Vaccines, Age, and Ideology

In the poll below, taken by the Pew Research Center, you’ll see that younger individuals are most likely to be in favor of parental choice when it comes to vaccinating children.  Does this mean that younger folks are more libertarian in their thinking or is there something else that explains why younger individuals are more likely to be against mandatory childhood vaccinations?



55 responses to “Vaccines, Age, and Ideology

  1. you can see in many ways about the response on the younger children. you can say that the parents influence the reponse, or that children don’t want to have it mandatory becasue they dont want a needle in the arm. To see that children are more libertarians is not true, I see it as children being influenced by there parents or by peers.

  2. I feel that younger people feel less supportive of vaccines because of their mind set. Young people don’t feel its important because they still think everything is about them. Older parents has more guidance in knowing whats best for the child. Also there are more young single parents so its harder for them to keep up with scheduled vaccines verses older married parents.

  3. There are more younger adults (20-24) maybe younger that are having kids and they are not as informed as older couples that have kids. Sometimes they bypass the doctor’s instructions on vaccinations due to the fact they don’t feel its’ necessary or they are still to young to understand the importance of these vaccines. They put off these appointments and when they finally do go to the doctor they are far behind in vaccinations.

  4. I think the younger people in today’s society are in favor of having their own choice in almost every situation in today’s society. I do think there is that mind set that vaccinations might be pointless or that they’re more harmful than beneficial but all in all I’d say a lot of people just want to have their own choice in the matter. Not just when it comes to vaccitations but in all aspects. I also think that because basically all the parents of today’s youth had them vaccinated as young children that there really were no epidemics to freak out about and vaccines really weren’t talked about as much as they have been recently.

  5. To give younger people their own choice is both good and bad. Yes, they want to act older, but if they say no to something that is VERY HELPFUL then they are making a stupid mistake. I personally is should be the parents choice whether they want their kid to make choices for themselves. Some children mature quicker than others and earn that right.

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