Why Polls Don’t Matter At This Point

The polls listed below should demonstrate to everyone why surveys regarding Presidential hopefuls mean little at this point.  For example, even though then-VP George Bush won his party’s nomination in 1988, Senator Howard Baker who was third in a 1987 poll never ended up running for President.  In 1999, Elizabeth Dole and former VP Dan Quayle dropped out of the running before the January 2000 Iowa Caucus.  The country never had a President Rudy Giuliani or a Republican nominee by the name of Giuliani.  Sarah Palin did not run in 2012.  Neither did Chris Christie nor Mitch Daniels nor George Pataki for that matter.  So why take a poll at this time?  Do they matter?  Do you see any of these candidates emerging as the front runner for the GOP nomination?


15 responses to “Why Polls Don’t Matter At This Point

  1. Unfortunately, I do not believe the polls and surveys matter. It seems to be that only the recognizable and noteworthy names standout. Even those who are in third or fourth never seem to be good enough to make out from it.

  2. I don’t believe it matters, the people know by names and not by poll numbers.

  3. Polls don’t mean anything. You are only asking a small percentage of people from one area of the country. That area might be Republican or it might be democratic so it throws everything off. N my opinion things only matter when you are voting fir United States senator and representatives. Their votes elect the president and who controls the government.

  4. Muhammad Matariyeh

    I believe polls are inherently subjective and that it is almost impossible to obtain general population opinion from such a small sample size. With that said, I believe the front-runners will be Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush is described as the “smarter Bush” and has been a rumored popular Republican candidate for several years. I believe he will beat Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination, because Mitt already had an attempt at the presidency and missed it.

  5. Alejandra Loera

    I strongly believe Polls don’t matter because they are just a survey. even if they mattered there is no way that everyone completed a survey about what they thing the elections will be like. not everyone takes the time for these polls, it is just a waste of time because not everyone will take the time to express their opinions. If not everyone does it, then why create a poll? #PCS110

  6. I believe that polls do matter, because they get individuals of the United States involved in their right to vote. Every person should maximize their potential to vote on the basis of where they are from in the nation. In a way, the poll’s are a way to tell the nation what one candidate is representing and how they are affecting the nation’s judgment. As a voter, it should be one’s responsibility to look into the beliefs and ideologies of the candidates running, because every one running has their own one of a kind perspective on the nation’s policies.

  7. I don’t think polls have much meaning. They only count a portion of the population. Not everyone is able to participate in which case results in less than accurate results. It may be interesting to look at them, but mostly for the purpose of finding out why they are so off.

  8. Sadly, they don’t matter and it is very depressing. There are so many political interests and strings attached to the polls, it almost seems that it is an exercise in futility to vote. 😦 I agree with Alejandra – they are only used to take certain demographic information so politicians know how to structure their campaigns during re-election years.

  9. The polls don’t matter. It’s been reported that Mitt Romney is dropping out of the race and he was in the lead ! Surely, the people advising him realize that this poll is meaningless because if it wasn’t I don’t believe he would’ve dropped out so early. Besides, we don’t know what skeletons will come out of the closet and force some of these opponents to drop out.

  10. I really don’t think polls matter. At this day in age people don’t really care about the polls,they only care about the person and what there going to do once there elected. I think in years to come the polls will not exist anymore.

  11. at this point in time polls to me don’t matter because it is not election year and there is nothing going on. it is only 2015 and it is not 2016 and polls this year just don’t matter. and also polls are inaccurate sometimes and provide to clear front on who is winning and who is trailing. But I think that is the coming years polls will still be around just for people to see who is in the lead.

  12. Polls aren’t entirely accurate because often opinions aren’t taken from a more diverse group of people and therefore the “public opinion” can in turn become bias and one sided. Often not enough people vote in presidential elections therefore the public opinion might not be the majority opinion.

  13. I don’t believe that polls are all that important anymore. They only take a small group of people and give them the chance to poll for everyone. Polls don’t give an accurate representation for the whole group. Also, what if the group that is polled is biased toward one person, then the polls are again inaccurate. #PSC110

  14. I do not believe that the polls actually matter. There is only a small amount of people who even take part. Polls are inaccurate and have a high number of inaccuracy, therefore I think polls are completely unnecessary to even look at.

  15. I don’t believe that polls are very important anymore. Polls only take a small group of people and give them the chance to express their opinion. Polls do not give accurate representation or statistics because the actual group being measured is small, rather than polling everyone as a whole. Groups can be bias and numbers can always be misconstrued.

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