More Things Change…

In this clip from the January 11, 2015 edition of “Meet the Press”, a discussion is being held regarding the 2016 Presidential election.

Clinton and Bush and Romney

Why do Americans seem to gravitate to more familiar names for President rather than new up-and-coming individuals?

3 responses to “More Things Change…

  1. I never understood this myself. I think it’s because people gravitate towards what’s familiar. I think it’s just like the store. People trust name brands that they recognize or that are trending and are skeptical to try new. Same with technology, clothing etc. Brand (or in this case, name) recognition.

  2. Nathalie Hernandez

    I feel that people will stick to what they trust and know. They will gravitate to a president because they feel that he or she has done the right things as a president, and also if this president had the power to change something, than why not again right? It’s ok to gravitate to what you know but it is also good to come out of that comfort zone and see what else is out there to offer.

  3. Nostalgia is big part of it a Clinton or a Bush inspires more trust than a newcomer. Think about if you could chose anyone to have on your basketball team ( past or present) would you choose 90’s Jordan or some newcomer? If you chose Jordan that’s how Americans feel about politics.

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