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“I am not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.” — Then Congressman Newt Gingrich (R-GA) of Georgia

What is your take on the status quo in government?

25 responses to “Quote of the Week

  1. The status quo needs to change. This country is falling apart. From the economy, jobs to in my opinion our military. We have one of the best militaries in the world, but the government is ruining it. Cut backs, troops being cut by the tens of thousands. Countries used to fear the US, now they laugh at us.

  2. Renad Shehadeh

    I believe the time has come were the status quo should be reconsidered, due to all of the problems it has concluded to. I agree with congressman Newt Gingrich, and his statement made towards the status quo, it should be overthrown, rather then preserving it and having our government involve us into more issues. We are brainwashed into thinking that everything our government provides and acts towards is the reassurance of our safety, but in reality their actions are done for their own safety, not ours. The status quo has left America in debt, it has costed thousands of lives over war, and it has left society standing with no hope. We have no say or power to change the status quo, and if the government is in favor of it , it will never change or go.

  3. Taylor Sonichsen

    I believe it needs to change. Nothing seems to go right. Our country is falling into pieces. Whether we change it completely or reconsider everything. We used to be on top and now we are looked down upon.

  4. I would have to say that the status quo of our government is a bit lop-sided, if you will. We go from one bad situation to the next and everything that is effecting us citizens seems to be getting abolished, but more being pushed to the side. I say it is time to finally make many, if not at least some, changes to our status quo. The government has to start bettering itself so that they can better its people. It has gotten to the point where every good situation has turned so dark, that the people are starting to fear their government, which is backwards if you ask me. Not to be cliché, but I believe in the words of V from the movie V for Vendetta who quoted, “People should not be afraid of their government. Government should be afraid of their people.” This is what I believe needs to happen because, without us, the government is nothing, and if nothing changes the government may even fall in the near future.

  5. Joanna Wolowiec

    The status quo needs to change because the U.S is viewed as weak and unorganized. The government in my opinion will never get better we have been going down a slope for many years and I do not see it getting any better. Many people in the government lie and hide the truth from citizens, as long as the public is happy and hidden from the truth then nothing will go wrong also, the government over powers citizens in most cases which keep from making a necessary change.

  6. I think that this is a pretty good statement. A lot of politicians stick to what they’ve known for years, when in reality america needs change. Not drastically, but if congress,house, and the president continue to do the same things over and over how is america supposed to benefit? There is absolutely no way to achieve any great product if we continue to stick to the status quo. Let’s remove that general idea completely and allow new progress to start

  7. The current status quo is getting nothing done. Or i should say getting nothing done quick. We need some minor changes in the way our government works. not anything major. Just small amendments.

  8. The status quo in our government is awful. Our nation is falling apart because of the divide with political parties. Both Democrats and Republicans feud for years and years over everything which will never get anything concrete done. I mean for crying out loud our government shutdown for 16 days. That in which impacted our economy horrifically. I believe the only thing the United States has going for itself is the “Green Machine” meaning our armed forces. If we can’t come together to fix this country and make decisions that’s going to benefit us in the long run, we’re definitely doomed for an awful future of debt, lack of education, and violence.

  9. I believe the status quo in our government is long overdue for a change. In my honest opinion I think that this nation is falling apart. People seem to often disagree with what the government spends money on and (at leas from what I see) most people do not trust the government. I think the people want to be able to trust the government but more often the government seems to benefit itself and those who are corruptly involved then it seems to benefitting the people, which is actually quite sad. The government needs to change for the better and work with its people to better this nation so that people feel safe trusting the government and we can become a strong nation like we once were.

  10. We need to change the status quo. It is long overdue and much needed. This country needs some change from all political aspects. This country is at its weakest and we need it to be stronger. I didn’t care for Newt Gingrich when he ran for president but it is a completely valid statement.

  11. Luke O'Farrell

    Congress in the modern day is not working as it should. When a part of the government is not working as it should it either needs reformation or abolishment. To go overthrow the status quo would be the reformation needed.

  12. Muhammad Matariyeh

    I agree regarding the need to change the status quo of the government. Some changes have been implemented, such as Obamacare, but overall, it’s difficult to assess the true amount of changes implemented by Congress recently. Instead, Congress consists of a bunch of whiny politicians seeking to please their voters, rather than making a change for the best.

  13. I believe that is an incredibly powerful statement. This statement can mean either good, bad or fall somewhere in between. Nevertheless, I still believe that this can be a scary viewpoint for the public to hear. It in my opinion, shows unpredictability in the future. It is a very strong saying however.

  14. To me this quote states that the congressman feels that the amount of power he has can change the rule of what we have. This also shows that the amount of power congress people feel when they get to be part of congress. For me the status qou of congress is try to win and remeber those who are important help you won.

  15. I believe the term ‘overthrow’ is not a correct term for American government. There are many parts of the government, and power is dispersed between the people and legislative figures serving the United States. It’s up to the people to elect new officials and to strive for that new change. The same course of action over and over again shows no success in the long-run.

  16. I think it needs to change because the United States used to be looked at as one of the most powerful & successfully country. Now our countries look at us as a weakness because the limits we give the military. It could be a little change or different ways to become better. We also need to have the right people in the right places.

  17. Nathalie Hernandez

    I believe that the status quo in our government is over due for a change. I can agree that i believe that our nation is falling apart. People seem to often disagree with the government and what they spend money one. I feel that the government needs to change for the better and be able to work with people so we can actually see changes.

  18. Basically, I believe that the status quo in government need to change. I think the United States Government although it seems very powerful, but there has been a bit of risk.Government debt is expected to reach 90% of the United States gross domestic product by 2022, if not sooner.Economists have identified the opposite levels of debt, but the sad state of events is increasing, consumer sentiment on both sides of the results. From recessions showed that the United States Government’s status quo should be appropriate to change.

  19. I don’t know what this quote means. I know what the words “status quo” mean in a dictionary sense but in this context it sounds like gibberish -a completely meaningless pairing of words. What was Gingrich aiming to change? Gridlock? He was notorious for causing it. Did he want campaign finance reform? He certainly doesn’t anymore.
    I’m not a fan of the level of cynicism people tend to have with regard to the very basics of our political system but crafty statements like this which can be interpreted by the listener pleases ought to be approached with a great deal more skepticism than is being shown here.

  20. …which can be interpreted however the listener pleases…

    Now I feel like an idiot. I’m hanging my head in shame and going home.

  21. what exactly is the status quo? I believe the government should start focusing more on the issues at hand more so then the arguments between the parties. I believe that if you want to overthrow something then one should really go about it then be on the same track as everyone else.

  22. Personally, I am all for stirring the pot. Messing with the status quo in all situations may not be the most beneficial but you can almost guarantee there will be an interesting outcome. Now, I am not going to speak about our congressman and woman as if I am an expert, but from the brief time I have spent following politics I can conclude that the status quo for not only congress but the entire U.S. government should be challenged. The Washington Post has an article explaining why this is the worst congress ever. Here are just a few reasons: this congress is not passing laws, they are to polarized, they vetoed the affordable care act 33 time I don’t know about you but that just means they are wasting time on one thing when there are other pressing issues, the FAA shutdown, and probably the biggest (in my opinion) they failed the fed during the greatest recession since the depression of 1929.
    If the status quo that we current have continues there will be pretty much no work done besides petty bickering and popularity contests to say who controls what house. It’s disappointing when you really think about it.

  23. The status quo in our country’s politics appears to be that the rich people are in control of our economy and country. We (the people) rarely feel as if our voice is heard. I hear constantly of people who don’t vote and don’t follow politics because they feel as if it is pointless and nothing will change anyways. I would love for the status quo to be overthrown.

  24. The status quo needs to somehow change. Our government is slowing falling apart and no one is paying attention to it. People are not happy with what is going on anymore, but the ones running it do not see a problem. They need to overcome what is holding them back and fight for things to be right in our country so everyone is happy and can live happy.

  25. I believe that the status quo definitely needs to change. Our nation isn’t doing well at all and I think if we change the status quo it can get better over time. If we change it now I believe by 2030 things will be a lot better.

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