Name Your State Legislator – Part I

What specifically has your State Senator done to warrant another term in office? If you don’t know who your State Senator is, then state your reasons why you don’t know who it is.

19 responses to “Name Your State Legislator – Part I

  1. i honestly do not know who my the senator is for Illinois i didn’t really get into politics lately.

  2. I am familiar with who my senators are unlike the states representatives who I am unfamiliar with, our Senators are Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk. Dick Durbin has won an award from the American Lung Association for banning smoking in almost all commercial establishments, he has done a ton of health related improvements in the state like increased federal funding for asthma, immunizations, and medical research has skyrocketed because of him, other impacts Durbin has contributed to includes the public transportation, improved highways, roads, and bridges, and co-signed a bill for the FDA to improve domestic and foreign foods. Mark Kirk on the other hand I know just one thing about and it is that he serves on the board for the states labor and pension board (and that is only because of the recent state pension reform talks).

  3. James…those are United States Senators.

  4. Paul Nakielny

    I also had to look up who my State Senator is using my voters registration card. It is Christine Radogna and I can honestly say that I have never heard of her. I do think that most of the things that go on in Springfield is hidden from the public. Right now I feel that none of the State Senators should be reelected. The state is going broke and all they do is argue about it.

  5. Zeferino Martinez

    I do not know who my state senator is, because whenever I have got into politics, it was more on a national level. I tend to get my political news from MSNBC, CNN, or the BBC. Plus, I honestly have not been that interested in the politics of my state, which I know is not good thing.

  6. Shannon Feeney

    I know that one of Illinois State Senators is Dick Durbin, but I am unaware of who the other one is. Durbin is concerned with creating jobs in Illinois with hopes of promoting recovery for the economy. He is also concerned with making college within Illinois affordable. I’m not sure what he has actually accomplished to make this happen, but I do know that this is an area of concern for him.

  7. Luckily, I know my State Senator very well. He happens to be my brother, Michael Hastings. He was just recently elected in January of 2013. In the short amount of time of being in office he has accomplished some of his goals. One thing in particular would be lowering educational tuition cost for veterans. The Bill has been passed in the Senate 54-0 and awaits approval from Governor Quinn.

  8. My Senator is Jones, I reside in a very diverse district which is represented by Jones, It includes some of the poorer parts of the Chicago Southside to some of the wealthier areas of Orland Park. Although I don’t agree with how he does some of his politics, I do think he’s doing a decent job. If I was given other options is voting for this position I would consider those “new comers” I think sometimes when people are in office for so long they become complacent in their position, they almost become too powerful and that’s what we don’t need. I think there should be term limits in various positions. I wouldn’t mind having Mary’s brother as my Senator (he’s to the south of me) but I will make due with what I have.

  9. Kyle Lieberman

    My Senator is Michael Hastings, he has been recently elected as of 2013 and while I am a conservative Republican in many aspects I do like his background. Hastings is a local person and a military veteran with a degree from the prestigious West Point. While he has only been in office a short period of time I can’t tell you yet if he warrants another term in office, I think that he has the right background and motivations to help his region out.

  10. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    I did mark yes for the toll but after reading some of the comments I realized that the question was about Illinois State Senator, not U.S. I did not know my Illinois State Senator’s name but I did look it up. It is Michael Connelly. I do not follow local politics closely but I hope this class will help me get on track.

  11. Jennifer Habner

    I voted in the poll that I did not know who my state senator was. The reason being is that truthfully, I don’t keep up-to-date with my local/state politics as much as I know I should. However, after participating in the poll, I felt inclined to look up what congressional district I lived in (3rd District) and I found out who my Illinois State Senator was! Senator Mattie Hunter who has been in office since 2003 and she is a democrat. I am taking this class partly because I want to learn more in general about state & local politics. So far, so good 🙂

  12. Personally I do not no who my state senator is. I pay more attention to politics on a national level then a state level. If there was more news about Illinois legislatures trying to get our state out of debt and decreasing the outrageous tax rates, maybe I would pay more attention to our state politics.

  13. Senator Mattie Hunter is my senator. Hunter has emphasized the importance of finding the best methods to treat obesity. She has also backed legislation to ban the sale of mercury fever thermometers.

  14. I thought my state senators were Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk until I saw the comment by poliscinews to James. One of the reasons I did not know my state senator was is because Robin Kelly just recently replaced Jesse Jackson Jr. One contribution she has made that I believe will help her keep her seat is fight the battle on gun control.

  15. I did not know who my state senator was before this. I think why I did not know who it was because I don’t focus on local and state elections, I am more of a fair-weather voter, only focusing on the Presidential elections. I found out my state senator is Emil Jones III, and what I believe he has done to deserve another term in office is his bill helping to end recidivism among convicts and prisoners by providing employment.

  16. Like some others, I also did not know who my state senator was before this assignment. I now know that my state senator is Bill Cunningham. To be honest, I only vote for state senators and other lesser known offices by my party affiliation and usually do not know much about the individuals I am voting for. I think the main reasons I do not know who my state senator is is because I do not follow politics at the state level that much as usually most media coverage is about politics on a national level.

  17. Honestly, before reading all of the comments I too did not know who my state senator is. I do not pay attention to Illinois politics, as much as I do for what is going on nationally. I hope after this class I will start following politics more often and be more aware of whats going on in the world.

  18. I know who both of my state senators are. I am more familiar with Dick Durbin though. I agree with most of the decisions and specific laws he created. Such as the “no smoking” I couldn’t agree more with it. Because I’ve had a few bad experiences in restaurants making it very uncomfortable for me. Also he’s all about putting Illinois back to work. That’s something everyone can look forward to even if you have a job.

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