Will He or Won’t He?

24 responses to “Will He or Won’t He?

  1. After losing two presidential races in a row, parties tend to nominate candidates who are more moderate than prior nominees. Jimmy Carter was more moderate than McGovern, Clinton was more moderate than Dukakis, and Bush was more moderate than Dole.
    Jeb Bush is actually to the left of every possible nominee per ideological scoring except for New Jersey’s Chris Christie and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman. Noticeably, Bush isn’t too far to the left. The distance between Bush and Romney is about half the gap between Christie and Romney. He’s not too far of a jump to Republicans, yet can give Republicans reassurances that he gives them a better shot in the general election.
    Speaking of the general election, his stances on immigration and issues overall likely will help him somewhat. Ideology is vastly overrated in terms of winning election. Still, it can make a one or two point difference, which is all you need in a very close election.
    I don’t know if Jeb Bush will run. I’d probably bet against. But if he does run, he’d be uniquely positioned to win the nomination. He’s liked by all parts of his party and has the ideological makeup to suggest that he could do well in a general election as well.

  2. I am not sure if he will run. I am only sure that Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton will run because I have researched it. I am confident that Hillary will win with whomever she runs against. So even if he were to run, he would lose.

  3. IN my opinion it is t early to tell if he will and if he does if he will win. I have not done much research but I believe it also depends who is running against him in the republican race. I do have a feeling that a republican will win the presidency in 2016.

  4. Yes I believe he will run and win just because of his last name. Family has money and u can buy votes oracle sure they win

  5. Tiffany McLaughlin

    He very well may run, but still too early to tell. Even if he did, I don’t think he would have much of a run in the election with the American people, but might actually win from the election being rigged like it was for his brother’s election.

  6. I do think he will run, still too early to tell if he has a chance winning or not though. I have not researched too much about it. I do however think Hilary Clinton will run.

  7. It is really early to tell weather he will be nominated or not. But if he does goes against Hilary Clinton it should not be problem for him he will probably take the win . Despite the fact that it is to early it will sure be competitive.

  8. Nicholas Sumoski

    I dont know if he’ll run. It;s too early to tell. If he does run his name could help or hinder him. People didnt like his brother but he will be extreamly cometitive. We cant really know anything untill it gets closer to the election. My only hope is that a democrat wins.

  9. I’m unsure if he will run but I don’t think it would be surprising to anyone if he decided to. Politics are in his blood. Two former Presidents of the United States are in his immediate family, and he himself served as governor of Florida for two full terms. That could, in some cases help him, but ultimately it could be the cause of his lack of success if he doesn’t win. George W. Bush had to plunge the nation into the War on Terror which could tarnish the Bush family reputation and cause issues for Jeb if he decides to run.

  10. I feel like its too early too tell. I feel like he’s going to just back out and not run. I know there are rumors saying that he might run, but I feel like its all for publicity. If he does run I feel like he’s going to lose to Hilary. The reason I think so because I feel like she knows more how to run office and knows what the public wants. I think it would be a great idea if he runs because he has experience in office. I think it could just be either way if he runs or not.

  11. I believe that Jeb Bush will run of Preisdent again because of his father. Always making your parents proud of you is a good feeling, dosent matter how old you get. His family also has money, so that can pull a factor on the votes but I don’t think he will win.

  12. Soledad Cervantes

    I don’t think he will, because of his family track record. The people want newer options and those options has to be someone they trust and could see changing this world. I hope Hilary Clinton will run because she has done a lot more than any other candidates in my perspective. If he does run, I highly feel like the people won’t acknowledge him.

  13. Tasneem Abdelmajid

    I think that Jeb Bush will run for President and win the Republican nomination in 2016. I think people vote for candidates that they are familiar with. As far as winning the election, I think it’s too early to tell. But I think it would be interesting to possibly see a Bush-Clinton election again.

  14. At this point 2016 seems pretty far away and it might be to soon to tell. However, I believe there is a big chance he will, due to the family’s history. If that happens his chances of winning are pretty slim, given the mass unpopularity of his brother. I look at such a situation as an easy win for whoever his opponent would be in 2016. A big portion of this country believes the Bush family has done enough damage and it might be quiet awhile until Americans would let another one lead this nation.

  15. I think that he might run for President in 2016. I don’t think he’ll win and honestly if he does decide to run I’m hoping he doesn’t win. I just don’t see a lot of people voting for him consider how awful George W. Bush was in his presidency and that’s going to come back to bite him.

  16. In my opinion it is too early to tell. I do think it is very likely for Jeb Bush to run for president because he is a legacy. There is a lot of pressure to keep up a families reputation. Since George W. Bush did not have a great reputation after his presidency I am not sure if Jeb will want to put himself under the same scrutiny. Anything is possible and we will just have to wait and see.

  17. I defiantly think the possibility of Jeb Bush winning this upcoming election and becoming President very possible. because it seems like whenever a Bush runs for the Presidential election they win. I don’t think Hillary Clinton will win because America isn’t ready for a female President.

  18. I think that Jeb Bush could certainly run for president considering his family and all of the experience he has in politics. However, there’s still a while left and it’s too early to tell because there are many many other possible candidates right now.

  19. i honestly think the will try to run. also he will be nominated for his party. i dont think he will win presidencey though. i dont think so because even though his last name is known, i dont think anyone wants another bush to be president. we all seen how the last bushes messed up and i america doesnt want that again.

  20. I believe that Jeb will have the support but will not win the primary. I think society will not let vote for another Bush, plus the CIA release would not help his case, the other party might rehash it or whatever but Rand Paul is most likely going to win even though i would not vote for him. Personally, i would cast my ballot to Rudy G. if he revised his economic beliefs.

  21. I believe that Jeb Bush will run for president and if he does then it is definitely going to be a competition. You also have to see who he is running against and then it will be a better call of who would win. I think it is still a little too early to tell.

  22. I think he will run for president. there is going to be some competition if he does and the more competition there is the more the public will pay attention to the election. The Bush name though, is in a dicey spot with the public, in my opinion, because of all that happened during the other two Bush presidencies. Personally, I would not vote for another Bush. He might turn out to do something god with the country but on the other hand, he could pull us in the opposite direction.

  23. All indications point that he has been interested and planning to run for a long time. I just don’t think the American people will willing to put another Bush into office. His is a case of having a last name that is a blessing in many ways, but also can be a curse at the same time.

  24. I am not sure if he will run. Either way I believe Hillary Clinton will take this next term in the white house.

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