Your Opinion on the Parties

You might be thinking, “There’s not a dime’s worth of a difference between the Republican and Democrat parties.”  However, there has to be some sort of difference between the two, otherwise, you would have one political party instead of two competing parties.  Where do you think the biggest difference arises between the two?

12 responses to “Your Opinion on the Parties

  1. The biggest difference between the two parties is there stance on important issues. On social issues they never agree, one party is for it and the other is against it. Also the amount of power that the government gets is a difference between the parties. Other than that both parties are very similar.

  2. Peter Makarski

    The biggest variations in parties are their stances on issues. The normally argue the same issues but take seperate sides. People would support them based on what side the canidate chooses. Other than that the parties are fairly similar.

  3. The two parties are very different on all issues in my opinion. They have different views on the outlook on the country and the world. Republicans are more for the richer, wealthier americans and they care more about global issues than domestic issues, while democrats are more for the middle class, poor americans and care more about domestic issues than global issues. But on the other hand both parties can be similar

  4. Tracy Gray-Caruthers

    These parties are so interesting to me, because the rhetoric is insane. One party (I won’t name names) seems to be the party of the old guard. They seem to be all about “how can we take this country back to the good old days?” What they don’t seem to realize is that the “good old days” weren’t all that good for some people…like blacks, women, gays.
    The other party seems to be the party of, “whatever you like.” Like the promised bride of Prince Akeem, from “Coming to America”, who couldn’t be persuaded to tell the Prince her real opinion on anything. Whatever the constituents seem to want, they’re all for it. You want the church to perform your abortions on Sundays, and while the minister is standing in the pulpit, he can also marry two men, all under the crucifix of Jesus Christ, but we’re never allowed to actually say Jesus Christ (or Merry Christmas, even on December 25th. Gotta make sure to say, “Happy Holidays”), or mention the fact that gay marriage & abortion go against the Christian doctrine, because that makes a person intolerant or bigoted or a member of that “other” party. ~ I guess that’s the difference.

  5. The biggest difference is that they republican party is for the people and they have better ethics and morals for humans as to where the democrats are all about them and the American people don’t matter. Those I think are the two biggest issues between the two parties.

  6. As far as I can tell, there are only a couple of major differences between the Democrat and Republican parties. They are fiscal obligation and moral obligations. Democrats, better known as liberals, seem to have a much more loose interpretation of certain issues, such as same sex marriages; whereas Republican mindset is much more traditional. Fiscal mindset works much the same way. Republicans, to put it bluntly, are not as in favor of “handouts” (in the form of public aide), whereas Democrats are more proponents of it.

  7. Major differences between both of the parties are the issues they stand for. I wouldn’t say that there’s not a dimes worth of difference in them because they are very different. One might fight for gun control as the other is against. This is how voters pick the party of their choice.

  8. In my opinion, the absolute major diffe ended between the two parties have to be there social views. For the most part the way the Democratic Party stands on social views is very liberal. Pro choice, specific views on gay rights and gay marriage, and birth control. These (for most instances) are the opposite for the Republican Party. Social views are definitely where I see the biggest difference.

  9. the biggest difference between the two parties is the views they have on key issues. democrats usually lean more liberal on key social issues such as gay rights and foreign policy. the parties basically operate the same ways at their core though,

  10. I think the differences between the two parties rely solely on major issues such as gun control, abortion, government spending, and immigration. It also seems stereotypical that people think republicans are more conservative in general than democrats because of some of their beliefs. So there are differences between the two parties but there is such thing as a good/bad republican and a good/bad democrat.

  11. Well i’m still trying to comprehend Kyle Kelley’s comment….

    but in tune with most, the biggest differences seem to be among social issues. I also think though, along the lines of “caring about the american people” that there is a pretty noticeable difference.

    While republicans are anti-union, for a flat tax, for “abstinence only sex ed”(good luck with that one), &against contraceptives being included in health care(that’s a real winner too!).. I would really love to know who that’s helping and how…

  12. Chris Biernack

    The differences come with their stance on different issues. Democrats tend to help people out but at the cost of raising taxes. Republicans usually try to provide a little less government assistance.

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