Who Would Attend The Party?

A political party, loosely defined, is an organization that works to get candidates on a ballot with the hope of getting those candidates elected.  The end result for a political party is to transform its platform or agenda into public policy.  In the United States, we have a two-party system.  In a two-party system, the candidates from one of two political parties usually win in an election.  Those two parties are the Democrats and the Republicans.  Within each political party, party members represent a variety of ideologies, geographic regions, or interests.

Let’s assume for a moment, though, that a political party is like a party that is thrown at someone’s house.  You have been invited to one of the two political “parties”.  One house is a Democratic house.  The other is a Republican house.  Choose one of the two “house parties” and then explain what you might see at the party if you attended it.  For instance, if I attended a Democratic house party, then I might see a Union boss open the door for me.  At the party itself, the attendees might be more female than male or more minority than white.  I might I make this assumption because the Democratic Party gets its support from unions, women, and minorities.

13 responses to “Who Would Attend The Party?

  1. Graziella LiVolsi

    Let’s say I go the Republican party, I would be pulling up to a fairly nice, ritzier suburban neighborhood. Inside the house, I’d find most attendees to be quite older than myself, and mostly Caucasian men. There would be a group of CEO’s in one corner laughing it up about the stock market, and another group of married women planning a get-together after Sunday mass. Once the food is ready, I have to go to the buffet table myself and make a plate of snacks, not wait t be served or hand-fed by someone else.

  2. Tracy Gray-Caruthers

    I would probably attend the Democratic party, because I would think that there would be a younger, hipper and more interesting crowd there. I would expect to see several celebrities who favor the more liberal democratic view point. I would mingle with groups of college students who were thankful that they were able to attend school on Pell grants, and with government subsidized student loans. I would chat briefly with groups of people of color. I would breeze past gay couples, and immigrants. I would expect the food to be varied and inclusive of all tastes. I would expect the music to range from Jay-Z to Taylor Swift to Aerosmith and be very up-tempo.

  3. If I were to go to a republican party, I would say it would probably be a less warm and welcoming party. I wouldn’t expect the door to be opened for me at all. I also wouldn’t expect people to focus on their party guests, but instead boast about their lavish lifestyle or how good they are at what they do. I also would expect to hear ways to benefit wealthy people and improve the lives of themselves, but not for those who are less fortunate. I would also expect these people at the party to be very set in their ways, therefore giving my opinion wouldn’t really matter and or be the best idea at this type of party. If anything, the opinion I give would be taken and probably criticized meanwhile the housewives are in deep conversation about bookclub and how perfect their families are.

    Side note: This is doesn’t represent my opinions and or political viewpoints and isn’t intended to favor or bash any one party. I am just contributing to the blog.

  4. Treyce Criner

    I would attend the Republican party. This type of party suits me as I would see more reserved behavior. The tone of the room would be controlled as Republicans are a bit more reserved in their ways than that of Democrats. I’m certain I would see more white-collar workers (higher level executives, bankers, etc). I’m pretty certain I would not see too many disagreements because of the conservative nature of the crowd, they all have the same way of thinking, minimizing disputes.

  5. Muhammad Matariyeh

    I would attend a democratic party. Overall, I believe the parties are intended for the more affluent and influential to further increase the political funds and support. With that said, I think a Democratic party would involve more minorities, as well as a more diversified crowd. In a Republican party, I would be more concerned that my minority status may stick-out and more phoniness would exist. Regardless, I doubt either of these parties would appeal to me.

  6. I would attend the Democratic party. I would likely see a diverse (in all facets of the word) crowd, with more of a party vibe than a “wine and cheese” cocktail party (Republican party). I would hear conversations about grassroots movements, what we can to help people where help is needed both here, and across the world. I would be able to converse with just about every age demographic. I might be listening to music or enjoying a performance from Questlove, Gwen Stefani, James Taylor, Bette Midler and other supporters of the democratic party.

  7. I would attend the republican house party. I have some democratic view but mine are mostly republican. I think at a democratic party it would be more of a socialist type, everyone gets the same snacks, drinks, etc. but at a republican party you can have as much as you want. meaning more opportunities

  8. I would attend the Democrat party. I feel that I would be welcomed with many people of various backgrounds that would help me better understand their views. I think they would be a down to earth crowd who’s interested in what we the people feel needs to be addressed. I think my opinions would be heard and everyone would be helpful. The age of people at the democratic party would vary from the younger generation to the older one. I would be able to hear the pros and cons and some good stories of previous election parties.

  9. I would attend a republican party. I might see people that are against abortion, high position employees, and people who are for the 2nd amendment.

  10. If I went to the Democratic Party I would probably find a younger crowd with people my own age or an older crowd with more education. Studies have suggested that those who are younger and those who are educated are more likely to be liberal, thus, while this is definitely not iron-clad, they are more likely to show up at a democratic party. Also, I would probably find that there is a great deal of diversity regarding everyone’s religion as Republican ideals often stem from Christian faith, thus other religions would feel more comfortable at the Democratic Party .
    If I went to a Republican Party, I would find my Mom, my Grandpa, and my Grandpa discussing how Obama is a horrible president with a bunch of other people as Republicans and Democrats do not get along. I would also find more white, older men at the Republican party than the Democratic Party. Not to mention I would meet many individuals from the Bible belt and other southern areas as the South is known to be more conservative and therefore Republican.
    I would chose the Democratic party.

  11. I would like to attend to the Democratic Party. Not only i could find more younger people to gather more education together, also I am agree with the equality. Democracy is generally based on the rule of equality. I am very enjoy to listen and experience the equal economic, political and social rights.

  12. Michael Wozniak

    I’m actually going to go with the the Republican house. What or who I may see there would be politicians that support political views that are more constitutional, and who give a strong handshake when you greet them. I may also see statues, bust, pictures, or paintings that resemble historical republicans or past events that involved America such as the revolution.

  13. I would attend the republican party. Republicans= Individual responsiblity
    Democrats=Community responsiblity Republicans believe in individual rights and liberties. Democrats believe in community and social justice.

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