Who Is Being Responsible?

According to the responsible party model, political parties have distinct platforms which they should carry out when their members get elected.  To accept this model, you must believe that they are clear ideological and philosophical differences between the parties.  Those distinct parties would accept responsibility related to the government’s performance while they are in charge.  Candidates, as members of their respective parties, would then take responsibility for the performance of government once elected.

Do you believe that parties adhere to the responsible party model?  Do you believe there are clear distinctions between the parties and the Presidential candidates?  Do you follow the mantra of Huey P. Long, the brash Louisiana politician who had a disdain for the two-party system? His comments can be found in the video below.  What are your thoughts?

7 responses to “Who Is Being Responsible?

  1. This is so true they are both the same but claim to be different in a way but they can’t really explain it and when they do it all the same bull

  2. I believe the adhere to their party model. I believe there are slight distinctions. I think we should so away with political parties. I think there should not be a label. The President should say, my name is so and so and this is what I believe in. I think it would be easier and make a lot more sense.

  3. Tiffany McLaughlin

    They do seem to follow the model, but I think they all secretly know there isn’t a distinct difference and just play along to keep the illusion going.

  4. Christopher Gaona

    I do believe there is a clear ideological and philosophical difference between the parties but I do not believe that they take responsibility for the performance of government.

    The two party system is full of people that point fingers when it comes to issues within our system. There is a clear distinction between the party and the candidate that comes from them, when a candidate is running for president they seem to lose the ideologies they’ve held and run campaigns with whatever works even if it means tweaking their previous belief on an issue. I do believe this is a good thing from a candidate since i believe to be a good candidate you need to lose the one frame of mind and be able to look at issues and policies from both angles ie. Democratic and Republican, this complementary ideology is what makes a President adequate and capable.

  5. I don’t think parties adhere to the responsible party model. There are clear distinctions between the parties, but I don’t think either party takes responsibility for the performance of government. Although, I think the voters are equally as responsible, as long as we continue to elect the same parties and the same candidates. Nobody will take responsibility for the government’s performance until we hold them accountable.

  6. The party is going to try and keep the party in power regardless of the public face that represents that party. I believe strongly in Huey’s speech because the person you vote for on the ballot is the lesser of both evils, both are going to exploit the middle class, just got to vote for the one who will do it less. Yes there will always be a two party system

  7. As Huey Long explains, the only thing that he found different about the parties is that one was skinny form the ankles up and one from the ears down. So he was trying to explain that they are the same just slightly different. The responsible party model says that there has to be distinctive differences between the two parties and as Long explains, there are no specific differences.

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