The Politics of Celebrity

30 responses to “The Politics of Celebrity

  1. Sadly, we live in a society where tabloid magazines seem to get more attention than academic news articles. Though it pains me to say it, sometimes I feel that the only way people will pay attention to a big issue in our society is for a big name celebrity to bring it up in an interview. I never thought about how this could influence someone’s voting policies. I find it depressing that someone might not pay attention to the way their country is run until an overpaid celebrity tells them who they should vote for.

  2. Celebrities’ political endorsements do not affect my opinion. Entertainment and politics are two separate entities, and should be treated as such. People like Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart who make a living off political satire should be the ones you listen to the least.

  3. A celebrity endorsement in a political campaign does not influence my vote because that celebrity may not be in the same situation I might be in. It might influence other regular people if they really look up to or believe in the celebrity. Some celebrities even get paid to favor one political side over the other.

  4. Over the years political scientist has argue that celebrity endorsement means nothing for any Politicians to win any election, but their philosophy and theory were totally wrong in recent election. I think the top reason politicians goes for celebrity stars for endorsement is that celebrity endorsements are useful for three reasons. One, they are influential; two, they bring in money; and three, they get people talking.
    Most of politicians discover that there main targeted markets are in the hands of these celebrity stars and they leverage the sequence for the success.
    Celebrity endorsement influence decision-making, because most of these celebrity stars are loved by their fans and even some have them as their role model.

  5. Tasneem Abdelmajid

    A celebrity doesn’t usually influence my vote in elections. It doesn’t matter to me that any celebrity is endorsing any candidate. If the candidate isn’t addressing problems that I care about, or standing up for things I believe in, I won’t be voting for them, whether they have celebrity endorsement or not.

    I think in today’s generation, a lot of people do look at celebrity endorsement when voting instead of what the candidate stands for. If the celebrity is someone they admire, their vote will be shifted in that direction, which isn’t right. This is why I view elections as a popularity contest in today’s world. Celebrity endorsement may not matter when it comes to my vote, but it does effect the country in general.

  6. A celebrity doesn’t influence my vote in elections. I personally don’t think much about what celebrities feel regarding politics. I base my vote on the candidate that is going to make the world better and safer. Although I could see why some people would be swayed into voting for someone else if they’re favorite celebrity endorsed him/her. However, I personally think that some celebrities only endorse some candidates because it gives them publicity.

  7. I never let celebrities or anyone else famous like that influence my voting choices. I think that it is wrong to have a celebrity participate in a campaign because it gives that candidate an unfair ruling. Voters might just vote for the candidate because they like the celebrity. It is a sad world we live in that the political views and platforms of a candidate are not enough to sway a citizen’s vote anymore. Political Candidates have to use other methods to get the public’s attention. I know that I will never depend on a celebrity or anything else that the candidates think up that is not related to their political ideas and plans. My votes will depend on whether or not I believe the candidate has good decisions, plans, ideas, etc. for the position they are running for.

  8. A celebrity’s vote does not pressure me into voting for a certain Candidate. It doesn’t matter to me what Candidate celebrities are supporting. The Candidate that I vote for has to discuss the problems that are important and interest me.

  9. A celebrity’s endorsement of a candidate’s political campaign does not influence my vote in an election. My vote in an election is based off on my political and economic beliefs, which candidate’s beliefs, strategies, and ideas coincide with mine the most, and which candidate is best suited and qualified for the seat they are running for. A celebrity does not and will not influence my vote because of the differences in demographics, economic status, and political views. For me, entertainment and politics do not go hand in hand.In addition to that, I will vote for the candidate that I believe will best represent me therefore, if I were to base my vote on the opinion of a celebrity, I believe that I would basically be voting for a candidate to represent the interests of that celebrity.
    I find it disappointing that in today’s politics , voters allow themselves to be swayed and influenced by celebrities. I think that voters should not allow celebrities to influence their vote with their endorsements and political speech since it may be misleading and what they say may not be actually be reliable nor true. I believe that voters should take time and actually research the candidates and make an informed vote rather than voting based on what famous people support.

  10. Celebrity endorsement does not affect my opinion at all. The only thing it will do is inform me on what their view is. The only people that would change or influence my view are people I care about.

  11. Celebrity endorsement doesn’t affect my opinion on who I should vote for at all. This is mostly because I tend to only focus on the issues that each candidate discusses and on my personal beliefs. If anything, my opinion of a celebrity may change depending on who they choose to support.

  12. Although I do believe celebrity endorsements affect some peoples choices on candidates, it would never affect my own personal views. I think that many people look to celebrity endorsements because they do not have the knowledge they should about the candidates, in that case, people will then think “hmm this celeb that I love so much and has all this money is voting for so and so..maybe he is a good choice after all”. I think voters really need to take the time for themselves to research the candidates, not just go by what other people are doing.

  13. I personally would never let a celebrity affect my opinion regarding politics. Just because I don’t let it sway which side I am going to vote for, doesn’t mean many people probably do let this happen. People idolize celebrities in every aspect of their lives, so I think this situation is no different. Many people believe just because a certain actor or singer has an opinion about something, that is what they also should believe because they are on TV stating their opinion.

  14. A celebrity endorsement of a political candidate is extremely helpful because it can bring new positive attention to the candidate. Some people do not pay attention to the news or campaigns but still pay attention to magazines and celebrity gossip. I would never let a celebrity sway my vote but I can see how some people might. I believe that positive celebrity publicity does affect the polls.

  15. A celebrity endorsement of a political candidate may not have a personal effect on my vote, but it may have one on the millions of Americans who follow and worship celebrities. There is of course a risk, pending your celebrity endorser does not make any negative headlines or ends up in a particular scandal, that could harm the campaign. Many celebrities have millions of fans and with the use of social media, having an alliance with a popular celebrity can only benefit ones election. A political campaign is like a retail sales marathon. You do whatever you can, however you can, to get anyone’s votes as quickly as possible. The goal is strength in numbers. Political candidates align themselves with specific businesses, charities, and celebrity endorsements are just another tatic used by campaign organizers to gain our votes.

  16. A celebrity endorsement of a candidate personally has no effect on me. A celebrity endorsement is simply them telling you who they support. That doesn’t make them an expert or any more informed than normal people. Unfortunately we live in a ignorant society where if several “popular” people were to endorse some one it would sway the election. That embarrassing truth is proof of our decline as a society, where celebrities can make or break political campaign.

  17. I will never let a celebrity influence my vote because they don’t know what I need to help me make my decisions. I think other people do because they are so trapped in their lives that they want to mimic their every move or they just don’t know who to go for so they just follow the crowd. I remember hearing on t.v. when Oprah was campaigning for Obama which made people wonder since she is such a huge influence would she be able to sway peoples’ vote. I honestly think she did because since she had a huge fan base especially with women they probably followed her decision during the election. I think since our society is caught up on the media they will end up following what other people are doing.

  18. I don’t understand why some people take celebrities opinions so seriously. Clearly many people are swayed by this kind of pandering otherwise politicians wouldn’t stoop to using this tactic. I know that I am personally not influenced by celebrities (or anyone for that matter) because I make my decisions based on my own personal experiences and opinions. I don’t know others stances on policies that are important to me, so how can I be swayed by their choosing a certain candidate?

  19. Celebrity endorsements don’t influence my vote at all. I will vote for who I think is the best candidate. My favorite celebrity can vote for someone, but I still will vote for whoever I want. All a celebrity endorsement does is tell me who they are backing and voting for. I think its foolish when people choose to vote for someone, when a big star says they are voting for them.

  20. I believe celebrity have more influence on people’s vote then you would think. For example Arnold Schwarzenegger, was elected governor of California. In my opinion, this was because he was well known. I would also consider voting for someone who had my favorite athlete, actor, or actress on a commercial even if I knew very little about a canadate. I feel most people who vote try and jump on the ban wagon or actually follow Politics.

  21. A celebrity endorsement does not influence me at all. Some people that are obsessed with what celebrities do might get influenced but the only thing that I believe should influence your decision is if many of your political views match up to the person you want to vote for. All a celebrity does when they endorse a candidate is give them more money to get their name out and make them more popular. I believe there should also be a limit the candidates can spend on an election in order for everyone to have a shot without being blown out of the water because the other candidate is more well know due to the fat that they put a lot of money into adds, which then makes it more of a popularity contest.

  22. A celebrity endorsement would not influence my vote at all. Celebrities are just normal people, obviously with a lot more money than most of us, but that doesn’t make me want to vote for someone because they’re endorsing the said person. Ultimately, I will vote for who I want and who I think is the best candidate.

  23. I feel like half of the celebrities who would endorse a candidate would be in it for their own publicity, not because they actually support them. I’m not at all influenced by the opinions of celebrities as far as political matters go. If I was a huge fan of Miley Cyrus and she was endorsing someone who wanted to send more troops overseas and lower minimum wage, I wouldn’t suddenly change my entire view just because of her.

  24. This is a question that depends on the celebrity. If the celebrity were to be a rap star, then no I would not be swayed, perhaps I would even be swayed against them. If it were a celebrity that had good values and good morals and did something positive with their lives then I would be swayed because I would know that someone good backs up the running politician.

  25. It doesn’t matter to me if a celebrity is endorsing a campaign, Their money and their opinions will not effect my own. If a celebrity endorsement is what helps you make a political decision, that is extremely sad in my own opinion. Entertainment and Political aspects should be kept separate, but in today’s generation it doesn’t seem that way. Whenever i think of politics the last thing that pops up in my head is a celebrity. Some people think if they admire a celebrity, then they know whats best which isn’t true. Everyone should be able to vote for who they want and not because of a celebrity endorsement. Think whats best for you and not about someone who you may never meet a day in your life.

  26. I wouldn’t let a celebrity endorsement affect my views on a political campaign. It seems odd to think that people will vote for a certain someone just because a celebrity of their liking has chosen to endorse a candidate. I feel that the world we live in today where life is run by social media that it would be easy to be swayed by a celebrity endorsement on their social media page. I feel a candidate should be picked by their beliefs and their goals to help make the people happy.

  27. Personally, a celebrity endorsement would not affect my views on a political campaign. Unfortunately, I think that a lot of people aren’t educated enough on certain political figures and campaigns. This causes a lot of people to be swayed by celebrity endorsement which is not the best way to go about voting because, in that case, people are no longer voting because the candidate is the best option for their community’s situation but because someone famous likes them for some unknown reason.

  28. I believe that a celebrity endorsing a particular campaign would influence my voting decision. For example, if Jay-Z was endorsing a governor running for president I would vote for him. I would vote for him because I am biased to certain celebrities and their influence can be transcribed through certain events such as political campaigns, fundraisers and charities. Although I can be influenced by celebrities my vote would not be directed to a running candidate solely on the celebrities presence but I do believe they can give anybody the extra media attention that a candidate needs.

  29. If I was asked this question three weeks ago I would have probably said that a celebrity endorsement would only spark my interest. However, about two weeks ago I saw Bruce Rauner’s commercial with Da Coach Mike Ditka and that makes me want to vote him in for governor. Nothing says Chicago more than Mike Ditka.
    I think that the majority of people are swayed by celebrity endorsements. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can become the governor of California I really don’t think I need any more argument to back up that statement.

  30. Patrick Szupernak

    You may call me a skeptic but no celebrity endorsement will ever decide or have an impact upon a decision that I will make, especially a political vote. I fell that these celebrity endorsers are not in the campaign or add because they have such a strong belief about a certain subject and want to make a change but rather it is directly benefiting them in some type of way. The celebrity endorser In my opinion is either being paid for their service or doing it to get themselves even more recognition.

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