Term Limits

The President of the United States is limited to two four-year terms according to the 22nd Amendment.  After two terms, that President can no longer run again.  There are no term limits for members of Congress.  You can stay in office for as long as you are re-elected to that seat.  (Yes, I know.  Members of Congress can also resign, die, or be expelled from the House and Senate.)

53 responses to “Term Limits

  1. Yulissa Mason

    In my opinion, yes I do think there should be a term limit for both members of congress. I mean if the president has a term limit everyone in the house and congress should. I believe it would be fair, and as well it will give someone else the chance to share new ideas to better our country.

  2. Katie Peterson

    As a President you can overrun the Senate and Congress in certain situations. He plays a huge role in politics and sometimes his decisions are not the best. A President should be given only two terms because of his high position. Although both Senate and Congress are very important, it makes sense that they can be reelected numerous times because they are not the only one making a decision that would impact America. They may be a smaller part of the bigger picture, but if they continue to do a good job and help by improving situations, why not be reelected?

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