Name Your State Legislator – Part II

What exactly does a State Representative do?  How much have you paid attention to the events that have taken place in your state?

17 responses to “Name Your State Legislator – Part II

  1. Honestly, I was unsure when first asked what the State Representative did exactly until a little research was done. I found out that they are very much active in the legislative body of the our states government; they propose legislation and amendments, they serve on several committees for their states legislation, and vote on amendments and possibly the amendments for that legislation (if that makes sense). Our states representatives are overlooked and go under the radar often. In fact, I follow events that happen in my state very seldom unless it is a major move or gonna impact me directly, very seldom do I follow state politics.

  2. Paul Nakielny

    I had to look up who my state representative was using my voter registration card. Renee Kosel represents my district and her name is familiar to me because it appears in the local papers, but I still had to look it up. State representatives are suppose to represent the interests of their districts and propose and vote on legislation that will benefit the state. Right now they are trying to solve the pension problem, but normally I do not follow much of what is going on.

  3. Shannon Feeney

    I don’t know much about what my state representative does. Pretty much the only thing that I do know is that he/she votes on laws that will be beneficially for my community. I think that they try to have their taxpayers best interest at heart and do what will help them. They want to make communities a better place to live.

  4. Theresa Gergits

    My state representative is Congressman, Dan Lupinski. A state representative represents the people in his or her district of the state. The state representative should work to improve policies and laws for those people in their community. Although I try to stay up on current affairs, I do not always have time to watch the news or read the newspaper or what’s on the Internet. I do tend to know more about what happens in my community and the communities of my family and friends more so than the happenings in the entire state of Illinois.

  5. In my district my State Representative is Fran Hurley. As a State Rep. she serves on a two year term. Being a State Representative her job entitles listening to the people of her district, introducing new bills and making resolutions. Due to the rough economic time and many families struggling in our community her main priority in Springfield is to provide a tax relief.

  6. April Medinger

    My State Representative is Kelly Burke.
    A State Representative in Illinois is legally required to make laws and they also have the power to impeach judges. Recently I have been paying more attention to the events since they are such ‘hot button’ issues in our state. Also, the media has a tendency to talk more about issues that seem to evoke a higher rater of emotional response from viewers. Topics such as gun legislation, gay marriage, and state debt definitely are the sorts of topics that make me want to pay more attention.

  7. I have never looked up who my state representative is, before today. It turns out to be Daniel Lipinski. A state representative has the responsibility to create/write bills to then be voted on by rest of the house, then the Senate, then put into law by the President. I also pay very little attention to the events happening in Illinois. I know that issues regarding gay marriage and concealed carry were not voted on by Illinois politicians in Springfield.

  8. State Reps create bills and take care of social issues, they also help local governments (cities, schools) in funding. I believe Reps can bring charges against a political individual but its up to the Senate to create a trial of that person in a sense with all the remaining Senators as the “jurors”. Historically bills are created and voted upon by the Reps before it goes to the Senate.

    I have been following a lot of the issues presented on a State level. The budget, our down grading of credit, pension reform (which may potentially impact me), gay marriage, gun control (which we are the last), and the fact that there is a deadline for a resolution to this issue on gun control.

    My Rep. if Rita

  9. Kyle Lieberman

    I do not know who my State Representative is for my area. I guess I just haven’t paid much attention to current state politics for my area as much as I have at the national level. I do know that a State Representative is basically a person who is trying to help his/her district out by making sure that the right bills are pursued and passed, as well as budgets are spent accordingly and in the right places. Overall their main goal is to better the community of the district they were elected in to make it a better place for the people who are there.

  10. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    I do not know who my State Representative is but I did look her up. Her name is Emily McAsey. State Representatives can make laws and impeach judges. I did not pay any attention of what is going in politics in Illinois. I just know that we are broke.

  11. Jennifer Habner

    I do know who my State Representative is. His name is Dan Lipinski. He represents the 3rd congressional district and has been since 2005. I’m not sure about everything a state representative does but I do know that they vote on laws and help improve the communities they represent. Basically they are supposed to be the voice of the community and make sure in congress that their constituents are being heard. As for knowing what events have been going on lately in the state, I really don’t know much about it.

  12. I am unaware of who my State Representative is. I know what his job is though, which is representing his congressional district. The representatives vote on laws to help improve the communities, although in my personal opinion the representatives have done a poor job the past 5 years to help make life better for the citizens of our state. Just my opinion though.

  13. I do my best to keep up with local politics. State reps vote on laws and try to improve the communities they represent. Protecting taxpayers money is high on the agenda.

  14. Typically I do not think I would of known my state representative however I know my state rep is Fran Hurley because she is a very close friend of mines mother. State reps are responsible for proposing legislation and also for voting on them. i have paid very close attention to the events in my state and I also participated in walking door to door getting petitions for my state rep.

  15. A state representative votes on laws, protects taxpayers by making sure that money is being spent in the correct places. They are always trying to improve the area they are representing. I have not paid attention to many events that have taken place in my state, but that is one of the reasons I am taking this class.

  16. I didn’t know who my state representative is and I know I should know. I really don’t pay attention to state politics as much as national. But looking in to it state representatives play a vital role.

  17. But doing a little research they play a big role in our government. They affect our lives almost on a daily basis in one way or another.

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