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Evaluating the Ads — Begich (D) vs. Sullivan (R)

This week’s installment of Evaluating the Ads takes us to Alaska, where the polls close at a given time, but the results may take days before anyone knows of a winner.  Desolate and out of the way places can get in the way of a timely outcome.

United States Senator Mark Begich (D) is looking for a second term in Washington.  His opponent, former state Attorney General Dan Sullivan (R) has a waged spirited campaign against him.

Here are two ads that were run at the end of each campaign.

The first is from Senator Begich.

This ad is from Attorney General Sullivan.

For this week’s question, I want you to think of how negative campaigns can be.  Mudslinging is a term that we like to use in political circles.  To dirty up an opponent is almost a necessity in a campaign.  However, here are two ads that are positive and are being run at the end or near the end of each candidate’s bid for the Senate.  Do you think that it is a good strategy to end a campaign on a positive note?  Would you rather see the candidates finish on a contrast/negative ad?