Identify the Message

Identify the political message below.  It is from a bumper sticker in 1972.  John Ashbrook was a Congressman from Ohio.  A Republican, he challenged fellow Republican and sitting President Richard Nixon in the GOP primaries.  Nixon easily defeated Ashbrook.



22 responses to “Identify the Message

  1. Ashbrook’s campaign slogan is 1972 was No Left turns. It was meant to represent the problems conservatives had with Nixon. They felt that he abandoned conservative principles and turned left on issues. Ashbrook became the first House Republican to call for the President’s resignation. I think its a cool slogan, well thought, and witty.

  2. Ashbrook could have believed Nixon was wrong and wasn’t responsible enough for the position. No left turns, so he was saying that he could only make right ones. Nixon was obviously still favored if he won.

  3. The main way I would interpret this is that Ashbrook’s campaign works off of that Nixon had started to lean towards the left on certain issues, which obviously is something that most conservatives that stand on the party line would be against. Ashbrook on the other hand would always lean towards the right, towing the party line to please the Conservative voters.

  4. Tiffany McLaughlin

    Ashbrook wanted people to go “right” with him instead of “left” with Nixon, meaning, voting for him would be the right direction/choice.

  5. I think this bumper sticker meant that by going “left” people were not making the “right” decision and voting for the “responsible” candidate in this election.

  6. Luleta Dardovski

    Ashbrook’s bumper sticker is an advertisement for himself and the republican party. On the line, the democratic party leans torword the left, and republican leads to the right, so in the eyes of republican the more right sided you are the better. It’s an advertisements that he’s strongly republican/conservative. The bumper sticker is witty, but didn’t help him much against Nixon.

  7. I think the bumper sticker meant that they will take the wrong turn If they chose Nixon. If they choose Ashbrook they are choosing the right guy. Also that Nixon was more left sided then Ashbrook and he was the more responsible choose.

  8. The bumper sticker says no more wrong turn instead we will make the right and fix this country together

  9. This bumper sticker is an attempt to sway the voters opinion of Nixon. Ashbrook didn’t agree with any of Nixon’s decisions and thought he was leading this country the wrong way. Ashbrook’s advertising team came up with the idea of “no more left turns”.

  10. The bumper sticker was to promote to “be right” with Ashbrook. The “no left turns” was to to convince voters to vote for Ashbrook, “the right guy.” In essence it was to tell the voters to not vote for nixon, they should have listened!

  11. The bumper sticker was indcating Ashbrook was going to make left turns and make mistakes. Nixon thought Ashbrook would make wrong discissions and keep making left turns, which will lead to go in cicrles and not making any changes.

  12. Patrick Szupernak

    I feel the bumper sticker was to tell me make no left turns which would result in mistakes. Ashbrook wanted people to go right with him and not left leaning more towards republicans and not democrats. The message is clear when looking at the bumper sticker but it must have not helped Ashbrook much since Nixon won.

  13. I believe that this bumper sticker was a promotion to vote for Ashbrook. He is a representative of the Republican Party, which tends to be more on the right side when dealing with many issues. Nixon, who was a representative of the Democratic Party, was on the left side. Ashbrook didn’t want the voters to turn to the left and support the Democratic Party. Rather, by this bumper sticker, it showed the support of the Republican Party by not turning to the left side of things.

  14. I believe that the bumper sticks symbolize no left turns. This makes sense because both Ashbrook and Nixon were part of the Republican Party and Republicans are known to be part of the right wing, or essentially known to be conservative. We have learned the not all Republicans are conservative and not all Democrats are liberal, but I believe this bumper sticker was meant to tell voters not to vote for Nixon because he is turning left.

  15. I believe that this was meant to say that voting for nixon was making the wrong turn, or the wrong vote. He was saying make the “right” vote as in the correct vote. It represented the problems that they belived they had with nixon.

  16. The political message in the bumper sticker states that the responsible candidate does not make left turns meaning wrong decisions. The message is trying to convey to the public that Ashbrook is the responsible candidate because he does not make “left turns” which can also mean short cuts or the easy way. In the end the campaign team is trying to advise the public to vote for Ashbrook because he is responsible and not for the irresponsible candidate Richard Nixon.

  17. This was clearly meant for President Nixon and his choice of making the wrong turn, there were clear problems that people believed Nixon was a part of.

  18. Nixon, who was considered by many to be a “Rockefeller Republican,” maintained views that didn’t fit with the entire Republican party. Ashbrook hinged his campaign on being a “responsible” Republican. This was a fairly clever and playful way for the GOP to denounce liberalism. Often symbols are effective and powerful forms of advertisement.

  19. Ashbrook’s bumber sticker represented that is his political ideology was no where near the left side of the spectrum, hence the arrow pointing left. The slogan “responsible republican” indicates conflicting ideologies among the party. The fact that Nixon easily defeated Ashbrook reveals that the majority favored Nixon’s administration.

  20. This bumper sticker shows to vote the right way by voting for Nixon and don’t make a wrong turn going left by voting for Ashbrook. Resulting in his victory for president, it was the greatest in American political history.

  21. I believe that the bumper sticker was indicating for people to vote for Ashbrook. The bumper sticker was indicating that their would be no left turns with Ashbrook. This bumper sticker was made so voters didn’t vote for Nixon.

  22. I think this bumper sticker meant that by going left people were not making the “right” decision and voting for the responsible candidate in this election. Ashbrook was not the “right” choice.

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