American Foreign Policy

What should be the country’s main priority be when it comes to its own foreign policy?

41 responses to “American Foreign Policy

  1. When it comes to foreign policy Americas first priority should be the middle east. WE have declared a war on terrier and any country is capable of doing that but currently the middle east is doing it and we should stop them before other countries turn against us. They are causing the most trouble currently so we should stop that before e try and fix another problem.

  2. I would say the middle east primarily, but in recent events Russia is also a priority. They aren’t some unadvanced country. They are a country with nukes and as the past has shown, they aren’t afraid to use them. With that being said the Middle East should be THE priority because of ISIS and countless other terrorist groups.

  3. I would say Russia. Becasue of everything currently going on there the United States should really make a plan just in case something bad could begin we are ready. There no need to not worry about something,when they are slowly becomming an enemy to us.

  4. Middle east. You cannot construct and rebuild while there is destruction, war and poverty running throughout the entire middle east. Policies of non- violence are more useful and beneficial for the entire region and for us at home as well.

  5. stephanie michalak

    When deciding to choose between them I chose North Korea. North Korea is very powerful communist nation with nuclear weapons. They have weaponry they are not afraid to use against the United States, and this is something we as a nation should be aware of.

  6. Peter Makarski

    We definatly need to focus on the middle east. This is the region where we get mist of our hot topics on the news. All the media is creating bad blood between the US and middle east.

  7. I would say Europe because we import a lot of food and goods from different countries over there. We compromise with them and help each other out. I just feel like there is something between the two countries.

  8. Allyson Buczyna

    I would have to say America’s biggest priority when it comes to foreign policy should be the middle east. We need to be ready to rebuild when something bad happens. There is a lot of tension between the US and the Middle East and we need to resolve it.

  9. I am not sure what country helps us the most, that is why I did not pick a country. But I do think we should help whatever country is helping us out with products, weapons, and things like that. If a country is helping us out, then I think we should return the favor by doing whatever we can to help them out. If a country is not really doing anything for us, then I do not think we have any business helping them out.

  10. Rebecca Albarran

    The middle east should be our priority. There is a lot going on there and we have to be on top of everything to ensure our safety and the safety of the innocent people that live there. They have nuclear weapons there and that should be concerning all nations because with such unstable governments you can never be sure of what can happen.

  11. I would have to say the middle east. There should be more compromising going on other than disagreements. We need to be leaders, not leading to war but leading them to peace.

  12. Without a doubt, I would say the Middle East. We have declared war there, and we are trying to stop the ever present threat of terrorism that is so persistent in their countries. We have to protect our people first, because that is first priority. They have their own problems, and they fight them out through war, but if they do that, let them. Their issues with their countries do not concern us if we stay out of it. I know we are one of the two superpowers in the world along with Russia, but why try to fix something if it has nothing to do with you.

  13. Martha Martinez

    I would have to say the middle east, we’ve had many problems with the middle east for the past years. Seems like the terrorist groups just get bigger, we should be worried for our safety and the safety of this country.

  14. Treyce Criner

    I probably should have chosen the entire Middle East. In any event, Afghanistan should be the utmost priority for the US as it relates to foreign. The war in Afghanistan affects us since we still have troops over there. It’s been over 10 years, so their affairs need to be our affairs, in hopes to bring the troops home soon.

  15. Kristen Colbert

    I would have to say the biggest priority should be the Middle East. We have been in a war with them therefore that should be the United States biggest concern with foreign policy. However that doesn’t change the fact that we still need to pay attention to what is going on with other countries.

  16. Brittany Alton

    I would have to say without a doubt that our biggest priority should be the Middle East. With the threat of terrorism in their countries and here in the US, and the violence going on over there we should be concerned about the Middle East. However, we should still be paying attention to other countries as well.

  17. Hiu Yan Ip (Iris)

    I would say the biggest priority is the Middle East. Since it has war with them have been lasted for many years, they would be the main concern to the United States. If there is some foreign policy, it is no doubt that they will be the United States to deal with these problems.

  18. Nathalie Hernandez

    I would have to say the Middle East because we have declared war there and had many problems in the past years. Terrorists groups seem to get bigger and our best option is to be worried about our safety first and our country. All the violence is something we should be aware of, but also all the other countries too.

  19. Since America feels the need to tell other countries what to do/how to live life, I guess I would say the Middle East. Life is awful in the Middle East and without a strong presence from our armed forces, too many terrorist groups are fighting for power. The main priority should be wipe out all terrorist groups at all costs and to assist in building a stable government and get established. It is not however our say so if they want a democracy or whatever.

  20. Rania Elayyan

    I believe Russia should be the main priority. They have nuclear weapons. The U.S. Should keep in mind the possibility of Russia using them ond day. I don’t believe the Middle East is a priority because it’s never been said they actually have nuclear weapons besides Israel and that’s just rumored. Yes I do believe the whole issue with ISIS should be stopped and that should be taken care of right away.

  21. Hugo Pacheco

    I consider the Middle East a top priority, but I believe Afghanistan should be our first priority because we still have military troops over there. I would have chosen North Korea or Russia as our top priorities because they present a great threat to the United States, but we can’t have military troops fighting a “war” in Afghanistan if we aren’t going to make war on terrorism our top priority.

  22. I think the middle east should be Americas main priority when it comes to foreign policy. I think that the middle east can cause some harm to our country, and we need to be in control of anything that comes our way in politics and government. even with all the war and distraction going on in the middle east, other countries are priorities for the u.s.

  23. Marisol Rodríguez

    I believe when it comes to foreign-policy America’s first priority should be in the Middle East, there are many terrorist groups, and a lot of tension and disagreement between the U.S. And the Middle East.

  24. Nicole Sciortino

    I would have to say Afghanistan. The president always has to keep tabs on what they are doing and what they are planning. The U.S. always has to be 1 step ahead. Those terrorists already tried to kill people in this country once and we can’t have that happen again. The #1 priority and country to pay attention to is Afghanistan.

  25. I bellieve that americas first priority should be the Middle East. There is a lot of things happening over there and people need help. There is a lot of talk about other countries except in the middle east. The media chooses to avoid whats happening and I dont understand why.

  26. I believe America’s first priority should be the Middle East. This is because of all the terrorist groups. Also there’s a lot of threats going on and tension in the U.S. There’s too much violence going on in the U.S because of the Middle East and they can cause us any harm possibble.

  27. Martin Oneill

    Central American because with our borders being so lack luster for stopping people coming into this country. we don’t know who is who and what they are all about and what are their intentions are and if they are friendly’s or who are here to cause pain and bloodshed.

  28. Alejandra Loera

    I would choose the Middle east. I chose this country because of all the issues America has had with the Middle East. America tends focus on other countries but for some reason they never focus on the ones that really matter. There are other counties that America should focus on, but the Middle East should definitely should be the main concern.

  29. Zichen Zhang

    I think as long as it is concentrated in the Middle East, as belonging to the post-war reconstruction of the Middle East region, cultural conflict, and terrorists are appear in this area.United States as a war launched by the State has the right to control and organize terrorist while advocating the concept of peace as well as promoting the economic development.

  30. If there is one country that wee need to focus on,it would have to be Mexico. Many of the illegal immigrants are living here tax free and still working. They are taking jobs from “American” citizens that are here legally. The greatest privilege that an American has is the ability to voice their opinion and vote. These illegal immigrants are not voicing their opinion and are stealing jobs from people that are voicing their opinion.

  31. Daisy Amador

    I believe America’s first priority should be the Middle East. Several countries in the middle east have gained a lot of power due to their riches in oil and powerful nuclear weapons. The United States wants to be the most powerful country, and I feel that is a reason why The United States and the middle East have tension. The terrorist groups, such as ISIS is also a very big concern to America’s foreign policy and should immediately be taken care of.

  32. Teresa Hamilton

    Africa I do have sympathy for them but they do not need to transport over here bringing ebola and stuff. I believe we should help them before making our country just free to come. Same as mexico and other countries, the United States need to start analyzing and making better decisions.

  33. To be honest, I would have voted for the Middle East, but so much of the destruction and turmoil was partially caused by America. I believe there is too much anger and dissatisfaction with the U.S. for any American policy to truly be upheld, respected, and bring any change. Africa on the other hand is often ignored when it’s problems are very real and can hopefully be solved.

  34. Osman Dzabiri

    I would say Russia would have to be a main priority. Mainly because I feel as if we haven’t really done much to help Russia out in many aspects. Considering we’ve helped out other countries with their medical issues, some technological advances and such, I honestly think the US doesn’t think of Russia as much of a place for opportunity growth. Given that, we should make Russia our main priority.

  35. I think America’s first concern when it comes to foreign policy should be The Middle East. There is so much going on, that America should keep their eye on it, because whatever is going over there could potentially leak over to other countries, eventually to countries that overseas, then, eventually here, in our home. They aren’t the only threat, but they are the one that is most likely to come to us, without us even knowing it.

  36. Ricky Mrkacek

    The Middle-East has been the main focus of our foreign policy for some time and for good reason. For a whole convoluted mess of reasons including but not limited to oil, religion, and lack of education, the instability in this region tends to spill out of it, having adverse affects on the entire world. This is not as much the case in other regions of the world.

  37. America’s first priority should be with either the middle East or North Korea. Dealing with the Middle East first would probably be the best idea since we have had tensions with them for years, and need to work on a solution to it. Also to try and deal with all of the terrorists groups in the Middle East, and prevent them from doing horrible things. And, we need to deal with North Korea because they have significant power and are, what I would consider to be, a somewhat unstable country and we need to keep our eyes on them. #PSC110

  38. Jolanta Turwon

    America should try make peace with the Middle East. We have given them the label of being terrorist and trust is they aren’t. They have a lot of resources that we could use. We would benefit from them gravely if we would just compromise.

  39. Monica Garcia

    I think American needs to make peace with many foreign countries in general. I especially think a priority should be to make final peace with the Middle East. not only does if affect them but we affect ourselves here in the US hurting our as a nation, our troops and individual families who lose family members overseas. America should just keep in mind that we rely on many resources world wide and we should try to come together and help each other out the best ways we can.

  40. Melissa Johnson

    America’s first priority is the Middle East. Being there is much destruction, war and poverty that we could help them rebuild and gain a friendship and a bond. Having troops in Afghanistan and being threatened with terrorists, we need to make peace.

  41. I think the Middle East should be America’s first priority when it comes to foreign policy. The Middle East is withoutdoubtedly growing stronger and there are certain amounts of terriorist groups. We should make them our side before they turn against us

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