Social Networking Sites and Politics


62 responses to “Social Networking Sites and Politics

  1. Yes. When a candidate uses to social media sites to campaign, i believe they target a specific demographic. A younger demographic, perhaps somewhere between 18-35. Though that does not entirely eliminate any older folk. I think it helps them get their ideas to a whole new group of people and gives the opportunity to any potential voters to interact with those running for office. It’s a whole new platform for everyone involved.

  2. Social networking has a major impact on the voter’s decision. Us human beings attracted to the things that are appealing to the eye. We make most of our judgments within the first couple seconds of seeing something most of the time. If an official’s campaign is very appealing, it will give more of a chance that someone will vote for them and vis-versa.

  3. Teresa Hamilton

    Yes I do believe that social network has an impact on voting. Since social network is common now I believe that it might help a candidate. Especially since you can make numerous of status to pull people on your side. In contrast it could harm the candidate by having people think they have a lot of time on their hands and not doing much for the country.

  4. Matthew Knight

    I think that there is an impact on a voter decisions, but it isn’t necessarily a huge impact. Every social networking app gives the power to the people in the respect that they can choose what they see and also what they cannot see. With that being said, a voter using social networking has to be actively allowing political accounts to have a place in the voter’s news feed. With respect to the politician, however, there is very little to lose by being an active social networker. All of the major applications are free to use, and the only damage that is usually done to anybody, besides cyber bullying, on social networks is when a user posts something foolish, and they ultimately destroy themselves.

  5. I believe in the power of social networking. I think social networking has a large influence on their potential voter’s decision. It reflect their Interest in reaching out to the potential voters by sharing their message on political issues. Also, It allows them to connect with a huge audience. I believe people spend so much of their time on social networking sites, what better way to campaign?

  6. Jolanta turwon

    When they use social media they are trying to get the younger people’s attention. They make themselves seem more like the youth. That would make the younger people think that maybe this guys isn’t an old fart and will relate to the younger people’s issues.

  7. Social networking really does have a great impact on a voter’s decision. Social media is everywhere now a days and everyone keeps up with it. So everything a candidate or anyone wants something to be seen it gets put out there so it gives voters an opportunity to hear and see what catches their attention.

  8. In the world we live in today Social Networking is as big as commercials. Especially for the younger people. Social media is everywhere so why not advertise on it.

  9. Yes, it definitely has an impact on the voters’ decision especially for the younger voters. Making use of the social networking sites not only show people the candidate’s up to date persoective, it will also provide a place like forum for voters to express their opinions. Such kind of ways kind of resembles one of the function of government, which is to listen to the citizens’s opinion. This could win the younger voters over.

  10. Yes, it is going to impact the decision of the voter, but if that is beneficial or detrimental to the candidate is completely circumstantial. Social media, is no longer just a tool for friends to communicate. Social media has become a legitimate place to get your news. Most big news companies have a twitter account, a Facebook page, Instagram ect. Sifting through the crap content can be a challenge, but there is quality information still out there. When a candidate is running for anything and social media is involved, as much as this is a cliche response, a younger age group will be more involved. Even if the content seen on social media is not loaded with political jargon that demographic has now been reached, and maybe only ten percent of it may do actual research on the political candidate; it’s still votes potential gained. The same can go for hurting the politicians chances at getting elected. I have dumb stuff on my social media, and if I had to guess I would say most other people do too. A candidate can be completely destroyed with one private conversation being uploaded. Imagine the water gate tapes, but on steroids. Social media is no longer just for teens and college students, working real life adults use it as well, and when they see a negative post, it has a larger effect on the politicians chances.

  11. Possibly because some people care more for the Internet than what the actual candidate has to say. Elders seem to not even care because they hate the media as it is so they might lose a vote from them. It’s a confusing subject because it all depends on the person.

  12. Caileen Casey

    Social media is so influential, if only because of the sheer amount of people on those sites and how much time these people spend on these sites. Using social media allows a person to appear trendy, approachable, and up-to-date. It allows a candidate to connect to more people of varying demographics.

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