Republican Gains: What Do They Mean?

Heading into December, we look back at the November midterm elections.  Here are some numbers from the recent elections with a comparison to the results in previous elections.

In 2012, Republicans held control of the House of Representatives by a 233-199 (3 vacancy) margin.  After the 2014 elections, Republicans held 244 seats, Democrats held 188, and three are undecided.

In 2012, Democrats had a majority in the United States Senate.  There were 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans, and 2 Independents in the upper chamber.  After the 2014 midterms, Republicans held 53 seats, Democrats held 45, and Independents held 2.  There is one undecided seat, but that seat will probably switch from Democrat to Republican with the expected loss of Senator Mary Landrieu in Louisiana.

Republicans gained 2 seats for Governor in November.  They now hold 31 seats.  Democrats have 27 state executive seats.  There is 1 Independent Governor (Alaska).  One seat is still undecided (Vermont).

What do you think the reasons were for the Republican wave in 2014?  Why did Republicans gain so many seats?  Conversely, why did the Democrats lose so many?

11 responses to “Republican Gains: What Do They Mean?

  1. I feel that the big swing from democrat to republican was the nations cry for change. In many ways the democrats were not addressing problems in the country like they should have been, also leading us away from the values that our founders built this country on. Many people, including myself felt that voting republican may be what we need done in order to restore our core values and get problems solved.

  2. I believe democrats lost many seats because the people saw the lack of help coming from the democrats. up until 2014 change started to occur. Furthermore, they wanted to balance out the numbers , but it went over the top for the republicans.

  3. I feel that the drastic change from Democrat to Republican was caused by a lot of things. One of them being the people lashing out on Congress like we had discussed in class- that being said people were discontent with some of Obama’s actions and decided to lash on the Democrats. Also, I believe that people were not satisfied with their elected officials and felt that they needed change in their state and/or district so that their problems could be addressed. In addition to that, I think that the campaigning of the candidates and their ads had an impact on the polls therefore indirectly affecting the new structure of both houses of Congress.

  4. I believe that the reason why there was a big swing for Republicans was because democrats did not support as much as the people wanted them to. The ideals and values did not meet the voters’ needs. I also believe that since Obama will be in office for 2 terms, that the Republicans wanted some participation in Congress.

  5. I believe that Republicans gained so many votes because a lot more people have changed their values on many of the social issues we have today. I don’t understand why Democrats are losing, I firmly believe in their cause. I think people need to have faith that things will change and it all starts with people sticking to their values.

  6. Nicole Chrupczak

    Republicans gained many votes in 2014 because the public wants change. Many people have noticed that Democrats are destroying this country and the beliefs that it was build on by not addressing many problems occurring today.

  7. I believe people are sick of this borderline socialist government and the american public public are sick of being lied to and talked to like they are stupid. Obama is the face of the Democratic Party, therefore the people wanted a change, hence why so many Democrats were distancing themselves from AHC Act. This past election was an turning point in the new millennium, this present administration cannot show the public positive results.

  8. I truly believe that the Republicans won so many seats by simply paying attention after the last election. President Obama and his fellow Democrats sparked a new wave and interest in voters by running on platforms that hit closer to home and things that were a major need/concern for citizens. That, coupled with the use of media and social media during the campaigning is what led the Democrats to victory then and the Republicans to victory now. They watch what worked and put it to work for their own run for office.

  9. I believe that Republicans were in favor because the lack of effort that was done to change a few concerns and problems for the best. I think people tend to fail when thinking and realizing that regardless of the change of class, congress still will lead the authority. People gave up hope that nothing was done with the Democrats and thought that maybe with the Republicans a change can be enforced.

  10. Rachel Vaselenko

    I believe its because Obama didn’t show many good things to the people and they want a republican to possibly change that. Although, i don’t know who would pick a republican after the last George Bush we had, I think another reason is that democrats don’t vote as much as republicans.

  11. Tiffany McLaughlin

    More republicans were voted in because Americans want change. So they believe that if they turn the other direction there will be. If one party doesn’t succeed, it’s off to the other one. Back and forth. Never. Ending. Cycle. Little do people realize there isn’t much difference between the two, and that we’re all constantly being juggled by the same clowns wearing two different colors. We need to start voting third party.

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