Bloggers and the First Amendment

It has been a year since a federal appeals court ruled that bloggers have the same  First Amendment protections as journalists when it comes to the issue of defamation.

Do you believe that bloggers should be afforded those same protections?

26 responses to “Bloggers and the First Amendment

  1. Bloggers should be protected under the first amendment because blogging is a form of speech, however formal or informal it appears. Many blogs post opinions and experiences from the writer, therefore, those opinions should be respected and protected under the first amendment. Even though blogs are on the internet, people should still be allowed to communicate freely about topics and ideas without fearing violation of the law.

    • All posts are right on. Blogs are just mostly opinions. So who cares what people say about you or him. Freedom of speech.

  2. I believe that everyone deserves equal protection. Both bloggers and journalists deserve equal protection under the First Amendment. Especially when involved in the media, they will need as much protection as they can get. It does not effect, nor hurt others if all are offered equal protection.

  3. I personally believe that bloggers should be protected by the First Amendment such as journalist are because they, just like journalist and everyone else, deserve the right to express their First Amendment. Even though bloggers are not reliable sources and some just speak to create a debate, they have the same rights a journalist does. It is to a certain point the First Amendment should protect a blogger or a journalist, regardless of their freedom of speech, either or should know when not to go beyond the point of their rights. It is one thing to express your opinion and it is another one to threaten someone safety. Everyone deserves the right to express whatever they desire, but choosing their words must be seriously consider before doing so.

  4. Whether it be a blogger or a journalist when it comes to the First amendment it is not only for certain individuals, but to every citizen of the United States. I strongly agree that everyone should be able to say what they choose; however, if their comments or words refer to a harmful group, or are of certain harmful circumstances it should definitely be discussed and taken care of legally, if needed. People are going to post what ever they feel even though they don’t realize what negative effects it might have. Should people post every little thing online? Definitely not, yet we live in a technology filled era where people communicate that way, therefore, what goes online now apparently doesn’t matter to many, but should journalists and bloggers have the same rights to the First amendment, yes because if not, then who does the First amendment truly apply to if not all American citizens are allowed to freely speak, etc.?

  5. According to our First Amendment rights we all have the right to express our own opinions here in the United States. The only exception to this is if what you are saying will cause harm to the individual and/or group you are speaking about. This also includes protecting innocent individuals who may be in the wrong place at the wrong time that have nothing to do with what is being said or happening. In a nutshell individuals can voice their opinions as long as nobody life is put in danger. If this does happen I feel that the authorities have every right to step in and take control of the situation. With that being said, I feel people have the right to say what they want as long as they do it in a respectful way and take complete responsibility for their words. When I think about this I guess my advice would be don’t say or do anything that you would not do to your own mother…

  6. Daniel Scofield

    In my opinion I believe that bloggers have the same rights as journalists do, do to the fact that it is a form of speech and every American citizen has the right to freedom of speech. Also, the fact that blogging, online news articles, and social media is the new way of sharing information and voicing opinion to other people. I just believe that when you are saying your opinion for the whole world to see, u need to have responsibility for your what you say and respect for other peoples life’s or businesses that you may affect with your opinion.

  7. Muhammad Matariyeh

    In contrast with most of my classmates, I agree with the Federal Court of Appeals and believe bloggers are not entitled to full First Amendment protection. I believe a distinction is necessary between bloggers and journalists, because journalists are educated professionals whom are gainfully employed for the intent of communicating freely. In stark contrast, bloggers often seek to cause anger and stir debate. These individuals generally do not care about what their statements may do, nor the individuals they may injure as a result of their statements. Journalists must stand-by their comments, whereas bloggers are generally anonymous.

  8. Tracy Gray-Caruthers

    I think that it might be difficult to deny bloggers the 1st amendment right. I mean, are gossip columns considered “journalism?” What about advice columnist? What about the people who give the “commentary” on certain issues? These are entities that generally appear in newspapers, and magazines. Does that make them journalism? If so, then I think you have to afford the same rights to bloggers who run gossip sites, or seek to offer advice or just rant and rave about their feelings on a certain issue. I think that when you start trying to deny a specific group rights, you can find yourself in trouble and wrapped up in a lawsuit.

  9. Agreed, bloggers should have the protection of the first amendment. It is people voicing their opinion in an informal conversation online and individuals should consider that before a lawsuit rises. Wouldn’t the blogger be treated the same if it was voiced aloud or online, if it is still freedom of speech?

  10. I agree that bloggers should be protected under the first amendment. We may not agree with some of their tactics but that goes along with free speech. Radio and TV are both beholden to commercial interests, the Internet is the only thing that’s truly revolutionary and free. Recent items in the news, such as the Boko Haram massacre, weren’t covered as much my the mainstream media. It was the bloggers who broke the story and it’s important that they have the same rights as journalists.

  11. I do believe that bloggers should be protected by the first amendment, this is because some blogs are like newspapers. A lot of people put trust in the people who write this blogs. If they say something wrong and someone gets offended then decides to hurt the blogger it shouldn’t be the bloggers fault. A blog is your own honest thoughts on what you have decided to make your blog about.

  12. Absolutely, whether it be internet, print, or right in person we should have the freedom to express our opinions. What strikes me as important about this article in particular is that its about defamation; plenty of bloggers will tend to crack a joke at the expense of another, therefore may need that protection. I wonder for what reason(s) a blogger would not be protected under the first..

  13. I strongly believe that bloggers should under all circumstances be protected by the first amendment. It only makes sense to make our rights equal all around. It’s a form of expression and like journalism, it’s writing, only writing in a different form. Also many people rely on bloggers for their honest opinions, and so why not protect them?

  14. Melissa Johnson

    I believe bloggers should be able to express their opinions and thoughts. Bloggers should be protected by the First Amendment. Everyone has the right to speak their mind and express their thoughts under the First Amendment. Both bloggers and journalists use the internet or newspaper to share thoughts and opinions. Regardless of what the opinion states, everyone including bloggers should be protected under the First Amendment.

  15. I believe everyone should have the same rights in this world, it doesn’t matter what your race, culture, gender, or even what type of job you have. Bloggers should be able to express themselves to some extent. Some bloggers get a little out of hand and should be punished but if it’s nothing to bad bloggers should be able to say what they want. One thing I am against is when bloggers talk about children of celebrates or any children. Children should be able to enjoy their lives without being judged by others.

  16. Even pending on the topic, all bloggers should be protected by the first amendment. Posting opinions or discussion topics through a blog should be considered freedom of speech because it allows bloggers to post their true opinions without consequence and allows that specific person to convey their true message with or without emotion and interruption.

  17. I believe that bloggers should have the same protection under the first amendment like journalists. Both journalist and bloggers are doing the same thing, practicing their freedom of speech. So why would you deny one person their rights and allow another their rights.

  18. I absolutely believe that journalist and bloggers should definitely be protected by the First Amendment. Being a journalist or blogger can be a risky job. The First Amendment grants citizens the right of free expression, but does not grant responsibility. Our most recent example was the Charlie Hebdo’s shooting. In my opinion if it doesn’t harm others or any religious group or organization, then they should be protected.

  19. I don’t think bloggers should be protected by the first amendment like journalists are because bloggers mostly state their opinions. Bloggers write about what they think and they dont always gather up information the way journalists do. Bloggers can be stating false or offensive information that causes issues like in the article. They should be more careful about what they write about in their blogs if they know they’re not protected by the first amendment.

  20. I believe that the ruling of journalists and bloggers have the same consititional rights about defamation is a good decision. Every individual, in and out of the media, should be protected by the constitution. No person should have an unfair bias, especially regarding a controversial issue like the freedom to speak.

  21. Bloggers should most definitely be protected. They are entitled to the same rights as the people, and must fall under the same scrutiny of libel standards that any other idea would. The people are entitled to speak their mind, and for that must be protected by the law; before any legal action takes place it must be proven by the accusers that the accused committed their speech to malicious intent. In a litigious society we should not be afraid to speak on the streets, the forums, or even the online boards.

  22. I believe that bloggers should have the same first amendment rights as anyone else who writes. Just because bad publicity about the government becomes an issue doesn’t mean we should start shifting amendments around. For example, on my tumblr blog im really glad that I get to post whatever I want. Not to say bad things about others, but simply to get my thoughts and ideas out there to have things in common with others. Without the first amendment there would be no tumblr!

  23. I think that bloggers should have the same protection. We are asked the same question and people expect a response. It would mean the same on the internet as it would in person. Everyone has the same first amendment, and freedom of speech is a right that every American has and should be able to use as they see fit.

  24. Brittany McLaughlin

    I think bloggers should have the same protect. As long as their words are not hateful, they should be expressed. I am glad to see rulings that are keeping up with the technology of today. Once issue I have is the amount of disinformation on the internet. If bloggers are to have the same protection as journalists, they need to follow the same rules as well.

  25. Yes, bloggers should be protected under the first amendment. Blogging is just another way to express ones opinion, which is protected by freedom of speech. Everyone living in America deserves the same rights, so why should bloggers be thought of as any different?

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