Media Moguls as Presidential Candidates

In 1940, Frank Gannett of the Gannett Media Corporation decided that he would run for President as a Republican.  He did not receive the nomination, as he lost to Wendell Willkie for the nod.  Gannett’s campaign was not a forceful one, and it did not lead to more media leaders running for President.  With the talk that Donald Trump would seek the Republican nomination for 2016, it brings about a question:  Do you believe that a media figure could run for President and be accepted as a serious candidate?

36 responses to “Media Moguls as Presidential Candidates

  1. Lyndon Jackson

    No, I don’t believe Americans would want a media mogul to be president.
    People enjoy receiving information from the news but I don’t think they fully trust them. The media is known for lying and twisting around facts and I think this mistrust carries on to the media moguls. But, I do believe a public figure could run for President and win, Ronald Reagan is evidence of that.

  2. Presley O'Neil

    I think with the right person absolutely, Nixon did it. The main problem will be(as i believe it will be Trump’s) that they can easily be widely disliked. With already being in the public eye, the public may have an already formed opinion of the candidate.

    On Trump, while a lot of people are taking his want to run as a joke- he clearly knows how to balance a budget and handle money, so while I absolutely hate him to his very soul as a human being; he may be just what America needs right now.

  3. William Tobias

    I think a media figure could be a presidential candidate. It just depends on who it is. Do I think Trump could do it. On the business end of the government he is a little too over the top, especially with what I see as hatred towards certain government officials. Maybe if he was paired with the right military mind it could work. He just doesn’t have that type of background for it all. I think the media figure would have to be more level headed and not so outspoken as him. I’m not sure on who that would actually be, but it could be done. Years ago my dream presidential team was Lee Iacoca and Colin Powell. Iacoca had the business and finance end down with Powell who would have been the great military mind.

  4. Sammia Shehayber

    I believe that a media figure is capable of running for president if they go about it the right way. If they have a strong fan base and a good enough reputation, it is possible. They must make smart choices in showing what they can bring to the table as a president. However, I think it is very easy to mess it up. In regards to Trump possibly running for president, I believe he has the capability to do it because he is a smart business man, but I think his outspoken personality can easily put a target on his back for people that do not already like him.

  5. Rebecca Albarran

    I believe it depends on the celebrities type of work and how serious they are taken with that work. I would not be able to take Donald Trump serious. He is know for being greedy and he doesn’t not seem like a person that would care about anyone but himself and the money he would be receiving. I do not think most celebrities would be successful politicians.

  6. Renad Shehadeh

    I believe a media figure could not run for President and be accepted as a serious candidate. The media already has already portrayed the image of the idol, changing the image of the face that millions are familiar with wont be an easy win for them. Its a whole different ball game, and various set of rules that restrict them from their usual life style. Yes, they may have the votes, due to their fame, but should we vote for someone just because he/she is a celebrity? It’s a spot that they are unfamiliar with, and don’t understand the actuality and true meaning behind. Media figures would be running for their own benefits rather than ours.

  7. David Surowka

    I do believe a media figure can run for president. It largely depends on who it is. these figures can be as easily admired as they can be disliked. It all depends on if the individual does it correctly.They can easily succeed as they can fail. Depending on the choices they make, will determine if they will be successful or not.

  8. Christine Dell

    Yes, I believe a media figure would have a chance to win a presidency term. However, it would definitely depend on who it is and how good their campaign is. I don’t believe they would have an upper hand in winning because they are more publicly known. Seeing as they are already known to the media, most people probably already have made their views of this person prior to them running for president. This could be in some way harmful if they don’t have a good reputation to begin with.

  9. Allyson Buczyna

    A media figure would definitely have a chance to win a presidential election. It really depends on who the celebrity is, but someone like Donald Trump is pretty credible. I think the fame would only boost a campaign and, in turn, lead to more votes. Someone with a questionable track record like Miley Cyrus or Kim K, however, might not be taken as seriously. Overall, yes a media figure could run in a presidential election and be taken seriously, but it really depends on who the media figure is and their past.

  10. Alejandra Loera

    I think a media figure would have a half and half chance. It depends on who the person running for the presidency is. If the person is a total joke then obviously he would not have a chance. But if the person looks like an honest serious person then why wouldn’t he have an opportunity to run as a candidate por the presidency? it all depends on who it is that we are talking about. If the person running has good communication skills and also a good way to convince and to debate then he defiantly has a chance.

  11. Melissa Johnson

    Depending on who the media figure is really the determining factor if they will be taken seriously or not. Media figures are very eligible to run in a presidential campaign. They are many determining factors that will decide if this media figure will be a successful candidate including their type of work, skills, and their admiration of the country. I do believe media figures can be potential candidates that could be taken seriously.

  12. Muhammad Matariyeh

    In my opinion, media figures face greater obstacles than normal politicians in running for president. Oftentimes, media figures possess a fans and critics based on their reputation within the media, resulting in voters not focusing on the issues at hand. This inherently results in a handicap for media figures in being taken seriously.

  13. I believe that Donald Trump could do a very good job as our next president because he does not crave the media attention like other presidents in the past. He is a serious business man and a successful one at that, which is also why I believe he could be a good president. Many of the decisions the president makes closely resemble business decisions, and Trump obviously has been successful in that aspect. If he runs a serious campaign with good ideals, yes he can be taken seriously by the public and the Republican party.

  14. Hiu Yan Ip (Iris)

    I believe that a media figure could run for President and be accepted as a serious candidate. Although he did not belong to any parties and there is no parties to support him, he can still become the candidate. Also, media is to tell the news the the public. It can help him to become more popular and more people to know him. But at first, he need to have a good image in front of the public. If more people accepted him, he can get more votes.

  15. stephanie michalak

    I think that if the right person ran, absolutely. Ronald Reagan did it, so why not Donald Trump? You just have to prove you have what it takes to run a country, show the country your plan for the next four years. Just because you can run a television show and have a building in downtown Chicago does not necessarily mean you are good in the political world. Just set the right message with your audience.

  16. In my Opinion, media figures can be taken completely serious. They have more knowledge than what you see behind the T.V screen. Some figures are actually very intelligent and would make a good candidate. Some may not win, but they would definitely have a fair chance. For example, someone like Justin Bieber should not be elected or even considered, but someone like Donald Trump, Is a good choice.

  17. Prior to looking at others responses my first thought was Ronald Reagan did it. With that being said if Donald Trump decided he what end to make a run and had valuable views I see no reason why he couldn’t get the republican nomination. Just to be clear, I’m not saying I’d support him just that it has happen in the past. Guess you just never know what’s going to happen in American politics.

  18. I do not think that a media figure could run for president and be taken seriously. This is just my opinion and i’m sure other people would disagree with me. I just would not be able to take them seriously no matter what they say they are going to do to make our country better. I think I just feel this way because people are probably going to vote for a media figure more than they would for someone who isn’t as well know, not because of what they will do for our country.

  19. Jennifer Dell

    I really doubt people would be able to take a media figure seriously when running for president. If an actor, actress, musician, or someone else of the artistic side of the media ran, I don’t think people could vote for them. Because they are already pictured as someone in that field it would be hard to trust them in a position such as president. I believe that people who run for president tend to have similar characteristics that make them a good fit for president. I don’t think successful media stars possess these same skills. In fact I think they possess other ones that make them unique enough to become the stars they are.

  20. I do think a media figure can run for president. I think it does depend on who is running though. The candidate can receive many votes simply because of the popularity they have from fans or followers. Some media figures are much more intelligent than people would see at first glance and perhaps they would be a good president. It all depends on the intelligence of the candidate and whether or not they are truly going to make a change for the better.

  21. I know in the past we had a president that was a actor, so I believe we could have a media figure as a president. If the media figure was well known and respected he or she can easily get on the ballot. I feel a media figure might be good depending on who it is. Also the media figure might be more open to sharing with the public because he or she is in the field of sharing information.

  22. Please – absolutely not. More often, media moguls are only interested in the cameras. I would only think this would affect that person’s agenda and not be in the best interest of the country. 😦 In addition, the president has quite a bit of control on what goes on not just in the US but worldwide. Why would I want someone who has so much of a personal agenda be the leader of the free world?

  23. No. They do not have any in depth political knowledge. Most of the knowledge they gain is from the interviews they conduct with political figures and listening to the news about current world events or changes that might be coming. They usually put the negative aspect into politics all the time and would not with themselves cause they wouldn’t want to ruin their reputation. Donald Trump is wealthy because he is smart with his money and invested it the right way. I don’t think he would be a serious candidate to run the United States of America.

  24. I think the chances are half/half and it depends no the media figure’s previous image. If he/she acts appropriately and never have any bad scandals, remaining positive image is really important for the people to think about them. Moreover, the media figure can earn the support of their previous supporters which is a good thing.

  25. Nathalie Hernandez

    Yes I do believe that a media figure could be a serious candiate for president. Public media figures can have a big impact on the publics perception. An example would be Walter Cronkite, known as “the most trusted man in America “. He reported on CBS News during the Vietnam era from 1937 to 1981, including bombings in WWII. He gained the trust of most Americans during the countries most difficult conflicts.

  26. marta malinowska

    I do not think a media candidate would be taken seriously when running for president. Theres a slight chance that the candidate would actuallly get elected. There are many celebrities that attemped this before and have not won. I feel like most of society thinks that they belong in the media and not politics.

  27. Michael Wozniak

    I do believe a media figure would be accepted as a presidential candidate. Usually a high ranking media figure has the chances of winning in office whether its for mayor, senator, governor, or president, one figure of the media i know would have the highest ratting in winning the presidential election would be Bill O’Reilly for his shows high ratings and attitude towards any type of situation regarding America. What makes it likely for a Media tycoon to win in Presidency is that whatever type of media he/she had, the figure was able to speak with out any type of fear for what they’ll say about our economies situation, and with that type of attitude, it then wins the hearts of the tycoons viewers.

  28. I would say a media figure would not have a good chance at winning presidency. However, another position like governor or mayor that it would be. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example for that.

  29. i believe that the majority of people would find it hard to take a candidate such as donald trump seriously because he has no political backround. he has no experience in foreign policy or anything else to be honest. i wouldnt vote for anyone with so little experience.

  30. I think a media figure could be run for a presidential candidate, but only depends on who operates it. Media in today’s society is very important,
    I believe that the well-known storyteller will use the central role of the media as he pulled more votes.Nowadays people’s perceptions and behavior are influenced by media opinion, as the characters at the center of the storm, either from exposure or on occasions for speech are always being mentioned.

  31. miguel magdaleno

    I believe a media figure would not make it to presidential candidate, I feel like just because they are well-known and popular doesn’t mean people will see them as a serious or experienced enough person to run the country.

  32. I believe a media figure could definitely run for a presidential candidate, it all depends on who it is and how successful they are. Another contributing factor would be if they had a large enough following and if they didn’t have any mishaps in the past. I believe Trump could make a run to be a presidential candidate but with his personality and him being in corporate America and being a media mogul it will be tough. I also think that with little to no political experience it may deter people to vote for him to run our country as president.

  33. Marisol Rodríguez

    I do believe that a media figure could run for president and be accepted as a serious candidate if the person is qualified. If the person is someone who is liked in the media they will have a higher chance of winning. I do see Donald trump running for president and maybe even having a chance. People judge him but don’t really know how he is. He might be good for the county.

  34. Yes I think someone being a media figure would increase their chances of winning an election. Someone of Donald Trump’s caliber could accomplish almost anything and being as successful as he is could probably be a decent president too. I mean, who has done anything that notable in the last 50 years as president? Someone famous trying to win an election couldn’t be any worse than all these other guys who usually make things worse based on “what they think is best.” I think mostly anyone could be taken seriously as a candidate and that’s a scary thought.

  35. I believe it’s possible. If a media figure can show us how dedicated and really are into becoming a president I would give them a chance. If they seem to really know what’s going on and share some valid points on issues I would listen. I would also look into their background because a lot of their interests in politics and the government could be something I personally never knew about.

  36. I believe that a media figure could run for president if they tried hard enough. They already have the publicity, all they need to do is come up with a solid plan. If they can come up with a plan that appeals to the people, and gets the people to like him or her there is no reason that they can’t run for president. #PSC110

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