Your Grade for Congress

29 responses to “Your Grade for Congress

  1. I would give congress a C. They get a C because they are doing good but also not doing things that they should be doing. They are passing laws that are needed but they ignore issues that need to be looked at and resolved.

  2. Allyson Buczyna

    I would give congress a B. They are doing enough to “look good”, but not really putting forth all their effort. Congress is mainly focused on getting related and only making it seem like they are doing a lot of work, when in reality it’s mostly just for show. Things could be much worse, but they are also definitely not at their peak.

  3. I said I do not know becuse I have never really payed that much attention to what congress does. I just know what ever they are suppose to do they do not do it well,so I guess I would either say I do not know or I would just give them an F,just like everyone else in america might do as well.

  4. Peter Makarski

    I would have to choose the I don’t know option because I don’t really hear much about Congress. Every now and then I hear a story on the news but their is never a result on it. It is more like what they are talking about which makes me think all they do is just talk about things.

  5. I would give them a D. I think there are many issues that plague our country and they are more concerned with these petty things that people are complaining about. Instead of focusing on our national security, problems overseas, economy or anything like that, they seem to focus on making laws about how people live, or laws that make absolutely no sense.

  6. I would give congress a C because they are benefiting in some areas. i wish they would listen more to the will of the people instead of concentrating on their jet setting golf get aways to “conferences” and being in the pocket of Washington lobbyists. I think they need more women to show em how to do it right.

  7. I am not really sure what grade I would give the congress. I feel like make good decisions sometimes, while at other times they are not really helpful in any way. They definitely have to improve in many different areas. This is something I would have to think about for a long time to give them the grade I think they should get.

  8. I would give congress a D.In my opinion I believe that many representatives don’t even try. Many write a lot of bills but then again a few become a law. I also don’t hear much about them, there unpopular. But one thing I do know is that they aren’t passing laws.

  9. Nicole Sciortino

    I don’t know what grade I would give congress. I think that they do get stuff done like passing bills and working on real issues to change the country for the better. I think if the house would try to get along then laws would be passed. Other than that I couldn’t give a grade to congress but I also think that they are not doing a bad job.

  10. Rebecca Albarran

    I am not very impressed with congress. I do not believe they have the majority in mind, instead they are more focused on the money they will be making by supporting certain companies. Government is too focused on making money then helping people and improving our country.

  11. I don’t think any of those grades apply. Is it possible for me to give them an Incomplete? Between their stagnant nature at certain times and political posturing, I can’t give them a grade. It merely seems to me that Congress simply is interested in ‘being right’ as opposed to what’s right for the people. I am taking a US History course now and what I am noticing is that the same thing existed even when the colonies were forming a nation. What a shame!

  12. Martha martinez

    I think a C is a good grade for them, after this week in class it opened up our eyes I guess you can say. I honestly thought that they did more as congress but instead they are more focused on keeping their position.

  13. I think it is a F because they are mostly worried about the money going into their pockets and what they can do for the people that give them that money to pretend they give a damn. I have not seen a real change in the laws or bills that to help the USA and the people grow. In the end the people vote them in so I would say its an IMCOMPLETE. The people that keep voting these in other words douche bags in are mostly only voting just to keep their party in office.

  14. Kristen Colbert

    I think that congress has to many responsibilities that that do not want nor can handle. They get put with a lot of blame, and I don’t really think it’s fair that how there main goal is just to get re-elected for another term. There should be a limit on number of terms.

  15. I’d give congress a C. They are doing things that are good at times, but on the flip side, they are doing things that aren’t that commendable. Sometimes it seems that they are blatantly ignoring issues that need to be addressed, but they do enough in the public’s eye to make them look good.

  16. Brittany Alton

    I gave congress a C because although they are doing some good, such as passing laws that need to be passed, some of the things that need to be taken care of aren’t being taken care of. I wouldn’t consider them great and I wouldn’t consider them terrible, so a C to me means they are average.

  17. Nikki Thompson

    I would give congress a C because, yes all they care about is money and not really worried about the people. But we always need to think of some good laws being passes that could maybe help us in the future. So maybe when they “help” us they are more helping themselves but we have to realize nobody is perfect.

  18. Congress deserves like a letter C. you know in college, a C is passing but barely passing and not good enough for me. After learning the real things that congress does i just feel like it;s just there as something else to be “important in decision making” but like i don’t think they really server their purpose and they just work on themselves to make money to keep a job by getting re-elected each time.

  19. Honestly I do not know much about the congress or pay any attention to their works, but as far as what I learnt in class, I don’t have high grades on them. All they do is concerning to be re-elected in the next election. And I know they are just using strategies to put ‘works’ under their name so people think they have actually did contribution to the society.

  20. My choice was “I don’t know” because I don’t really pay as much attention as I should to Congress. Their decisions aren’t always the best. They tend to ignore the issues that should be addressed. Congress only does so much to make themselves look good to the people.

  21. I am not really sure what grade I would give congress because I really have no idea what they have done to help in the past years and the present. This would indicate that their grade should be below average, but nothing has gotten worse either in my life so then they would be average. There are a ton of issues that still need to be resolved and I hope in the years to come that they will do the honorable thing rather than the “save their ass” thing.

  22. marta malinowska

    I chose i dont know. Congress’ main responsibility is to make laws and so far its been ok i guess since the laws they make are fair. Although i dont know what other duties they have. I know they declare war as well and weve been in war for ever now so they fail at that because theres no reason americans should die at war every single day.

  23. I would grade congress with a D, there are many issues that have been addressed to congress and not sufficient effort has been made to pass certain bills.

  24. Samantha Arnold

    I think they are pretty terrible at getting things done. One side holds up the process of passing important legislature. Inaction is just as bad as passing detrimental bills. It becomes a slippery slope, when average people see Congress’ inaction, they think that their vote doesn’t matter because they aren’t getting stuff done anyhow. Which then causes low voter turn out, which then causes the same old people to win, thus creating a cycle of a whole lot of years of DOING NOTHING.

  25. Melissa Johnson

    I voted under the “I do not know.” I must be very honest when I say I do not know the grade of Congress. I do not pay much attention to politics and follow what the Congress actions are in day to day life. Their decisions may not always reflect what is best for the rest of us, but what is best for them. Congress is always chasing money and want the most for their dollar.

  26. Teresa Hamilton

    I gave a C because they are doing a fair job but they could be a stronger working team. Being in congress is stressful so I cant blame them for not being perfect. I just feel they should think through a little more when making decisions.

  27. I would give congress a c, because they aren’t doing a good job or a bad job. They are taking care of things but there are more important things that need to be taken care of. I think they should be focusing more on our economy

  28. Marisol Rodríguez

    I would give them a D because I believe they can do better and address issues faster. They should show the people that they are doing something to pass bills.

  29. Since their priority is staying in office and getting re-elected, I certainly wouldn’t give Congress an A or a B. But also, not everyone in Congress is corrupt, so I wouldn’t give them an F either. I would say they are stuck between a D or a C. They need improvement. Set their priorities straight and focus on what’s good for our country rather than whats good for them. I would give Congress a C-.

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