Push Polling

I posted this one back in 2012.

By now, many poll results have been reported to the public by the media.  Scientific polls were conducted to get those poll results.  Whether you are a Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or third party candidate supporter, you can rest assured that those polls results were compiled in a legitimate manner.  When you see polling companies such as Gallup, Rasmussen, Pew and the like, you know that the poll is credible.  Credibility is something that cannot be said for the push poll.

A push poll is not a real poll.  In fact, those who conduct a push poll are not concerned about the data gleaned from their surveys.  A push poll is conducted in an automated fashion over the phone.  The goal of a push poll is to put a rumor or false inference in the mind of the person who answered the phone.  It designed to sway voters from one candidate to another.  To the untrained voter, they may believe the push poll is a scientific poll.  However, scientific polls usually do not ask questions such as, “How can someone who is Mormon be President if he does not believe in Jesus Christ?” or “If you knew that your candidate for President fathered an illegitimate black child, would you still vote for him for President?”  The first question is being used in Ohio currently by a group that is rumored to support President Obama.  It is designed to harm the Romney campaign.  The second question was asked of primary voters in South Carolina in 2000 regarding John McCain and his non-Caucasian daughter.  The daughter was not black, nor was she illegitimate.  She just happened to be adopted from Bangladesh.  Supporters of then-Governor George W. Bush were have said to be the source of the McCain question.  Those who engage in push polling typically do not leave their calling card as to the identification of the push poll’s source.  They are negative in nature and are designed to destroy political campaigns.  The voter who answers the phone is left questioning whether or not what they heard over phone was valid or not.  Push polls are not valid in any shape or form.  This election season, as the electoral finish line approaches, beware of the push poll and its consequences.

(2012 Question)  What are your thoughts regarding push polls?  (2015 Question)  Have you ever been push polled?  I have…actually twice.  Once in 2010 and another was in 2014.  Both were for races for Illinois Governor.


23 responses to “Push Polling

  1. Stephanie Michalak

    I think push polling is a smart tactic to use against gullible voters. You fill people’s heads with lies and they then do not even bother to check if it is true. I personally have never been push polled but I know that if I was I would fact check them.

  2. I think push polling is a very good tactic. it can be used to manipulate people into getting votes for ones party. They put ideas into peoples heads making them believe that the information given to them was correct. These people don’t bother checking to make sure that the information is true and that’s when they reel them in. Personally I never have been push polled but I know many people who have.

  3. I have never been push polled. I do not have a home phone number and I have my cell blocked for telemarketers. I think this would apply here. I would think it was a prank call if they asked such ludicrous questions.

  4. I think the push polls is just another crappy way of campaigning. I would love for any campaign just to put out there what they have done and will do for the citizens. They always have to attack the past of their opponents. I just want what you are going to do for me. I have never been push polled but id probably just hang up on them. Especially if it came from an Obama supporter.

  5. I have never been pushed polled, but anyone with a television has been subjugated to those campaign commercials. I believe that push pulling, while a good tactic to defame your opponent, is as legitimate as a snobby, high school girl’s tendency to spread rumors. While you may ruin the reputation of your opponent, you also show that you do not have the moral standing to fairly compete with others. Not to mention, you must not have anything real to offer anyways, otherwise you would rely on your good points and not resort to mudslinging. I believe that even if the candidate themselves is not behind the push polling, they are obligated to intervene to protect the integrity of the competition.

  6. I have never been push polled and I think that it is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of. Seeing as though a white man has a non-caucasian daughter has nothing to do with what kind of candidate a person may be. Race and religion should never be brought into a campaign whether its anonymous or not.

  7. Taylor Sonichsen

    Push polling is a good tactic to use when you want to win an election. In my opinion though if you want to win a campaign shouldn’t you do it fairly; that way you know you won fair and square. I have personally never been pushed polled and to be honest I wouldn’t fall for it after learning that what they say isn’t true.

  8. I think the push poll is a great tactic if people are unaware of it happening. Some people may know more about politics and the push poll process, with that being said the tactic will not work. I am on the fence of the push poll because sometimes people can cross the line and talk about topics like race or religion which are sensitive subjects.

  9. I have never been push polled, actually I have never answered the phone and was asked about politics at all. I think push polling works extremely well for people who don’t pay that much attention to politics, or that aren’t sure who to vote for. I think if someone attempted to push poll me it would work just because I don’t pay that much attention to politics

  10. I think push polling is a easy way to sway voters. Although they usually only work on those who are not aware of the purpose of a push poll, they do sometimes work on others also. I have never been push polled to this day

  11. If you’re aware of push polling, then it’s completely irrelevant to your ultimate decision. In fact, push polling should be included in early development for schools in social studies/law class/ government/ & communications. It’s basically like grown adults spreading rumors about the opposing party as if we’re all back in junior year of high school and a dirty rumor has been spread about you. This article even states that those who conduct these bogus polls aren’t even concerned about the results. The ultimate goal is to spread lies about opposition to gain more support. Without facts, I believe that this should blow back and make the candidate look extremely unreliable and sketchy.

  12. I think push polling is an easy way to sway voters, especially if they have no information already that is actually valid about the people running for office. The voters will question it, and if they find if offensive in any way at all they will probably not vote for that candidate. I have never been push polled before, but if so, I would probably just hang up, knowing that its probably something irrelevant or a lie about the candidate. I don’t think I would ever believe, or even give the time to any random person calling me about something like this. Push polling, I’m sure, has caused voters to sway, but that honestly just shows the lack of the voters opinion, especially if they are basing their information about the candidate on a phone call.

  13. Push polls seem like a scam to me. Half the time push polls aren’t even regarding anything about politics. They throw out all these negative opinions and bring religion or some other nonsense matter into it. It is a wrong way to get votes but we know very well that it works. I want to know what a president can do for our country and not a rumor about them. I get that There is more to an election than political standpoints but it is a race to win and politicians will do anything to gain votes.

  14. Push polling is a wrong and negative way to favor one president over another, especially since it isn’t true. Its wrong to do this just to get a popular vote because all that matters is the right candidate for our country. Its sad and ignorant how rumors can change the way people vote.

  15. It’s sad to see the influence push polls have on the American people and its voters. It’s baffling to me people buy into this and not using logic. I’d love to get one of these phone calls.. Bring it on!

  16. I feel that push polling isn’t truly a bad thing. It shows the people running where the public stands so they can change there plan of attack if need be. Also like regular voting people are not required to do it, so people don’t have to answer if they don’t want to.

  17. I never been push polled before. Pushing polling is a smart tactic to either get supporters or repel supporters for a specific political candidate. People that do not follow politics will believe the opinions and beliefs of the pollster. Push polls’ information is not always accurate but the public will believe anything if they do not do the research. Push polls tremendously influence voters.

  18. I have never been push polled before. Technically I have never voted in the national/regional elections… I think push polling is really a good way for those who are less educated and do not know anything about this strategy because their decisions would be affected after taking the negative poll.. They would think that they have considered more for the result but actually they are just being misled.

  19. I have never been push polled, although I think its a clever yet terrible way to get voters. If I was running for office I would want my voters to vote for me because they believe in what I stand for, not because of a negative comment made about my competitor. Push polling is also an ignorant way to get voters, we need to vote for someone based on their capabilities not because of this dirty tactic.

  20. I have never been push pulled nor have I ever heard of this, although I don’t doubt for a second that they happen. I think all is fair in running for any type of office in an election. It’s a dog eat dog world and politics are known to be pretty cut throat. I think people are just as capable of falling for these phone calls and being persuaded one way to affect their vote as they are smart enough to realize that what push polls are about. So, what I’m saying is people are gonna be persuaded by these push polls just as much as they can be persuaded by any candidate otherwise. It’s still up to us to vote for the right person who will hopefully win an election running the right way instead of being sneaky with push polls, but we cannot prevent the things these candidates think they need to do to win.

  21. Personally i have never experienced push polls but i think they don’t attribute to having a fair election. The election should be based on facts not bad information about the other competitor.

  22. Personally, I feel push polling could be beneficial for the politicians who use this tacttic, however putting information out there that isnt based on facts is a pretty devious way to win votes, and should be prohibited in elections.

  23. I cant make a comment on push polls other than what I have heard. However if the instances are true to the most honest extent, then it can only mean that push polls and those who conduct them seek to use the people as a means to an end. These polls only seek to sway the voters rather than to actually offer insight to a candidate, to the point where its intentions are morally wrong.

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