try sway people through negativity and should not be even be considered when voting. I feel that if I were to allow a poll to influence my vote, I would basically be voting according to others’ opinions and that it would look like I am trying to be part of the majority crowd. My personal social and economic views are what dictate who I will vote for.

  13. Polls do not have an influence on my vote. The numbers of a poll’s results should not have an influence on anyone decision, because their vote can still change the outcome of an election. There is also the chance that the margin of error might be too high or the poll was not done correctly.

  14. I believe that polls do not influence many people’s votes. People will vote for who they want, if their candidate is doing well or not so well with the polls. I also feel like they are inaccurate because not everyone gets asked to take a poll, so the numbers are uneven. When it’s time to go and vote, anyone can vote for their candidate. I think everyone should just for who they want and to not vote for a party just because they are doing better in the polls.

  15. Tasneem Abdelmajid

    Polls do not influence my vote. I vote for the person who stands for beliefs similar to my own. However, I think that polls do influence other people’s votes around me. I think a lot of people just vote for the politician that is most likely to win without doing any research on what they stand for.

  16. Brandon Campbell

    Polls do not influence my vote at all. I vote for the person who is going to help the people the most but I do think that some people let polls influence their votes. I think many people just don’t do enough research on candidates and pick the favorite candidate.

  17. Poll numbers influence my vote a little. I would mainly sway to the candidate in which I can agree with their values. But overall I think that poll numbers to matter because the won with the most will win, but I don’t think that it should be based solely on numbers instead of the actual candidates.

  18. In my opinion, polls should not influence the way that you vote. Polls just show the overall standard of how some of the public thinks about the candidates. I would not let those numbers in the polls influence my vote because I vote through my own opinions and viewpoints. Each vote should be based on how each person feels and what their viewpoints are on the candidates’ platforms not the numbers of a poll. Yes polls are important but they should not be a huge effect on how people vote.

  19. Poll numbers are nice to see since it lets people know who might end up winning and I think that they are important for that reason. Even though I think they are important they don’t influence my vote and I don’t think they influence other people’s vote. People, including myself, vote based on beliefs and personal views on important matters and they are usually very stubborn about those beliefs. It’s hard to imagine other candidates poll numbers, especially those who they are not voting for and/or go against their beliefs, effecting who they are going to vote for.

  20. Poll numbers don’t influence my vote at all. If I’m voting in an election, it’s because I have firm beliefs and want a certain person to be elected to represent those beliefs. If the candidate I was planning on voting for was behind in the polls, I wouldn’t just give up and place my vote for the other candidate.

  21. Julian Renteria

    Poll numbers have absolutely no effect on how I vote because there are a couple of issues that are involved with polls. For instance, I really don’t like that the number of people that are used to poll to generalize what the “whole” population believes. Also, polling doesn’t effect my vote towards any candidate because I have evaluated candidates before without needing the information of polls.

  22. Poll numbers don’t influence my vote. I have my own beliefs and might not always agree with a pole. I’m sure poles don’t speak for the entire population.

  23. I am not effected or persuaded by poll numbers in the slightest. I make my voting decisions based on who I feel is the best candidate for the position. I try to make myself as informed as I can before elections so I know who I want in office. Poll numbers don’t really matter in my opinion, they are not going to change who I vote for.

  24. Patrick Szupernak

    I would not let polls affect my decision on who I am going to vote for. People should make their decisions based on what they believe and what they feel would be beneficial to them and others around them. People need to start thinking for themselves and have their own ideas rather than looking at the masses and voting for a particular person because he or she might have the majority vote.

  25. Polling numbers do not influence my voting decisions. My voting decisions are based on if the candidate has similar poltical beliefs as me. Polls should not influence people, people should make their own decisions based on the candidate not his/her numbers.

  26. Polls do not influence my vote. I do not think poll numbers should affect anyone’s vote. As someone had said in a previous comment, it then just becomes a popularity contest. People should base their vote on the candidates issues they address and their speeches. Not just who else is voting for them

  27. Polls does not influence my vote. I vote whoever has the best idea to help us. I think in my opinion other people let polls affect their choice. I feel like people in these day of age are followers and will just go with the flow on who has the most votes. Furthermore, I think some people are just scared to let their voice out on who they are going to vote so they will just go with society. In addition, I think polls have influenced society by their decision if they see the other candidate winning they might not vote for their candidate because there is no hope that they are going to win.

  28. I have never voted before, however, I think that when I do vote, poll numbers will have some effect on me. For example, if the polls were leaning in my favor almost completely, I might as well not vote. I know that polls probably shouldn’t effect my vote, but if I’m honest, they most likely would in some cases.

  29. Poll numbers do not influence my vote. Just because someone has the highest percentage doesn’t mean I agree with what they stand for. Not everyone has the same opinion as me and i need to agree with what i think is better for myself. Just because someone has the “popular” vote doesnt mean they have the peoples best interest at heart. People need to stand and make their own decision on who to vote for and not vote for them because they know someone who is. You have to be a leader and not a follower.

  30. In my opinion, polls should not influence any voters. Polls are a demonstration of how many people just follow the crowd. They show the majority votes and from there, it can alter many voter’s view on the election. Voters should stick to the facts, their personal views and opinions, and the candidate speeches. I believe the results would be different if polls were not involved,

  31. poll numbers do not influence my vote. Just because someone has a higher poll number doesn’t mean they are going to win a race. a poll can change day to day. people should focus their vote on which candidate goes with what they believe in and what they are more in favor rather than a poll. just because someone says they are going to vote for someone that doesn’t mean you have to vote that person because they have a better chance of winning. poll are just there to show you who is most likely to win not who you should choose to vote.

  32. I wish I could say that poll numbers have no influence on the way I vote but I think that they do have a tiny influence. If one candidate is winning in the polls by quite a bit, then I have to look into why this is the case. What makes this candidate so appealing to others? Poll numbers do not make or break who I am going to vote for but they do help me with my research.

  33. Polls have no influence on how I vote. If I am to vote for someone I would rather do research on them first. Also one can never be sure if the poll is bias to one party by using people that they know will vote for a certain candidate.

  34. Polls do not influence my vote. I believe people should vote for the person who interests them. Polls don’t necessarily mean the candidate winning the poll is going to win.

  35. Nicole Chrupczak

    Polls should not have an influence on anyones vote. People should not reply on polls as a source of information, they trick people. I believe that everyone should base their vote off of their own research. Make your own decisions and follow what you believe in, do not let others change your mind.

  36. I can’t say poll numbers influence my vote since I never voted before. However polls of any kind I try to ignore, as polls are manipulated for whatever the poll taker wants you to believe and omits import aspects of the poll. It’s human that sometimes we allow these preconceived notions to influence our decision making. Yet, our main goal should always be to make an informed decision. And so for the upcomming elections we should spend time reading up on candidates to choose the one that closely matches our values and beliefs.

  37. Poll numbers don’t influence my vote. I have my own beliefs and might not always agree with a pole. I’m sure poles don’t speak for the entire population.

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