Time for Another?

One of the biggest outbursts that people have about the two major parties in the United States is that Democrats sound like Republicans; Republicans sound like Democrats.  It can make your head spin.  As mentioned in class and on this blog, the nation was founded on a two-party system, where each party differentiated itself from the other on the issues.  When the country began, Federalists who believed in a strong, centralized government battled with Democratic-Republicans (Anti-Federalists) who believed that more power should reside in the hands of the states.  There was a clear delineation as to where each of these parties stood on the issues.  Today, many argue that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.  Some from that group will argue even further that the parties are not ideological enough.  Those who aruge this position believe that the Democrats should be more liberal and Republicans should be more conservative.  Do we have two moderate parties in the United States or are they more ideological then we make them out to be?  Is this the time for a third party to emerge in the United States?  If so, then what should that party look and sound like?


7 responses to “Time for Another?

  1. Lyndon Jackson

    I think it all depends on how you look at it. I would say that with the rise if the tea party movement and members of this organization being elected in office is a clear sign that Republicans have gotten more conservative. I also don’t think President Obama is very liberal at all, his stance on the drug war, the NSA scandal, and his dealings with journalist seeking more transparency all seem like Republican moves. The line is definitely blurring candidates like Elizabeth Warren are not even taken seriously.

  2. Political parties are quite an interesting subject. Personally, I do not believe there is need for another ideology or political party to emerge without great consent from the people. It’s a big point as to what the political party stands for. If a new party were to emerge, perhaps many would find it a good idea to represent the party to America through some source so that others can learn. What are the goals of the party, how did it start, and what does it stand for the good of humanity?

  3. honestly, i believe that the parties have more similar ideals behind closed doors. it is during campaigning that the candidates decide to try to difference themselves. it is all about trying to make sure that they are elected and they will go with whatever gets them elected.

  4. I think there are two completely different parties in our country. Each party has their own beliefs. Some are more radical than others I think but in the end they are different. Some things democrats say makes no sense as is the same for the republicans. I agree with the republicans and what they are trying to do as a whole. They are for the people as the democrats are not.

  5. Martha Martinez

    I think if there was a third party, it should lean more towards what the people want. It all revolves around money the campaigns, tv ads just so that person can be well known. I believe that it if someone who is let’s say “normal” would run. Our country would be in a better position they would know more of the problems that people go through. Most of these people who run are wealthy and don’t have to struggle like other people do. We need a party that would be more understanding of what goes on.

  6. miguel magdaleno

    I believe it is time for a new party to give the democrats and republicans a run for their money, there has been a two party system for the last 150 years, the world is changing daily so I feel like people’s political views are too, so instead of having to decide between only two choices they should get a third. instead of settling for one that doesn’t meet their ideas.

  7. Political parties are based on certain ideas and beliefs, how democrats should be liberals and republicans should be conservatives. But if that’s true, wouldn’t a third party fall under this same problems? There are only so many ideas of how this country should be run that eventually all three parties are just going to start to sound the exact same again. If nothing is changing now, then I don’t think adding a third party is going to make a difference.

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