The Iowa Straw Poll Circus

The Republican Party holds what is called a straw poll in the summer before a Presidential election year.  This year’s Iowa Straw Poll will be held in August.  Iowa’s Presidential Caucus is held in January 2016.  In the last Iowa Straw Poll, held in August 2011, Presidential candidates from the GOP met with the party faithful and gauged where they stood in the state that holds the first caucus in the nation.  This non-binding vote gave then-Congresswoman Michele Bachmann the victory and some momentum for her Presidential bid.  The momentum was short-lived as her campaign foundered near the January 2012 election.  Recently, the folks at Real Clear Politics recently wrote about the significance of the Iowa Straw Poll.  Do you see it as a significant event?

For the RCP column, click here.


6 responses to “The Iowa Straw Poll Circus


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  2. I don’t think that a single event in a small state is worth it in all honesty. I think it would have a better chance in other states such as New York, Chicago, Etc. However, in a state like Iowa, I think it probably doesn’t attract enough population. Also, I feel like people tend to see a better party on tv or forget about a person over an extended duration of time.

  3. I believe the Iowa Straw Poll is essential to becoming a successful candidate in a presidential election. Candidates need as much publicity to be funded by their party and other sponsors and any and all successful polls can help bring positive feedback to candidates.

  4. I think it’s a great idea! It gives the people running a chance to see where they stand in the race, and it turn it will show them what key areas they need to focus on for the rest of the race. It will also show them what areas they are doing well in, and if they aren’t doing well they need to change up their game plan

  5. I think that winning a lot of votes for that small poll would give her a boost in politics in the state of Iowa but her popularity in the rest of the country would be pretty short lived. But then again, something like this is very important if Bachmann were to be considered in the 2016 presidential election so it is without a doubt a significant accomplishment but insignificant when looking at the bigger picture.

  6. I do not see the significance in the Iowa Straw Poll. In fact, before you mentioned it, I never thought twice about it – maybe because I thought it was somewhat synonymous with the Iowa Caucus. I agree with one of my classmates, I think if it were to be in a major city, then its level of importance would be greater.

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