Only Those Officially In…

This poll is only offering those candidates for President who as of Monday, April 6 have officially stated that they are running for the highest office.

8 responses to “Only Those Officially In…

  1. I don’t think of these candidates have a chance because I haven’t seen much about any of them. They haven’t put themselves out there and usually there’s just two candidates people try choosing from. But if I had to choose I would choose Cruz because he is trying a little bit. But no one pays attention to candidates that do not have commercials or speak to the public.

  2. Nicole Sciortino

    To be honest I have never heard of any of these candidates that are suppose to running for office except for Ted Cruz. There are no commercials or ads on the computer for these other candidates so I don’t even know what there plans are for when they become president. Plain and simple if I don’t know who you are I won’t vote for you. If these candidates really want voters to start caring about voting for them they need to put out some publicity. Who knows in the next few months there might be more people that say they are going running for office or dropping. Like I said as of right know I have no idea who I would vote for.

  3. Muhammad Matariyeh

    Of the above listed candidates, I think Rand Paul may have the best shot at winning. Overall, I anticipate Jed Bush will win the republican nomination once he announces his intent to run for President.

  4. Kristen Colbert

    For most of these candidates, they haven’t really came out about theyre campaign yet. Ted Cruz was the first one to come out about his campaign, his name is the only one that I really recognize. I believe it is way to soon to be able to decide, but Ted Cruz does have an advantage for coming out with his campign already.

  5. Well I really don’t know because I don’t know any or these guys. I don’t know what they stand for and what they are promising on how they will change things and make things better then they are. I only know Ted Cruz because we talked about him in class.

  6. Samantha Arnold

    I think that none of these are going to make the GOP nomination. Cruz is sort of in his own world and a bit far on the spectrum of realistic as a nominee. Carson seems a bit military crazed and lets not forget that some of Obama’s opposition harped on the color of his skin when referring to his shortfalls. Paul is a non interventionist and that sort of thing doesn’t much align with Republican ideology, and Everson, who is Everson? Haven’t seen one article on him running.. I actually had to look him up. I’m eager to see what the next few months bring in way of candidates.

  7. Teresa Hamilton

    I believe Rand Paul has the best chance out of all the options. He is the most one that believe in helping the people in some ways. The others only think about the rich. I really don’t want none of them to win but if I had to choose it would be Rand Paul.

  8. Rand Paul in my opinion has the best chance, if you’ve payed attention most of the candidates have made it pretty clear that they are putting their name in the hat to run so their platforms can be reasonably guessed at. Rand to me seems to have the best idea he labels as a republican, but many see him lean more towards the libertarian side of things. He very much so believes that your personal life should be left up to you. Currently no one really cares about any other issue besides social ones, so if he can appeal to the public’s social wants then he is a clear winner.

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