Will She or Will She Not?

39 responses to “Will She or Will She Not?

  1. It’s virtually certain that Clinton will run, and the Democrats’ shellacking in the midterms only makes her more attractive to a demoralized party looking to unite around a star.. She has said she will wait until the end of the year before announcing. But supporters argue that she might as well jump in, since she’s already under a media microscope. With a campaign structure and staff in place, she might be better equipped to respond to attacks.
    She is running. This (and most of her life) has been a preamble to run. Some might say with Bill in the Whitehouse she has already been President in all but name. If the politicians who wrote the 22nd amendment had even considered the possibility of a woman President I am sure it would have been written that once either a man or woman had served the person who was their significant other at the time could not then do so.

  2. She will run I do not think she will win as president.it will be the same as last time. I don’t want her to be in the White House and be the first women president she does not represent good values. She just doesn’t have what it takes at all

  3. I think she will win the nomination and am unsure if she will win the presidency though. Her politics are sound but I do not think the country should have a woman in the White House right now. There is so much foreign policy taking place in countries that do not respect women so I think it would be a bad move to put a woman in charge and keep those countries respect. I respect Clinton as a politician but do not know if others would respect her the same so maybe it is a bad time for her to run even if she gets the nomination.

  4. Tasneem Abdelmajid

    I think that Hillary Clinton will win the nomination but I’m unsure whether she wins the presidency or not. Her political beliefs are conclusive, and in my opinion she seems completely able to run this country. As much as I would love to see a woman as President, I don’t think many people in this country and the world are ready to see it. A lot of people don’t like the idea of a woman running the country, and I also don’t think many countries will respect the idea of a woman president in this time period. The world is changing, but I don’t think it’s ready for a woman to become President yet.

  5. Brandon Campbell

    I am really unsure if Hillary will win a nomination for the democratic party. If she did that It would be extremely tough for her to win I feel. The country wants a change with our government hence the majority nominations of republicans in the last election. Also, I don’t believe Hillary would be able to handle the pressures that our country is facing with ISIS

  6. I know for a fact that she will run because I research that sort of thing. I believe that she will win the presidency because she is the woman who deserves it more than anyone. The majority of people who don’t want her to win is men. She believes in universal health care and she is pro choice. People who don’t like Bill Clinton associate her with him simply because of the marriage but she is her own person. She would make a great president. I have no doubt that she will win the popular vote, hopefully it wont be an Al Gore situation.

  7. I think having a woman in the White House would be an enormous step for this country. The question is, however, whether or not the timing is right to make that move. Clinton is well respected as a politician and has had a front row viewing or what the presidency entails, however the fact that she is a woman could ruin her chances. Many other countries we are involved with aren’t so accepting of feminism and equality so I’m not sure that the timing is right.

  8. Hilary Clinton will run for presidency and will win the nomination but will lose. men will not think she is powerful enough to represent such a strong country and don’t want change for a women to be president. she has a chance with her husband being president but that shouldn’t determine whether or not she will lose or win. I do think she has a chance because some people wanted change like with Obama being the first black president and maybe Clinton will be the first women to be president

  9. I think Hillary Clinton will run for president and will win the nomination but lose the presidency. I think she has been waiting a long time to prove that she could be a good president. I do however think that some people are still sexist and will not think that she will be a good president. It is to early to tell, just as Alaa said people want change, and she could possibly be the first female president.

  10. I think that Hillary will win her party’s nomination. But I feel that she will lose the run for the presidency. She will have big shoes to fill after Obama leaves office and who ever takes over will have to regrow the trust of the public in the president. I do not feel that she is the right candidate to do that. Also with the huge republican swing in the most recent mid term elections. It is going to be very hard to get a democrat elected over a republican. So no I do not think that she will win.

  11. Honestly I believe she will not win presidency. I do agree that not many people will be ready to see a woman run the country but sooner or later a difference has to be made. I think she will be well fit to run considering the last decent president was her husband Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton created the best economy that we have had in the history of the United States. Bill Clinton also created such a strong economy that it took years of mismanagement by the Republicans to destroy that economy. Having her husband by her side to give her a direction or even the benefit of knowing that decisions made by her will be shared with Bill Clinton gives hope that maybe he can be an influence to her choices and the economy if she were to win the presidency. She will win her party’s nomination but unfortunately not the presidency.

  12. I think she will win the democratic nomination but will lose in the presidential race. By the time 2016 comes around I think people are going to be blaming the problems the U.S. has on the democrats like what is happening now and the majority of people will not want to see another democratic president in office. Many people may say the U.S. isn’t ready for a woman president but I think people that believe that are stuck in the 19th century. If we are worried about other countries not respecting us for having a woman in charge nothing will ever change. We shouldn’t even take into consideration the thoughts of the countries that believe women are second class citizens

  13. I’m sure that she’ll run for the nomination, and I don’t doubt that she’ll win the nomination either. With how things have been going in the White House right now with a Democratic president and the general feelings against him with recent approval ratings I have a hard time believing that any Democratic candidate will win the election this time around. On top of that, I’m not sure how some Americans view the idea of a woman president. For everyone I meet for the idea, I must come across at least two more that don’t think America is ready for something like that. Or they think that other countries won’t take us seriously if we do have a woman leader. Both of these are unfortunate thoughts that I hope we have the ability to move past sooner or later.

  14. Michael McNulty

    I do believe Hillary Clinton will be nominated as the Democratic candidate. I think that every move and decision she has made in the last few years has been a prequel for her run. With the way Obamas approval rating has been so low throughout his presidency, I think it will be very difficult Hillary will or can defeat whoever will be the Republican candidate (maybe Rosie O’Donnell?) due to my opinion that this country is going a different direction. Kidding about the Rosie thing, but I do feel a woman’s chance in presidency is coming, just not in 2016.

  15. I think she will win the party nomination. As much as I would love to have a woman be president I just don’t think she’s going to win the presidency. There are so many people who seem to dislike her within both the republican and democrat parties and a lot of people still believe that women aren’t capable to run a country. So as I said she’s not going to be president come 2016.

  16. I believe Hillary will be on the final ballot for the run in the presidential election. However, I don’t believe this county is ready for a female president. In my opinion she will not win.

  17. Although a female president would be a giant step for our country, I do not think she’ll become president, but she will be on the ballot. I am not sure if she will be associated with a specific party, but it is safe to say that if she isn’t running for the party she most definitely will not win the election. Hillary is definitely a well-respected figure, but I do not think that she has the leadership qualities and ideals to become president.

  18. I believe that Hillary Clinton will run for president and will win her parties nominations but lose the presidency. She didn’t do so bad the first time she ran and I believe she can give it another try. But I also think that she isn’t good enough to be the first women president. She doesn’t have high enough values to win many peoples votes unless she will change when she will run for president in 2016.

  19. I think Hillary Clinton will win the party nomination but I am unsure if she would win the presidency. To have a women as president is a huge step for our country to take. Many of the US’s citizens will be hesitant to have a women holding the Presidential position, the same when Barack Obama was running for election. Change in itself is difficult to handle and by changing such an important aspect in our lives, many will be reluctant. On the other side, there are people out there that will welcome the change and support having a woman as president. I for one will support for a woman president. It is time for a change and I think Hillary Clinton is in the position to initiate that change for the better.

  20. I think she will run, but not win as president. Having a female president is a huge step. Most Americans are not ready to have a female president.

  21. In my opinion, I believe that Hillary Clinton’s name will be on the ballot for the Presidential Election in 2016. However, I do not think she will win the election. Taking into account the results of the last mid term elections, I think it will be difficult for a Democratic candidate to be in office. I believe there is a change happening, after the mid term elections, that will greatly increase votes for the next Republican candidate.

  22. I believe Hillary Clinton will win her party nomination ,but lose presidency. I do not believe the american people are ready for a female president. In addition i think that there is going to be a many critics coming up to the election.

  23. i think she will run but she will not win and become president. America is not ready to have a female as president. Also because i dont think she can fix the problems that are going on today. If we were to have a female president, we would need someone better than her.

  24. Soledad Cervantes

    I think she will run and I am hoping for that too! I think she has a better chance of winning because of her husband and what she would do when she was married to Clinton when he was president. I think or believe she lost in 2008 because people rather a African male than a woman. But I feel like now they want to look for someone with experience and she has it and has done great things for this country as well as New York.

  25. I think that she will win her party’s nomination, but loose the presidency. I feel like we are so set in our ways and people won’t agree with having a woman president- which is sad. She will have a harder time and more people criticizing her because she is a woman.

  26. I believe Clinton will run for the 2016 candidate-see. The reason I believe Clinton will run and win is because people are use to the Clinton name ,and she is rely popular with Americans. When Clinton ran in 2008 her and Obama were close when they were both running for the democratic nomination.

  27. I definitely believe Hilary Clinton will run for presidency, but to win the nomination for her party’s presidential candidate position and win the presidency is too early to tell. She would definitely be one of my more favored candidates to run for presidents. She definitely has my vote as of right now because I can definitely see her being an influential leader and great leader.

  28. Hilary will most likely run for presidency, however I have my doubts as to her actually winning the election. I, for one, do not want Hilary as president for a plethora of reasons, and I think that the majority of America share the same views. Like many have said above, America isn’t really ready for a woman president.

  29. I think that she will run for President, but I do not believe that she will win. Even though she may be a strong runner, I think that, no offense, people will make the remark that she won’t be a good President because she is a woman. Even if she is the strongest runner, people will be stubborn enough not to vote for her just because she ls a woman, and since people believe that they will vote for someone else and I don’t think that Clinton will win.

  30. Patrick Szupernak

    I think that Hillary will definitely run for presidency, win her parties nomination but that she will not win the presidency. I believe that she has the ability to be a president but that the world is not yet ready for that. The U.S. may be alright with having a woman president but I do not think the world is ready for that. Also, there are a lot of pending issues going on around the world in many different countries that don’t respect woman or their ideas and I feel that that would be a major down fall to her winning the presidency.

  31. I believe that she will win the democratic party nomination but she wont win the presidency. As the recent mid term elections show majority of people see the flaws in the liberals and are voting more conservative. She will capture loyal democrats and some fringe outcasts but majority of the country sees that she has no place in higher office.

  32. I feel like she will run for President, but I think she will lose. I think this country is not ready for a women to be President. I feel like she can be able to help this country, but with so many people against a women running she will probably not win. I think she knows how to handle office and I think she would do a great job. I would most likely vote for if she has great ideas when she runs for office.

  33. Nicole Chrupczak

    I think Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016. Hillary’s resignation from security of state to “relax” sounds a bit sketchy especially since she is known to have $204,833 on hand. Hilary never said “no” and I would not be surprised if she ran in 2016 election.

  34. Hill-Dog will run the for presidency because she feels that she is owed this election after stepping back from the spot light for Obama to win in 2008. and because he ran for a 2nd term she could not run then. She is already distancing herself from the administration and trying to cover her ass with “hard choices” by supporting a notion that the Benghazi terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 was a spontaneous protest, outside the consulate, that turned violent due to a video on youtube that is sac-religious to the Muslim faith, and she will loose due to her past mistakes

  35. I think I’m the only one who believes she will not run. I personally think she tired. Tired of politics, the white house, and the stress of it all. If there were no pressure to run and she had it her way, I can imagine her being perfectly content being an ordinary citizen helping to raise her grandchild. I would love to see her as our first female President but I think that ship has sailed.

  36. In my opinion, I do think Hilary Clinton will be on the ballot for the 2016 election. However, I personally do not think she will win the election. I think people might be leery to vote for a women president.

  37. I do not believe that Hilary Clinton will be in the voter ballot in the 2016 election due to the fact that people maybe edgy for a women as a president at this time.

  38. Tiffany McLaughlin

    She has a very good chance at being on the ballots. However, it’s too early to tell whether she will win or not. I think it would be good for the country to have a woman president. I will say this, if enough people were happy with her husband’s administration, she might just have a good chance at winning the presidency.

  39. She will run I do not think she will win as president.it will be the same as last time. I don’t want her to be in the White House and be the first women president she does not represent good values. She just doesn’t have what it takes.

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