Do You Follow Politics?


46 responses to “Do You Follow Politics?

  1. Nicole Sciortino

    To be honest I never pay attention to politics at all. I never found it interesting and still don’t. Maybe I don’t pay attention to politics because my mom and dad never talk about politics around me and my siblings. I get the politics are important and that you should know who you are voting for and what is going on but I just find it boring. Its just not my cup of tea.

  2. I actually enjoy politics; however, it’s not the first thing that I choose to watch on TV or listen to on the radio. Discussing politics is interesting to me because there are not only so many different opinions, but also various views to which will possibly help influence our perspective of the government, etc. It’s incredibly important to understand what is actually going on in our country (although a lot is covered up) but we should be involved as much as possible and try to understand what is actually happening. psc110

  3. I do not have a habit to watch the politics news. I usually watch it when people share it on the Facebook and I click into it. Therefore I just watch the news which I am influenced. Because I think the politics are not really related to me and politics is not the thing that I can change.

  4. I don’t really ever pay attention to politics in the media. I don’t find it interesting, and I also don’t understand how a lot of it works. Maybe if I had a better understanding of everything, then I would pay more attention to it. The only time I pay attention to it is if I overhear the news my parents are watching, or if it pops up on Facebook.

  5. I was never interested in politics. I found that it was never a real big deal for me to pay attention to what was going on. When I want to watch TV, I don’t turn on the news and wait for politics to come on, I want to watch something that grabs my attention and keeps it. My parents never really talked about politics when I was younger, maybe if they did, I would be more invested in what’s going on in todays political news.

  6. I am really not interested on politics, maybe it is the age, maybe it is other factors. Just at this time, no interest at all, and I’m hoping this class will give me a better appreciation for it.

  7. To me politics have always been interesting,but there are so many things that go into politics that just make it confusing, so I do not “look up” political info often. If there is a political issue on the nightly new then I will stay and watch it. But when it comes down to me looking for something to read in the morning,I usually skip over the political section of the newspaper, Depending on now the political news delivered,will decided if I will read/listen or skip over it.

  8. I find politics to be super interesting however, it is never really something I understood that well. I know a lot of people that are dead set on being democrats and a lot that are republican but for me I have never been able to decide which works better. The whole reason I don’t watch politics is because I never know whose right and whose wrong or even if what there talking about really matters. I rarely ever look up politics but they do interest me a lot.

  9. Cassandra Glockler

    I don’t really pay to much attention to politics. With my busy school and work schedule, when I choose to watch tv, listen to the radio or go on the internet it is not to get my daily fix of news, it is for entertainment. The biggest reason I don’t pay attention to politics is because I don’t understand what goes on. I’d like to better understand and get more involved with the government and this is why I took a government class.

  10. I do have a regular habit of watching the news when I get home every night which provides me with a fair amount of politics. Their are a lot of hot and interesting topics out there along with elections that I do like to get information on. With the world as diverse as it is today, I like to see how all of our views differ and what peoples reasons are for going one way or the other on certain topics.

  11. I was never really interested in politics. My mom and dad have never shown much interest about politics so I guess it brushed off onto me as well. The only time my family ever spoke of politics at the kitchen table, was during the presidential elections. Other than that, politics were never discussed in my family. I hope that maybe government class might open my eyes about the importance of following and watching politics. It is after all, a necessary and useful subject to have knowledge of.

  12. Graziella LiVolsi

    I don’t make a point of seeking information about politics on a day-to-day basis, but I still stay somewhat in-touch with politics. When I usual watch the news every morning, there is always some reported information about political events happening in the U.S. as well as around the world, and I tend to stay tuned in because I think it’s important to understand what’s happening around us and how it might affect me. Because I watch the news almost everyday, I unintentionally follow politics on a daily basis.

  13. I hardly pay attention to politics nor am I interested in it what so ever. I occasionally try to keep up with political media, other than that I do not go out of my way to seek any political news. I realize that it’s bad that I am not concerned enough as most Americans are not, but its hard to attract the eye with such a boring topic.

  14. I can honestly say that I have very little interest in politics. The only time I ever read politics is when a story pops up on Facebook once in a while, or when I hear people talking about it. Most of the times that I have be able to watch President Obama give a speech, I have no idea what he is talking about. Hopefully after taking this class I will be interested in politics enough to where I will be keeping up to date with everything that is going on in the world.

  15. Allyson Buczyna

    It’s not that I don’t have an interest in politics, but I really just don’t have time to keep up with everything. I feel like there is so much going on, and things are changing all the time; so I don’t ever really know what’s happening when I do watch the news. I sometimes feel guilty when I vote, because I don’t know all that much about the candidate’s platform. I hope this class will help me to gain a better understanding of politics, so maybe I can even vote confidently next election.

  16. i am intererested in politics and like to keep up with it daily. But it is imperative that you make sure your resources are not false. But to be honest it is very hard since the news seems to only care only about what britney spears had for lunch rather than the millions of children dying in Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore, I do not vote because I dont want to have a guilty conscious if one of the president’s is not doing a very good job leading our country.

  17. Personally, I know a little bit about politics and have enough information to form opinions on a few issues but I’ve never really been one to follow or keep up with it on a regular basis. It could be in part because my parents didn’t talk about politics at home. I think this had both negative and positive effects on me; negative because they never encouraged me to get into politics but positive because their silence on the subject gave me the opportunity to really form my own individual and unique opinion rather than them directly influencing my beliefs. I think another reason I don’t follow politics is because it’s not only very complex and confusing, but also imperfect and slightly flawed no matter what angle is taken so it can be a bit disheartening. I think I’m now at the point in my life where I need to start looking at being more educated on politics as a priority and hope to gain a better understanding of it within the next few months.

  18. Honestly, I do not follow much about politics. Through out my teenage years in Hong Kong, my mum would force me to watch the news report on television. Recently, I saw on facebook that Hong Kong was going through a political activity, and although i wanted to support Hong Kong citizens, I can do nothing about it. And what I get most from Facebook is secondhand news!

  19. Over the past 10 years or so I love looking at politics. I just don’t want to get involved in it, as in running for any type of office. Too many corrupt people out there from the lower level on up. But I enjoy reading and viewing all of the stories every day. Especially from this state.

  20. I am not one really to pay attention to politics due to there being really no interest to me. I feel like half the time it’s people arguing back and forth and at times it looks like we as a nation do not get anymore. Don’t get me wrong, half of the time the people get what they want and need. What I dislike is that many people believe that things can get done at a snap of a finger when in reality, things need to get look through before they get put to action. I think one really needs to understand that logic before really getting into politics.

  21. I’m not one for politics. I choose not to pay attention to it because most of the time there is really no good that comes from it, for me at least. When I do happen to come across anything political, whether it be on the internet or tv, it’s usually in a negative tone. I choose not to indulge myself in negativity.

  22. Beth Triezenberg

    I am taking two classes in politics this semester so I am paying way more attention to politics than usual. I really want to learn more about politics since I work for the federal government.

  23. I have never really been into politics at all, and I don’t know much about it. I occasionally look on my CNN app and read some political things but not very often. I think by taking this class I will understand politics better and be more interested and look into politics more.

  24. I involve myself in politics only a very little bit. I will occasionally watch local news stations or read political information online however am not the type of person who checks political news daily or even weekly. Additionally, I am more likely to follow politics in my surrounding area, Chicago and Illinois more than I would nationally. The biggest reason that I am not such a huge follower I believe is due to the corruption that has invaded our Illinois Government System. It is sickening to see how much some of our former politicians were able to get away with for such a vast period of time.

  25. I have never ever been the type of person to follow politics. And for that reason I do not vote. I personally believe if you are going to vote you should be educated on the election. I do understand how important politics can be and how it is constantly affecting our everyday lives. I am interested in this course to maybe kind of gain some interest in politics especially because I am majoring in education. Education is something that is really affected by our politics.

  26. Ever since I was young i have never had an interest in getting into politics. My mom would never have any of it on tv unless it was a presidential election. I feel like any president that will be elected in present day will neither be better or worse than the last. For that reason I dont think I will ever vote. Politics, in all honestly, annoys me and the only time I ever get caught up on politics is watching the Colbert report.

  27. I pay attention to politics on a fairly consistent basis and consider myself a reasonably well-informed citizen. I read the news much more often than I watch it because it is both the fastest way to get the basic information I am after and it offers the most avenues to unbiased (so much as you can get in this instance) presentations of the topics at hand. I do occasionally indulge in the cable news programs which we all know exist simply to reaffirm what we already think but do so with the firm knowledge that, while she may be my lesbian soul-mate, Rachel Maddow does not know everything.

  28. I don’t follow politics as much as I should. But living in today’s world following politics should be important. It is important to know what is going on not only in our country but other countries as well as that seems to have such a huge impact on our lives for some reason. It is also important to know who is running for what spots and to listen to what plans and changes they might have. For example, our new governor Bruce Rauner has already changed some of the things that Quinn had put into place.

  29. Sammia Shehayber

    I never pay much attention to politics and I’m surprised to find that almost half of the people are the same. It does not interest me in any way, and I rarely watch the news. I feel very uneducated on politics, and I want to know more so I think by taking a government class, I will understand it more.

  30. No I don’t normally follow politics. I don’t know much about politics so I don’t pay attention to it. Almost all the people I talk to don’t follow it so I have never been exposed to politics. I am willing to learn more about politics and I might pay more attention to it.

  31. Me personally really don’t have time to really follow it, I’m a full time student, full time employee, and a full time father, so most of my TV time is out, when I do catch pieces of it it seems as if they all are saying the same thing n also all doing the same thing” nothing ” .

  32. I must admit, I don’t follow politics as much as I should. I’m beginning to take a bit more notice now since we’ve had a big change in Illinois government and it has already affected education. I guess I just always thought politics was so bogged down with personal interests and power struggles – it seems more like a family feud than a government.

  33. To be honest, I do not follow politics at all. I see the ads on tv, but they seem to not even bother me or catch my eye. I probably should follow them, after this class i might start to get into following them.

  34. I don’t really spend time trying to follow politics. It was never a big deal for me to pay attention to political news. When I was younger my family never really spoke about politics, I believe that’s why I was never really interested in that particular topic.

  35. I personally do not follow politics and know very little about it. Occasionally, I watch the news when issues are raised that I am currently interested in. In my household, we do not talk much about politics so I do not pay much attention to it. Being in a government class forces me to open my eyes up and realize what is going on in the world around me. I also will learn more about politics and actually get a better understanding, which will make me more comfortable talking and following politics.

  36. Politics was never something that caught my attention or something that i found to be interesting. No one in my family is really interested in it or talks about it, so i never did either. I also think I am not interested because of my lack of knowledge on the whole subject, but maybe that will change once i learn more about it.

  37. Lindsey Balsamo

    I never really cared much about politics until I took a civics class in high school. My teacher made it fun and easy to follow, so as a result I found it really interesting and have been following politics ever since. I would never want to be a politician, but I do enjoy everything that goes into politics!

  38. I never really cared about politics. I think people take it to far sometimes. I started learning about politics during my senior year in high school, my teacher was so passionate about it. He made is some what fun, but i still didn’t care for it. My family never talked about politics when i was growing up, all they would say is how they hate/like the president and then it would be dropped. I have very little knowledge about politics so maybe that’s why i don’t like it. Hopefully when I learn more about it I’ll start liking it!

  39. I never really followed politics to be honest. I believe since it was never talked about much in my household I never set out to learn about it. I do however find movies or shows that deals with the government and political parties interesting. I would like to learn more about politics because so much is changing and if I know more about what’s going on I would definitely feel more confident in the candidates running for office, and ill be able to give a more informed vote. I’m a curious person and learning about something I don’t know about should be interesting. PSC 110

  40. I don’t follow politics in almost any way, shape or form. The only time I am even really exposed to anything political is when a campaign ad for some political figure comes on TV and more often than not I’m not even really paying attention to that. I’m not even registered to vote. I don’t participate in politics and don’t have much interest in politics on top of that. But a lot of that is due to my lack of knowledge of it.

  41. Carlos Espinosa

    I passively follow politics and I can say that for the most part I’m informed. Being informed is important because what we see is history in the making, whether we realize it or not. That may be cliche but understanding current events, like history, helps us explain why things are, and why rules and standards are put to place.

  42. I honestly never pay attention to the political news because they always have something wrong to say. Nothing ever goes good with today’s world. Chicago has drastically changed with our government starting with education and ending with medical care. I vote, but I never know who to vote for because I never sit there and pay attention to what one would have to say. All the commercials are is just candidates bashing each other and saying what they would do to change our city.

  43. To be honest I personally do not really follow what goes on concerning politics, which isn’t such a good thing. I’ll sit and watch the news here and there with my parents but I’ve never really decided to do it on my own. Everything that goes on in politics one way or another affects us. Now a days though, young people don’t pay attention to politics because it isn’t such a big of an interest them.

  44. I usually read a story or two everyday in my free time on my flipboard app and the only political program that I watch is Real Time With Bill Maher. I never watch CBS or NBC and rarely watch CNN but being a liberal Bill Maher is very appealing to me and his discussions are interesting to watch due to the comedic aspect he brings to the show. Overall though I do believe he brings up good points that everyone should know about politicians that regular news station wouldn’t normally bring attention to.

  45. Because of work and school I don’t have a chance to watch a lot of news or even listen to anything in my car. When I get the chance to listen or watch something it tends to be movies or music, typically something that would relax me not stress me out. Everything that goes on around me i know from the people that im with when they talk about it. I am always out of the bubble and usually prety confused when people talk about whats going on in the world. I wish I had more time so i can catch up on whats going on!

  46. Stephanie Michalak

    Reading about politics has never been a habit of mine due to my lack of interest in the articles themselves. They have always been rather boring. I would much rather watch the news and listen to the radio in order to hear about what is going on in political races and/or governmental issues and policies being made. The radio is something I lean toward more because I drive so much and I like listening to interviews. Although I am not always up to speed on what is going on in the political world, it is nice to hear a little bit 2 to 3 times a week.

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