This Week’s Campaign Ad — Ross Perot ’92

The following is an ad from the Ross Perot (I) campaign for President in 1992.  Perot finished third to then-Governor Bill Clinton (D) and the incumbent President, George HW Bush (R).  What are the highlights or lowlights of this ad? Critique it.

9 responses to “This Week’s Campaign Ad — Ross Perot ’92

  1. Sammia Shehayber

    Perot clearly states the issues that he is trying to change, which is a good thing because it lets the audience know what they are voting for. He also gives the message directly to his audience by using the statement, “Vote your conscience.” At the end of the ad, it says that Perot paid for it, which shows that he did not have another company campaigning for him. I think a lowlight to this ad is that he does not address his opponent at all so people might not know what issues to compare his to, and it will not hold a strong campaign because it is not memorable in a way that shows the viewers that he is better than his opponent.

  2. Lyndon Jackson

    One highlight from the ad is Perot’s decision to make the ad thirty seconds. But, a lowlight, from the ad would be it seems lifeless and I also think it was a mistake to use gray in the ad. People respond to colors, like red, blue, black, etc…..

  3. All in all, I thought this was a genuine ad. I believe Ross Perot did a nice job of getting to the point and making it short and sweet. The highlights of the ad were the ideas of a government for people and not a government directly enforcing on the people. Another highlight, was how he ended the ad-paid for by Perot. That looked professional right there.

  4. Michael Wozniak

    Ross Perot made his point in what he’s trying to change for the better by expressing it quick without giving it a sugar coated feeling to give his opinions a serious highlight. The lowlight to my opinion would be that he doesn’t mention his campaign opponent for his viewers to understand what will happen if they vote for his opponent.

  5. Presley O'Neil

    I think its a great example of what an ad should be like. He didn’t directly attack his opponents, and he laid out very clearly why you should vote for him. However, while this is the only ad of his I have seen, being so positive it may offer some insight into why he lost the election.

  6. Jennifer Dell

    I think it is affective because he is straight forward.He did not have to spend a lot of money paying for a flashy commercial. I like how it makes voting into a matter of consciousness. He is placing the voter responsible for the results of the country after the election. This is good and represents how voting should be taken seriously. However on the other hand, he is in no way saying how he will accomplish all of the things he states.

  7. Highlights of this ad definitely were from him aiming the benefits at the people and saying that their opinion will count. When he says “If you want a government that comes from the people and not at the people, let your vote say so.” He showed confidence and the ad wasn’t too lengthy. On the other hand, the ad doesn’t give the viewer ideas of what he is going to do for them.

  8. Chris Biernack

    Perot is very clear on what he will do which is good. Unfortunately Perot doesn’t sound assertive enough which is a negative for a presidential candidate. He said what he wanted to say but without any emotion, he sounded similar to Siri.


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