First Amendment Freedoms


40 responses to “First Amendment Freedoms

  1. Sammia Shehayber

    All of the First Amendment freedoms are equally important to me because they allow me to live comfortably. I am thankful that I can practice my religion freely without being punished, as well as being able to speak my opinion without repercussions. We can petition what we believe in, however, we are entitled to these rights to a certain degree as long as it does not take away someone else’s rights.

  2. I voted for the right to assembly as we discussed that in class today and I realized how limited people are. I find that completely ludicrous and believe that regulating things such as marches, which in some cases is very practical, goes against many of our other First Amendment rights. It clearly goes against the freedom of speech and even religion and press because it could regulate the right to express one’s faith and detract needed attention from an issue.

  3. Allyson Buczyna

    While all of the First Amendment freedoms are important, I believe that a free press is the most essential. I want to be able to read what other people have to say, without it being censored. I think it is vital to be aware of worldwide events, and freedom of press helps to keep us informed.

  4. Nicole Sciortino

    The first amendment freedom that I think is the most important is religion. The reason why is religion has been a huge part of my life since I was a baby. If I couldn’t be catholic and was forced to practice a certain religion I would be upset. That’s why I feel without the freedom of religion there would be no diversity religions among us. That is why I feel if we didn’t have freedom of religion who knows where we would be today without the different religions to chose to be a part of.

  5. I picked freedom of speech, because it precedes religion. You are able to speak freely about your religion or say you are/are not a part of a certain religion. I guess that doesn’t guarantee your right to practice it but it seems awfully difficult to prevent the practice of religion if you are able to freely discuss it. While I do agree that freedom to assemble is in a pretty solid tie with speech, I think that it sort of takes a back seat to assembling because without being able to speak freely we wouldn’t be able to express our opinions and protests and other things of that nature would not come to be.

  6. All of these freedoms are important, and each is needed to live life to the fullest. But, if I had to choose one, it would be religion. Practicing a desired religion is a great comfort. I am grateful I can practice my religion in peace and not having one forced upon me.

  7. They are all equally important to me as they all bleed into one another.
    I don’t think “freedom of press” means much if there is not “freedom of speech.” I don’t think freedom of expression exists without the freedom to choose your own religion (or no religion). Freedom of assembly would also be rather redundant if we could only assemble to discuss whatever the government has given us permission to.

  8. All are equally important. I’m very thankful for having the true gift of freedom and we have the right to.

  9. Freedom to practice your religion is the most important to me because I believe that your religion is everything that you have. It is your concrete map to life, it shows you what to do in every situation of your life. So..if you cant practice your religion than it will be a big problem or if someone is criticizing your religion or making fun of it that is also a problem but maybe that would fall under freedom of speech which would be # 2 on my list of importance

  10. Casey Henneberry

    Personally, I was torn between our freedom to petition the government, and freedom of speech. Ultimately I chose freedom of speech, merely for the fact that this is truly the foundation to a true and honest democratic process. One of the last true Democratic societies was Athens, anyone was able to go and spout off whatever they wanted to say to groups of people wherever they could find someone to listen. This seems rather unimportant at first, but what makes freedom of speech the most important is that very fact there. Anyone can go and say whatever, we can gain followers of the same belief system i.e. religion, political views, social views. The freedom to say what “we want” when “we want” is a freedom that some will never be able to enjoy. Imagine living in a nation where if you spoke out against your teacher, or political leader you would be killed. Now imagine a nation where you could not freely speak your mind about all the injustice that surrounds you and merely have to just accept it without a single word to be said in defense.

  11. Hiu Yan Ip (Iris)

    I think all of the first amendment freedom are equally important because they help us to have freedom to know more to the country that we live in. Speech, press, and assembly are the ways to let others to announce the news to the public. We can get the news through different ways and different people. Moreover, religion is important as well. If people who believe in a religion, they will believe forever. Therefore, in my opinion, both of them are important.

  12. I think that the press is most important because we hear so many different things from it. We also see and pay more attention to the press than anything else on the list to choose from. We see it in the news, hear it on the radio, and it allows us to voice our own opinions and let other people hear what we have to say or how we feel about things. I think that by having the press it allows everyone to hear different sides of things and then that helps us make our decisions in what we believe in and what we think is right and wrong.

  13. Stephanie Michalak

    They are all equally important to me because what is freedom of press without freedom of speech, or freedom of assembly without the freedom of speech? No matter what two you correlate every freedom bleeds into one another. If there are restrictions on what we say and are told to have certain beliefs are we really the “Land of the Free”? No. Every individual in the United States is issued first amendment rights and therefore we are allowed our own religious beliefs, the right to press, speech, assembly, and to petition the government. Every part is important and we all have an active role in issuing these rights.

  14. Freedom of speech has to be the most important amendment to me because no one can do anything they want without voicing there opinion. All the first amendments are insanely important however, I couldn’t imagine living in a world were what I say doesn’t matter. All the first amendments relate to each other and that’s why americans have rights, so that they can voice there opinion and stand up for what they want. It’s hard to pick which one I find to be the most benefitial and most needed but I really do think freedom of speech is something no one can live without.

  15. Taylor Sonichsen

    I feel as if these are all important because they all have a reason in life. Freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion are all about being able to express yourself in different ways. Being able to petition the government only helps us when we are the people don’t feel like something is for the best of us. They are all important because they give us the rights in our lives to live freely in ways.

  16. I think when looking at our country and society as a whole all the first amendment rights are equally important. However, in my own life I feel freedom of speech is most relevant and important because I express my own opinions on a daily basis and realize how much that option means to me. Everyone has an opinion and I appreciate that I have the right to express mine without fear of imprisonment or even worse consequences. I think having our personal beliefs and opinions and being able to talk about them freely are so crucial to forming our identities. I also believe if we were unable to do so we would lose so many opportunities to gain knowledge and new perspectives because we cannot make a fully informed decision or form an accurate opinion with out getting the full story or both sides of an argument. I can’t even imagine living in a place where I would have to keep quiet or alter my beliefs when speaking about them in order to be safe. It’s not a place I would ever wish to live and I’m very grateful for my freedom of speech in this country.

  17. Personally, I feel that they are all equally important from having the freedom of practicing whichever religion we choose to being able to voice our thoughts through freedom of speech. Freedom of press allows us to be informed through the media and the freedom of assembly which would allow us to gather and fight for something we believe in. Each one of them is needed to live our lives in peace without any punishment for our personal ideas and beliefs.

  18. In my Opinion, all of them are of equal importance. Freedom of speech is important because everyone voices should be heard. Opinions should be able to be voiced, and listened to. The press lets us understand what is going on in the country, without that, no one would understand anything that’s happening at that moment. Freedom of religion is a big deal too, every single person practices religion in a different way. Taking away that individuality that it gives people is wrong. All of these freedoms are of equal importance, its hard to pick just one that I believe in the most.

  19. They are all equally important in my opinion. To repress somebody’s freedom of speech or religion just wouldn’t be right. Everybody should be able to voice their opinions and have their own individual faith. Freedom of press is important to inform people and keep them in the loop with events occurring throughout the nation and the world. And assembly and petitioning of the government are also important because it allows people to take an active role in situations they feel strongly about. They are all significant in their own way and to take one away just wouldn’t feel right.

  20. Of all of the Freedoms of the First Amendment, I believe the Freedom of Speech is by far the most important. If you think about it, in order to petition, practice religion, or to do anything nowadays you need a voice, you need to be heard. That would be somewhat difficult to do if you couldn’t speak your mind and share your ideas. Freedom of Speech is what helps people get their ideas out in the open and it’s what helped build the society that we live in today. Without the ability to communicate and speak our minds, who knows where we’d be in this day in age. That is why I believe that Freedom of Speech is the most important of all the other Amendments.

  21. Well I think Speech is the most important. If we don’t have the freedom of speech then the others wont matter. I say what I want no matter what people think. Im not a PC guy. I dislike when government or others try to tell me what I can and cant say.

  22. Of all the first admendment freedoms i think that speech is the most important. Speech incorperates all of the other freedoms. Speech is important becasue it helps us fix problems that we migh have with something in our society. When people state their opinions it will help us come up with a solution to our nations problems.

  23. I posted with the answer Religion, however when I really think about it, I would say all of those are equally important to me. I feel like religion would be my most frequent need for assembly and speech. I think it is extremely important for us to have the freedom of petition against the government as well. Luckily we haven’t had much a need for this in the past.

  24. Rebecca Albarran

    All of them are important to me because they were obviously made for a reason. They are all very needed in our government and without any of these I can see there being major problems.

  25. America is referred to “the land of the free”, that is why I voted they are all equal. I believe at some point most of them coincide with each other. I really enjoy the freedom of religion. However if I am granted the freedom of religion, others that may not practice religion deserve the freedom of speech. American’s should all be treated equal.

  26. In my opinion, all of the first amendment freedoms are equally important because they are what make the people in America to enjoy the real freedom. I have seen other countries which the citizens do not have the freedoms and they cannot express themselves fully! Freedom of press allow us to have a right to enjoy real report from world’s news! Freedom of speech gives us the right to say whatever we want!

  27. I feel like that every first amendment right that we have is important because I believe that each of those rights effect each other. Being able to have those freedoms is very fortunate because we see today that in other countries freedom is something that is an illusion. Im grateful that I can voice my opinions and my beliefs without a punishment.

  28. For the poll, I picked that out of the first amendment rights are all equally important to me. These rights are all very important due to the diversity and interests that we as humans choose. If we did not have such rights, we would be afraid of what we would share to others.

  29. Marta Malinowska

    All parts are importantly equal because each is made to satisfy different rights of different people. I personally believe that speech and religion are the most important because they should be practiced freely. We are a free country and what we do or say should be respected by the USA.

  30. I think that all are equally important to me because if we have freedoms all should be equally shared. in the first admendment we have a freedom of speech on everything. if we restrict our speech than to me it would not fallow the first amendment at all.

  31. To me all of the first amendments are important. But in my opinion the most important would be freedom of speech. Honestly I would hate the fact of not being able to give my opinion. I also believe that everyone should be able to share their own thoughts with nothing to fear. Therefore I’m very thankful for having the right to express myself.

  32. Out of all the amendments, i believe freedom of speech is important. I say this because it is the backbone to all the other amendments. Freedom of speech gives you the power to think and say whats on your mind without fearing the government. It would be difficult to practice freedom of the press and religion without having the freedom of speech to voice your beliefs.

  33. Out of all the freedoms in the first amendment, I believe they are all equally important. These freedoms make us who we are as a person. We all have the right to speak upon what we believe is right or wrong. Freedom of speech is what helps us communicate with each other and express our ideas, as we all have different points of view.

  34. I believe of all first amendment freedoms are equally important. They are what makes us, us. Expressing your beliefs and not being afraid of the consequences is what the first amendment entails.

  35. I chose speech out of all the first amendment freedoms. They do all have importance to them but I feel that without speech they all would suffer. It would be harder to assemble, petition the government, have freedom in your religious practices and etc. if speech was not given or allowed. Things in society would not get done properly if we were not able to have the freedom of speech to voice our opinion and share them with people who could help get things we need done completed. Being able to voice our thoughts and opinions on various things helps get our messages across to people who may not understand until it is broken down. It may be times where there’s always a debate going on, but the good thing is that both sides are being heard and points are being made that both sides can agree, disagree or come to a happy medium about. Freedom of speech goes along way.

  36. Teresa Hamilton

    they are equally important because so many people loss their lives through war fighting for what is right. For example, the freedom of speech gives the young generation a chance to bring about new change for the future. This is the race to justice for the children.

  37. Every right guaranteed by the first amendment is important to the United States as a whole, but personally, the most important one in my mind is the right to free speech. If you analyze the other rights guaranteed by the first amendment, you can see that they all stem from the ideas of free speech that’s uninhibited by the government. With that being said, you could say that freedom of speech serves as a strong foundation for the other rights guaranteed by the first amendment. However, it should be understood, and it generally is, that one does not necessarily have the right to say anything at any time, anywhere. There are restrictions that are definitely needed in order to balance out the scale between the people and the federal government, which there are.

  38. Having the freedom of religion is the most important right to me. Whether you’re a believer or not, having the right to choose is always the best way. In my opinion, a nation cannot function properly without allowing the people to decide on their belief system. If our right to believe or not to believe in God was taken away, our other rights would probably follow soon after.

  39. I voted on religion because in my eyes we shouldn’t be judged based on what we believe in! Why does it matter to so many people who believes in who? I am all for freedom of religion, to me it doesn’t matter if your catholic or Jewish as long as your belief makes you happy I am all for it! I enjoy looking at the different ways and diffrent things people believe In. Hopefully in the future people won’t focus on this as much!

  40. Michael Caballero

    Freedom of speech is the most important to me. In the end I believe speech is your most powerful weapon against anything. It informs people, it motivates people, it brings people together and unite them. The only problem with speech is that people choose to ignore it but one day the people will need a speaker again and freedom of speech will be a determine factor in the future of politics and even the world.

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