John Kerry for President?

In recent news, Secretary of State John Kerry has said that he has not ruled out a run for the Presidency in 2016.  His last attempt was in 2004 when he lost to President George W. Bush.  If he were to run, his greatest challenge would be the person he placed as Secretary, Hillary Clinton.  There have only been six Secrataries of State who have gone on to become President.  They are:

Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
John Quincy Adams
Martin Van Buren
James Buchanan 

That’s right.  The last one was Buchanan, who served as President from 1857 to 1861.

That leads me to this poll question.



17 responses to “John Kerry for President?

  1. While John Kerry might have a shot at running for president, I don’t think he will. Hillary Clinton is very popular and a woman (which is on trend right now), so I think she would win in any case. Also, based on the statistics I don’t think that he would win since the last Secretary of State to become president was Buchanan. While I do like most of his political standpoints, I just don’t think it’s in the cards for him right now.

  2. No, and If he does run he will lose. As you mentioned, history is not on his side and Hillary Clinton has a momentum that will not be stopped by John Kerry of all people. People didn’t even want Kerry when the only alternative was Bush ! Kerry should leave well enough alone.

  3. I don’t think Kerry will run, but if he does I hope he blows Hillary out of the water. Trey Gowdy is going to uncover the real facts about Benghazi and hopefully it will show what Hillary Clinton really knew about the former Navy SEALS and Ambassador Stevens dying. The US could have done something to help those people and they didn’t do anything. And it came from the top, President Obama and Hillary Clinton. I hope she goes down hard.
    Enough about Hillary, I don’t think Kerry has done anything special as SOS, especially after the France deal where no one showed up from the US after the terrorist actions.

  4. I do not think that John Kerry will run for president seeing that he will not have a strong chance of winning. He last ran for president in 2004, and he lost to Bush, which says a lot. People did not want him back then, so I do not think they would want him to be president anytime soon. People may vote for Hillary Clinton to see a woman as president for a change. Also, the last secretary of state to become president was Buchanan from 1857-1861, which shows that not many men were able to make that transition in becoming president.

  5. I don’t think John Kerry will run for president. He doesn’t really have much of a chance since he already ran for president and lost against Bush. He can give it a shot if he wants, but I don’t think he will win. Hilary Clinton has a much bigger chance then John Kerry. Since our current president was the first African American president, I’m sure people will vote for the first Woman president.

  6. I don’t think that he will run. Hilary Clinton would be a better choice. I haven’t heard anything about her wanting to run for president though.

  7. I would not vote for John Kerry. The main reason is that he has no balls to do what needs to be done and to stand up for us the people that need the real help. It really doesn’t matter who runs things wont change til we get a real leader who is not for either side. We need someone who is for us the people.

  8. I think John Kerry will run and I do believe he has a possibility of winning. He got far in the 2004 elections and now that he is more popular I think he has a better chance. I would vote for John Kerry if he ran.

  9. I do not believe John Kerry will run for president in 2016 because he is going to give Hillary Clinton a shot for president. I personally believe by doing this, it will give Hillary a good shot at winning it all. I believe the United States is looking for a female president at this election and for her to win.

  10. I believe John Kerry will run for presidency, and if he does run then he has a high potential to win because he is already secretary of state, and widely popular among the general public. Even though I was very young and intrigued in politics at the time I can still remember how John Kerry won the popular vote however, George Bush ended up winning the election in 2004.
    -PSC 110

  11. Muhammad Matariyeh

    I believe John Kerry will run for president. I believe his role as Secretary of State was intended to position himself to run for President. I also believe that he is one of the few democrats that may challenge Hillary for obtaining the Democratic nomination.

  12. I dont think he will run. He already lost against Bush so why take his chances and go up against Hilary? He doesn’t have a high chance of winning. Even if he runs, I would not cast my vote on him. He doesn’t have the guts to get done what needs to get done.

  13. I do not think Kerry will run. It seems like an easy choice for him to run, however I think he has had his chance and lost. I think that Clinton has a better chance of winning if she were up against Kerry and more likely to be elected overall.

  14. I do not think that John Kerry will run for president. First off because Hilary Clinton is already a popular candidate in peoples eyes, and Kerry wouldn’t stand that much of a chance against her. Also, because if he wasn’t elected in 2004, what could have changed so drastically over those eleven years that will change peoples views on him. Too much time has passed for him to try and run again, its better off if he doesn’t.

  15. I do not think Kerry will run and he really has his work cut out for him if be does. I wonder what Clinton has in common with all the men who became president after being secretary of state minus the obvious. I think Hilary Clinton has made more of a namr for herself and has accomplished more so her odds are better but that might not discourage Kerry from taking a chance.

  16. I don’t think Kerry will run. I think he realizes how unexciting he would be for the Democratic base and wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for his party’s fall from power. I think he, along with every other well-established Democrat is going to step aside relatively early on and hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

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