Off-Year Elections

22 responses to “Off-Year Elections

  1. Lyndon Jackson

    Yes I vote in elections even when the President is not in a contested position. These are often just as important, if not, more important than presidential elections. Local elections really affect you and the people in your community.

  2. I have never voted, and I honestly probably will never vote. Its not that I don’t want to vote, but I just don’t understand government that well. I try to understand it, but I just don’t. I just feel that if I voted, I would be guessing, and if I vote, I want it to be because I know what who and why I am voting for that person. I would eventually like to understand government a lot more than I do, and hopefully that will happen one so I have the chance to vote.

  3. I vote in all elections. The presidential is important but sometimes I don’t feel my single vote has much impact on the outcome.I personally feel that my vote for local elections have more meaning. The issues are closer to home and the results are often ones that I can see right away because they usually affect my family directly.

  4. Lauren Ryczek

    I really do not feel that it is important to vote if the election is not contested. i feel that the vote does not really matter if it is not a close race,I think voting only really matters if the race is very close,otherwise it really means nothing.

  5. Alejandra Loera

    I’ve never voted but think that all elections are important if you are into politics. People often complain about governors and other things they don’t like about how our country or state of even city is being ruled. I think that people who don’t vote have no right to complain because they never gave an opinion. I don’t vote so i don’t complain but i certainly believe all elections are important because if only the presidency election was important we wouldn’t have other kind of elections, simple as that. #PCS110

  6. yes i do vote ,i vote to elect a representative who will act according to our wishes.

    We should vote to ensure our voice is heard.

    If we don’t vote then we can not make any changes to remove a corrupt person or government and to have a representative of our liking

  7. Nicole Sciortino

    I have never voted before, so I don’t know how I would vote. It is important to vote but what’s the point if there is no other name on the ballot. The city that I live in the mayor runs unopposed every single year and more than half the city doesn’t even vote. So like I said there is no point in voting for someone that doesn’t have a running mate and that person is going to win automatically anyway.

  8. Stephanie Michalak

    I am a firm believer in voting in elections because I believe in being an active citizen. It really bothers me when people complain about issues that can be solved through voting but they do not vote because they feel as though their opinion does not matter. Every position that we vote for is important and we as citizens should be aware of what is going on in our communities.

  9. I feel guilty – I typically don’t vote in elections that are not involving the presidency. I guess I thought that those elections weren’t as important. However, I’m beginning to wonder if I need to re-think this decision. I didn’t realize how many of the so-called ‘little’ things affect me – even down to who is over the school board (albeit I have no children) as well as what judges are elected to various seats.

  10. Kristen Colbert

    I have never voted in an election, but truly do want to. I want to make sure when I vote for a president or whatever the case is that I know why I am voting for that person, and have a strong reason for it. Since I do not vote now, I wouldn’t vote if the election wasn’t contested. I need to learn more about politics so that my opinion actually matters.

  11. I have not voted in one of these types of elections in a long time. I have to re-register in my town. With that being said I do think that these elections are important because it directly effects you and your family and the people in your community. You want the right people making the decisions in your city or village. I have heard of some problems in my village with the current mayor and other officials in the office. Everything from budget problems to not disclosing where money was spent. There are a lot of people in my villages mayoral office and I also think that is a problem. To many people have their hands in the pot and that can create many issues because no one is on the same page.

  12. Martin Oneill

    Well I use to vote for national, state, or local, but I have given up on voting because I just don’t like that the 2 choices we are given will and wont do anything to help or make things better, I will vote again when we get people that stand for what people fought for a long time ago instead of their egos or what cash will line their pockets,

  13. Tracy Gray- Caruthers

    I vote in non presidential elections. The elections certainly don’t hold the same excitement or fanfare, but I do feel like they’re equally important. L

  14. Brittany Alton

    I have never voted before. I don’t know as much as I would like to about the government, therefore I will not vote until I am educated enough to vote for the person I believe would benefit this country the most. Even if I wanted to vote I feel as though I would just be guessing who to vote for, which isn’t fair to anyone.

  15. Carlos Espinosa

    Id still vote. Its my civil duty to do so, and duty can be defined not by an obligation, but a call to a civil service. Getting involved in politics is what people should be doing solely to be involved, to better understand our government, and to have some control over the consequences that come from an election.

  16. I voted before, but I’ve never paid attention to the differences. I was able to vote once and I just went with what my parents told m. I vote for all elections and anything gping on to help the candidate win.

  17. I have never voted before, but I would vote if even if the Presidency was not contested. Voting is the greatest right that Americans have today and why would you forsake that? Support your stance no matter what, even if your guy loses. At least you can say you tried.

  18. Jolanta Turwon

    Ive never voted, and I wont be voting for quite some time, because I am a resident not a citizen. If the vote doesn’t matter I don’t really see a point in it. I mean yeah its a great thing that we, especially the women have this right and so many people fought for it, but unless the votes really matter I don’t see a point in it.

  19. Teresa Hamilton

    Of course I still vote because there are other important positions that need to be filled. The president cant do everything by himself, so thats why we as people need to elect others to help. I really think it would be ignorant to only vote for presidency elections.

  20. Michael Caballero

    I do vote in all elections because outside presidential elections is when you can vote for local representatives. Other elections allow you to vote for Governors, alderman, laws, ect… These elections give you the chance to vote for representatives that will work to help improve your life and your neighborhood and will have more impact on your immediate life.

  21. samantha arnold

    I originally didn’t register to vote because I didn’t want to get called for jury duty. I found out later that that’s a myth and that it doesn’t matter if you’re registered to vote or not, they call you up anyhow. Personally the only time I vote is in locals because it is more impactful than a national election.

  22. No i’ve never voted outside of presidential elections and i’d ought to. to me the reason why i don’t is because i don’t know enough about the canidates and i don’t put that effort into it. i think that voting outside of the presidential election is good because you’re voting for canidates as local representatives which could affect your community you live in.

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