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  1. Peter Makarski

    I don’t think they mean anything at a local level because most people look at canidates rather than parties. The look for someone with same beliefs and outlooks that they themselves have. Both major parties start to sound the same in elections so that they can appeal to a larger number of people, therefore people choose canidates and not parties.

  2. Stephanie Michalak

    I don’t think that being a republican or democrat matters at a local level because people look more at the candidates. People will vote based off of what the candidate is going to do for their community rather than focusing primarily on their party. Plus a huge factor in voting is who the candidate is associated with, whether it be with family, or organizations they are in.

  3. I don’t think the name democrat, republican, and third party mean anything at the local level. People that vote at the local level don’t look for the democrats or republicans they look for the people that are helping the town and that have done good for the town. Since it’s normally a smaller town more people have the same views so they majority of the time belive in the same things or come to an agreement a lot faster.

  4. Allyson Buczyna

    I don’t believe that the names “democrat”, “republican”, or “third party” really matter at the local level. At small local elections, I think people tend to look at the actual candidates and their individual beliefs rather than the party title that they give themselves, or that they fall under. Locally, it depends more on who you know and how you advertise rather than what party you’re in.

  5. Rebecca Albarran

    I do not think republican or democrat matter when electing people at a local level. When electing someone at a local level you are more concerned with what there plan is for the community. Since these candidates are at a local level I also believe it has to do with there involvement in the community as well. Less people care about the political party they support and care more about what the candidate is known for around town.

  6. Alejandra Loera

    In my opinion the names don’t matter. People don’t care about the title, they see the person who is running to run this country. If people cared about the name then the same party would always win and that is not the case. I think people see what ideologies each candidate has instead of looking at the name. There is a reason why the candidates are known before the elections and why they present themselves giving speeches, that is for the voters to get to know their candidates and be able to chose wisely. #PCS110

  7. I don’t think they mean anything because in today’s world I see a lot of parties switching due to money problems or beliefs in certain things. Everyone changes their minds and do not even like calling themselves democrats or republicans. The world is a different place today and everyone seems to follow what they rather than who they think they are.

  8. I don’t believe that the names “democrat” or “republican” mean anything at a local level. People don’t really vote depending on the candidates party but rather at their actual beliefs and values. People should look at the actual person rather than judging him/her by their titles and labels.

  9. Beth Triezenberg

    At the local level I believe that people are more familiar with the individual as a candidate and not as a party. They vote for and support the people that they fell can do a better job or have a better reputation and track record.

  10. I don’t think that democrat or republican mean anything to politics at a local level. I think that the people vote for the person, not for what their title is. I think it has to do with the person, what they believe in, and how they are going to change things to make them better. That is what I look for in someone I am going to vote for, not what their title is.

  11. Martin Oneill

    At the local level it doesn’t matter what side you are for. Either republican or democrat they will screw us lower middle calls over and over again. I mean look at this recently mayors race we never get a republican mayor its all democrat and they people in Chicago keep getting screwed. I think that the party in Chicago at least has nothing to do with who gets elected and neither does the person. I think most people vote for the person they think will do less damage then the other guy or who lies better in their campaign

  12. Niko Dominguez

    At a local level I feel that it really does not matter because as long as they stay true to their word of what they will do when elected there should not be a problem. It comes down to what they want the people voting to hear whether it be truthful or a scam.

  13. At the local level I don’t think that the names democrat, republican, and third party mean a whole lot to most people. At this point, I feel the vast majority of the people are looking for the candidate that is promising to do what is best for the community that they live in. I feel they are looking out more for themselves and their family when it comes to local elections.
    The only groups that the parties really matter to are the unions. They want to support certain candidates that have their same beliefs so that they can keep their members working and survive.

  14. Melissa Johnson

    I do not believe that the names democrat, republican or third party mean anything for the local level. Most people will look at individual candidates rather than the political party they represent. Being in the same community, usually the candidates will discuss the same issues, ideas, and beliefs.

  15. chrisitne dell

    I do not know too much about politics, let alone at a local level. However, if I were to make an assumption I do not believe the terms “Democrat” “Republican” or “Third Party” play as much of a role in local politics. From listening to my parents and neighbors talk it seems to me that they base their decisions off of other factors. One being if they are familiar with or friends with the politician and another being what they are going to give back to their community and how beneficial they will be.

  16. Travis Nichols

    I don’t feel it matter to them, because if a person going to do there research on the individual anyways before they vote ,and they are going to vote for the one who they feel is going to give them the best out of it #psc110

  17. Treyce Criner

    I think a party affiliation does matter at the local level, especially in a city like Chicago. The communities are tightly knit – everyone tends to know everyone else and many form an alliance with those who have similar views. In that instance, it most certainly matters.

  18. marta malinowska

    I do not believe that the candidate being a democrat or republican matters. Locally citizens look at what is best for their town and the situation their town is currently in. Candidates could have a little of a republican view and a little of a democratic view when it comes to local elections.

  19. I don’t think people care about what party candidates choose, whether it’s democrat, republican, or a third party at a local level. Most people will tend to lean towards the candidate who is more willing to help the community further their progress. Most communities will vote for the candidate that is solely focused on bettering the community, and their political party won’t matter because most citizens in the community want what is best for everyone within the community.

  20. Rania Elayyan

    I do not believe it matters if they are a Republican, Democrat, or a third party at a local level. I think what really matters is the true person they really are and what they believe is best for the community. The candidate has to have a connection with their community and the environment. It doesn’t really matter if they are a Republican, Democrat, or third party if they have the locals attention of bettering the community.

  21. Honestly, I’m not one to follow politics like that but based on prior experience from people I know, they don’t base their votes on democratic or republican when it comes to local level voting. They look for the candidate who has similar background level, similar beliefs and values. What they don’t know is that they say what the people want to hear to get elected.

  22. I do believe that the parties do make a difference at the local level. If you have someone that doesn’t know much about the candidates running, then they will just vote for which group they believe to be in. If it didn’t matter then there would be no political party name next to the candidates name.

  23. Yulissa Mason

    In my opinion , I don’t think people care about about the names. I believe that people tend to focus more on what the candidate is really going to do to help their community. And to me what matters the most is the candidates intensions not just a title.

  24. I don’t believe they do so much at the local level. Candidates are going to have their own views on certain subjects and ideas but they don’t need to be categorized into 2 parties. Local is not nearly as big as state or federal so it seems kind of unnecessary.

  25. Jolanta Turwon

    I myself look at what the candidate stands for. If I’m one yet the candidate is another and I like what they stand for I may change my opinion. I feel that a lot of people do care weather it’s a democrat or republican

  26. Farrah Blaydes

    Locally ,I don’t think being a Democrat or republican matters to the voters. I believe people tend to focus more on which candidate would best improve their communities not which party the candidate s are affiliated with.

  27. I believe that at a local level political parties do matter. I feel like people are much less aware of campaigns going on locally. There is a much lower voting rate in local elections and if people go out and vote at all they may know little to nothing about the candidates. In national or state elections campaigning is much more obvious, it is easy to gather information whereas in local elections voters have to really do their research because it’s not put out there for them. I believe it is not unlikely that voters will just stick to the political party they generally favor and vote in that way.

  28. Nicole Sciortino

    I don’t think that a political title means anything at the local level. People are going to vote for who they want in office. The city that you live in people just vote for who they want to be mayor. Most of time no one pays attention if they are democrat or republican. Like I said at a local level nobody cares what political title you are under people are going to vote for who they want to.

  29. I don’t believe that the names of the party really matter at a local level. Because, at a local level you are looking more at the candidate and what they have to offer, than looking at a certain parties past or what they have done. At a local level people want to know more about the person than the political party they are affiliated with, so then people know who they are voting for and why they are voting for someone, instead of basing their opinions off of the political party the candidate is affiliated with. #PSC110

  30. Nikki Thompson

    i dont think that the above names really mean anything at the local level. At the local level you really aren’t looking at these three, you are most likely to be looking at candidates, and what they are all about. Usually people vote more on just the mayor and who they are, rather than looking at who is a republican and who is a democrat.

  31. They could have some meaning depending on what you are talking about. Even though mayors and appointed officials might not call themselves democrats or republicans, but the ideas behind what they want to do for the city or village might support what a democrat or republican might do at the federal level.

  32. I feel like the names matter to a certain extent, for example if your parents were democrats and same for your grandparents and so on then the name might matter. However, to someone like me-i look at what the candidates stand for.

  33. At a local level I do believe the names of the party have a meaning to them, but not entirely. In every local election democrats and republicans have different views and opinions on certain topics, but they also share the same on certain ideas. locally they will find a candidate who is most qualified, regarding of the party, people will still keep the name in mind.

  34. I do not think the names of political parties matter in local matter, at least for the most of them. This is because the local elections are more about individual candidate’s contribution. People would not blindly follow their own parties even if the proposal is not what they want.

  35. I say that they do not mean anything. Now of days people pick a person because of what they are doing,not because of what party they belong to. I think the only people who really stick to there party is the older crowd who still do things their way and only their way.

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